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In General The Musical Climate Is Finally Looking Pretty Good – The Critical Post/Chi

(TCP)CHICAGO – As our readers well know, we watch the media non-stop. What were seeing from the late night TV shows is that the promotion channels within the music industry have finally gotten some religion. Anyone that has been following the story of Bittersweet Records (and its ubiquitous code base The Bittersweet Player) in its quest to rid the airwaves of “pap” masquerading as good musical content, knows by now, that although the label hasn’t had any major releases to date in terms of audience reach, the vibe of its programming has been a taste revamp mission of love and has recalibrated the market to a certain kind of palette. […]

The Markets Are Wavy Gravy – The Critical Post/Chic


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(TCP)CHICAGO – Dateline Chicago –

Tuesday’s Sell Off

The Holiday-shortened week started off with Tuesday’s drop. The sell-off followed on the heels of Monday’s Globex-only session. The Dow Jones closed down 1.44%, S&P 500 closed […]

Where Were You When This Story Broke, Wasn’t Covered? – Who Killed JFK? – (TCP)CHICAGO

Rolling Stone Magazine’s coverage was a blip and then gone. We certainly had not seen it when it broke. It was covered this date – March 23, 2007 11:58 AM ET, on their blog. The entry is no longer in their archives. […]

Definition of Statism By Oxford Universal Dictionary


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Entry from World dictionary by Oxford the world’s most trusted dictionarys



[mass noun]

a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs usage: the rise of authoritarian […]

Op Ed. From The Chief – On SEIU v. Wisconsin – The Critical Post/Chi

There is a different argument going on here – so far we have not seen it framed correctly by anyone. It’s the philosophical/political argument of State-ism v. Federalism. We have all been co-opted by bad politicians, left and right! FDR’s New Deal was good, until it was no good. It isn’t good now because those of the State-ist camp have overfilled the rolls with recipients, some deserving and some, not so deserving. It took 60 years to get here. […]

Demonstrations Are In Fashion – The Critical Post/Chi

(TCP) CHICAGO – Dateline Madison, Wisconsin – On the 14th of FEB 2011 Americans, unknown to them at the time, perhaps because it was Valentine’s Day, woke up to the rank and file members of SEIU starting to form protest at the gates of Wisconsin’s capitol in Madison. […]

Ask Gramma Kaye – The Critical Post/Chi


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Gramma Kaye Francis

This is a new feature of The Critical Post (TCP) Chicago.

Mrs. Kaye Francis is a very astute woman who we feel can add a proper perspective and insight to questions ladies may […]

Gramma Kaye Takes On The “B” Word – The Critical Post/Chi

On my own aging life journey ~ the first bitch definition I knew was female dog. I next heard it from female(s) who might be jealous of a particular woman being very successful in attracting male attention. I next heard ‘bitching’ ~ as in that is very stylish. I next heard it a verb to as to describe active ‘griping’ or ‘complaining’. Then back to yet another noun as the definition of a ‘difficult woman’. Now I hear it or see it just about everywhere, meaning too many things I can no longer keep up with..but I think are are all about 99% negative. […]

UPDATE Egypt: Follow The Money Part 3 – The Critical Post/Chi

(TCP) CHICAGO – Opinion – There are cabals in place throughout the world’s uber-money power elite that seek to wreak havoc upon the financial markets. What they seek is a different system of governing the planet. They are constantly making moves with vast stores of money to take the world’s money system to a state of collapse. This will usher in an era for a new international money system administered by entities such as The World Bank and The International Monetary Fund. It will end life as you know it. The way war is waged these days is in the currency speculation markets. There are facts listed below with references that demarcate points on a map in the Middle East and the U.S. […]

UPDATE Egypt: Follow The Money Part 3 On The Presses Now – The Critical Post/Chi

(TCP) CHICAGO – Dateline Chicago – Our newest round of research will unveil the secondary money (private and governmental) that is moving behind the scenes, and which is directly connected to the goings on in the structure of Middle East geopolitics, and what the world can reasonably expect to be likely outcomes from these market moving initiatives. Make no mistake (TCP) readers – as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous fictional sleuth, Sherlock Holmes would say: “The game is afoot!” And dear readers, please remember it is (TCP) opinion that the sideshow of two personality populations; that of the entertainment business, worldwide, and that of the pundit-sphere masquerade (on TV/Radio and major blogs) especially from American, British & French branded NEWS media, is a well constructed/considered source of misdirection and misinformation. Let’s not forget to mention the propaganda channels from the Middle East. That is all. I’m Brian Sidler and I write about music et al. @ 13:53 HRS CST 13 FEB 2011 (TCP)Chicago, IL USA […]