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“(AP) Associated Press Reports Very Few Facts, Adds A Clever Little Slur, End Of Article” – (TCP)CHICAGO

We make no bones about or hide the fact that we furnish opinions about media and then state the real NEWS facts of the story without the varnish. It’s also what our readers have come to expect from us in the short time we’ve been in existence as The Critical Post. It’s in our name. If you haven’t visited the dispatch from (AP) the Associated Press, as reported by The Richmond Times-Dispatch, we’ll tell you briefly it was about yesterday’s suicide bomber in Pakistan and then what President Obama said concerning the bombings which included a partial quote, “an affront to the people of Pakistan.” […]

Specious Headline From AlterNet – FOX Watchers Stupid? – (TCP)CHICAGO

The author for this wonderful piece of, in our opinion, GARBAGE, is a man by the name of Mark Howard who claims a company called News Corpse (of which he’s the sole contributor) as his publishing organization. After investigating everything online that News Corpse has to offer the reader and a history which starts somewhere at the end of July 2004; from the evidence, ad content prominently displayed, it appears he’s made himself a small dent of a home on the blog rolls. The man uses the English language well enough, but that is not our point of interest. Also we’ll note here at TCP, that there are numerous articles Mr. Howard has published for himself which does trend closer to our sentiments here @ TCP, and that is, he appears to be critical of NEWS organizations; or so it would seem, but he’s a hypocrite. Upon closer inspection of everything at this small little blog, graphically laid out to appear like something larger, is that his prominent links are who? […]

“Beatles Take Centerstage Apple iTunes – An Event? Apple Tries To Upstage X-Mas” – (TCP)CHICAGO

We know that Paul McCartney at times still has to pinch himself to believe, that yes, he is a Beatle, and what that still means to the world. We’re certain that the generations who followed on after the war babies and the fifties babies; like mid sixties babies and there afterward, could just about care less. Not surprising, as we’ve written in the e-zine in article 4, it’s young girls that stretch the horizon of momentary fad for the most part. […]

“Arianna Huffington Twittered McCain, Bigot?” (TCP)CHICAGO

The profile stats report to us over 500k in followers and one could easily assume that Huffington would have at least that many followers. Or there are people just like us back here at this channel and we are all the unwitting dupes of a simple ruse? Is this the real Huffington? […]

“Letterman Snatches Interview Of The Year 2010” – (TCP)CHICAGO

We can’t re-speak the banter it would be impossible but for 1/2 hour, we laughed our buns off back here – it was an absolute stitch! We were almost in tears from splitting our sides at the sight of these three icons (unlike most personality/almost icons which are manufactured cookie cutter style by NYC & LA) on the same set, parry each other for the first time ever on TV. Letterman’s site has a preview up as of this dispatch, but the entire interview will surely be on the air again later, and it deserves to be on. Any adult in this country no matter what their background or age that can’t enjoy this compelling piece of television is a deer in the headlights from the neck up. Frozen. This TV event does not deserve audience ambivalence. […]

“Jon Stewart Scoops The Senate Republicans” – (TCP)CHICAGO

How can it be? How can the flag waving Republicans justify that abomination on their flag waving integrity? Stewart was also quick to point out that FOX NEWS who’s always quick to be outraged that other networks do not respect the 9/11 event the way that they do, and did not cover any of this event by the Senate of ridiculous politics. Not only did he do that but the writing crew was quick to point out that the only network that did cover the filibuster outrage was none other than AL JAZEERA! Imagine that! […]

“What Is Facism?” – (TCP)CHICAGO

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“World’s Citizens Co-Opted By NEWS Corporations” – (TCP)CHICAGO

Fact: NEWS corporations in the East and the West are merely prisms through which we gaze upon the NEWS. You’ll notice that we capitalize East and West. They are now what’s known as, and it is our opinion, that these competing interests deserve the pronoun status in all our dialogues and conversations. […]

“Cable TV’s Best 1/2 Hour” – (TCP)CHICAGO

Fair – Balanced and Unafraid – That’s Fox News’ tag line for every program they tout as NEWS. Aussie billionaire, Rupert Murdoch’s NEWS CORPORATION is kind of a misnomer for that company, isn’t it? Though they have ratings far above their competitors, probably because the right wing audience is far more engaged with their propaganda channel than the left – or maybe it’s because they have more beautiful blond anchor women than any other channel ever in the history of TV…neat trick, eh?; you cannot think that they’re news. One thing we will say for them – their anchoring is less insulting than the left wing channels and their set design is top notch – but that’s not a compelling enough reason to tune them in. […]

“Legitimate News Radio” – The Critical Post/Chi

We are here to tell you that the last straight news channel in the entire world that is left that is not insulting and delivers straight content is WBBM News Radio 780 AM coming to you from The Capital of The Mid-West Coast – Chicago, IL USA. There IS NO SLUR OR SLANT TO THE CONTENT!

The content is delivered without common “anchor” schooling that you are used to, that sing-songy kind of delivery. It’s true that you will listen to advertising that can be insulting but it’s highly recommended by the writers from The Critical Post.