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“The Strange & Wonderful Eyes of Frank Cunha III Pictorial #3” (TCP)CHICAGO

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(TCP)CHICAGO – Dateline Chicago –

Frank Cunha III - The Architectist - (TCP)CHICAGO'S VERY OWN

Frank Cunha III - The Architectist - (TCP)CHICAGO'S VERY OWN

We’ve been waiting back here for our first and premiere photo artist Architect Frank Cunha III to come up with something new for all of you to enjoy. As I’ve tried to express in previous posts about this unique man, Frank innovates. There’s something to be said about the discipline of a self taught genius. First of all, they don’t know what rules they’re breaking when they do in fact, throw ’em right out the window. These quite correctly fall in the category of “happy accidents.”

I’ve spoken with Frank on the phone. He’s a concerned and loving father who knows what’s up in our world and I commend him for that. However, what qualifies him as an artist to be reckoned with are his roots in architecture. Architects are above all else, individualists with a sense of community that transcends cultural barrier. They have to be, especially those that are given the awesome responsibility of containing the expression of public spaces or building for public use. And Frank is one of those rare men, for what it’s worth…considering my, albeit, not so humble opinion.

The present photo essay has some old and some new. The musical background is used well and time is well spent, if only just to take a moment and retire from the mundane pulse of everyday happenstances to briefly gaze at a unique world through the eyes of a budding lens-genius. What you’ll notice is Frank’s unbridled joy of life.

We should all be glad he loves it so…because then, we are likewise helped in finding that resolved solace in our own souls. That’s Frank’s selflessness shining through…and that’s Frank’s message – were there to be any theme which would serve to underscore his work.

Thank you for continuing to populate the pages of The Critical Post.

Scott Pollack Chief Editor The Critical Post (TCP)CHICAGO @ 19:4 HRS CST 19 June 2011



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