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Time To Get It Right – If Not Now; When? – When It’s Too Late – (TCP)CHICAGO

We are here to compel our readers to critical thought and to have our readers keep us on our toes. We dare take this agenda because of the imperatives that currently and perennially compel what we call, and correctly label (in our opinion) “The American Collective Conscience.” […]

Video Review Of Klaude Walters “Walkin’ The Line” – (TCP)CHICAGO

Here in our purview is the new production from Klaude Walters’ – Walkin’ The Line. Focus Media Productions is a top notch outfit and in this production, cameraman/editor/director Tom Omorean, shows an excelled sense of shot composition and film scripting, quick edit, Adobe graphics wizard mastery and content focus, hence their name encapsulates what the company delivers. […]

How To Get A Bad Cat Back In The Bag – Saving The American Collective Conscience – (TCP)CHICAGO

(TCP) CHICAGO – People who are familiar with the writings we’ve put forward in the past know what our opinions are about the current state of affairs concerning our collective conscience here in America. Our e-zine is the face and the chronicle of that initiative since 31 AUG 2006. If you care to peruse the various compositions in our menu pane above you can see plenty of that. We reprint a definition of decorum above for a reason – so read on. Below is our editorial with contributions by our chief editor and my compadre Jan O’Toole out there across the pond in “Merry Ole”. We describe our national consciousness problem. […]

Clear To Us Jared Lee Loughner Suffered From PTSD Or Mental Illness – (TCP)CHICAGO

The facts seem to indicate in this afternoon’s NEWS that Mr. Loghner, who has in various reports been described as an Afghan war… […]

There’s A Money War In Progress & A Bigger One On The Near Horizon – (TCP)CHICAGO

The dark science of economics is not our strong suit here at (TCP) but there is no doubt in our minds (a very strong opinion of (TCP)) that a money war is an imminent reality in the near term coming years of the global economy. In fact we believe, very quietly, while the citizens are not paying attention, the press pretty much staying mum on the subject, and for the most part, the war is already in progress. […]

Blackbirds Dying In The Dead Of Night – (TCP)CHICAGO

Speculation abounds as to why 2,000 Red-Wing blackbirds have fallen out of the sky. One of the more interesting theories is that local kids were shooting off fireworks, and “scared the blackbirds” and apparently gave them all heart attacks. Reminiscent of the Dustin Hoffman movie, “Outbreak” or creepy episodes of The Outer Limits, obviously, the government would rather put out the old “there is nothing to worry about” propaganda on this one. Workers from the EPA were walking around Beebe in their white decontamination suits, yet the EPA has stated emphatically, the locals have nothing to fear. […]

The Daily Caller, Not A News Organization, Plain & Simple – (TCP)CHICAGO

No doubt dear readers, you’ve come to expect our opinion behind the facts and interlaced in our discourse. Most of you know that we disdain and are critical of NEWS organizations posing as same, when in fact they are merely yellow journal blogs, yellow journal newspapers, or NEWS gathering organizations of specific intent, left or right, West or East. We had not heard of this publication called “The Daily Caller,” we ran across it in a twitter post by one of our (TCP) followers. Last week or so ago, we called out Arianna Huffington for implying an American War Hero for being a bigot and to exclude herself as being a newswomen. Today I am calling out a misled young writer for being a biased unwitting twit for The Daily Caller. Yes, I said twit and unwitting is definitely the right description for him. We’ll elucidate in a bit. […]

Sarcasm Clover by @Samuel_Clemons aka Sarcastic Sam The Ferret – (TCP)CHICAGO

At first I thought, this gig was gonna be like Hunter S. Thompson, I could get a non legit job as a faux journalist. I’d become the original gonzo ferret. I always admired Thompson, a self proclaimed “Media Critic”. How much chutzpa did the guy have to take on the Media, and manage to have the media love him anyway? […]