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Alex Jones Video Interview With Aaron Russo – “Reflections & Warnings” Full You Tube Film – (TCP)CHICAGO

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Subtitle: Averting The Normalcy Bias or Why You Shouldn’t Be A Frog In Slowly Boiling Water

(TCP)CHICAGO – Dateline Chicago

By Brian Sidler Former Music Writer for Chicago Music Magazine

Video Interview By Alex Jones of Aaron Russo In 2007 Before His Death

See below the screen for our commentary


What is happening to America right now, in view of the recent downgrade by Standard & Poor’s Credit Downgrade Of The US Sovereign Debt Rating, is the systematic destruction of “life as we know it” in the USA. We have posted this because we felt it important to be yet another place where the truth, as we see it, can be found, though there are several places around the web which also provides the very same information. The more Americans and free people around the world sees this information, the better off all of us will be.

It’s time for the rest of America to listen to the words of famed producer Aaron Russo, known as an outspoken libertarian activist of anti-statist sentiment. Mr. Russo should be remembered during these troubling times because he was an outspoken critic of what he called the criminal activity of the insiders in Washington DC who are working to destabilize the United States of America from within, and deplete the sovereignty of its peoples, the Citizens of America. You should purchase his movies from

Before Aaron Russo died from his battle with cancer, and there are some who say he died prematurely by machinations of elements inside the CIA or other rogue US Government elements, he was interviewed by Alex Jones. You can purchase the DVD from Alex Jones >> HERE for $19.95. This video has been provided by Alex Jones free at You Tube. It is how we can bring it to you here for no charge.

Alex Jones is self described as an alternative media commentator. The film was made by Alex in 2007. To be sure, you can also view The Critical Post – (TCP)CHICAGO, most definitely, as a source of alternative media. We believe that “alternative media” is where some of the only truth left, can be had. All else is a psy-ops, deliberately perpetrated upon the world’s population, en masse.

In this revealing interview, Aaron Russo’s experience with the Federal Government of The United States of America, his connection to Nick Rockefeller and subsequent solicitation by Rockefeller to join the Council on Foreign Relations is chronicled, and by his own testimony, candidly, that indeed, this did occur.

There are some who claim that Alex Jones is actually a media channel that is “controlled opposition,” but the testimony by Aaron Russo cannot be refuted as false testimony or false claims. First of all, having passed on, he can’t be given a polygraph or sodium penethol, and we can’t fathom why months before his death, he would leave such a deliberately specious testimony behind as a lie to be witnessed as his legacy, if he allegedly spent most of his latter years trying to dig up the dirt on the dirty dealings of American governance and the people closest to the wheels turning the machine. Simply put: Why would Aaron lie?

What is key in this testimony, is what Aaron Russo claims were statements made by Nick Rockefeller, an heir to the Rockefeller fortune. Key in that testimony is what the banking cartels have as their plans, as explained to him personally by Rockefeller, including the 9-11 event and the funding of the Women’s Liberation Movement by one of Rockefeller’s foundations, as a way to enlist the female population into the taxation base for the IRS, which is used by the FED to pay the interest on American Debt. Global governance is undoubtedly something which is front and center in international banking cartel agenda.

Here at The Critical Post, our staff is of the considered opinion that Aaron Russo was not lying. Nick Rockefeller did make the statements he, Russo, claims to have been made to him personally, in candor.

Some claim that Aaron Russo was covertly murdered by the CIA or other underground rogue elements inside the US Government. Some claims on the internet cite Alex Jones’ claims in an interview on October 23, 2007, Aaron thought he’d been threatened and that his cancer was a covert government plot or that he was attacked by a Direct Energy Weapon, which do exist, though the public, mostly, is not aware of them.  Some have printed that Aaron’s sister is quoted as denying this charge and that he died of bladder cancer, August 24, 2007. Her quote is: “Aaron died as a result of his lifestyle.” That dates conflict, we can’t cite with any certainty the attributions which create the disparity.

There are many ways that one can parse the circumstances surrounding Aaron Russo’s death. The facts remain that Mr. Russo was an award winning film maker that was creating documentaries, in the latter part of his career, decrying the Federal Reserve System takeover of the United States Government by the Anglo-American banking elites in 1913, by passage of The Federal Reserve Act, and the subsequent fraudulent claims by the IRS that the 16th Amendment to the American Constitution gives government the right to tax Americans for their labor. This work is chronicled in two films: “America – Mad As Hell” and “America – Freedom to Fascism.”

Another thing that should be of interest to the reader, is the repeated statements made by Texas Congressman (R) Ron Paul, and his call to audit the Federal Reserve, which had been called for in House Resolution H.R. 1207 in the 111th Congress, so named, The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, written and sponsored by him, however, not passed or adopted as an initiative to be seized upon.

Furthermore it is an ominously conspicuous reality that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy signed an Executive Order On June 4, 1963 – Executive Order 11110, which nullified the 1913 Act by Congress, and that within a few months, on November 22, 1963, he was assassinated. In plain English, Executive Order 11110 sought to de-leverage the Federal Reserve System by establishing a silver certificate, once again. This assassination act which has since been declared by yet another committee that; there was a probable coup d’etat performed by rogue elements inside the US Government, after the release of the film “JFK” by Oliver Stone depicting Judge Jim Garrison’s investigation into the JFK’s assassination, and also during which trial, JFK’s brother Bobby Kennedy was assassinated – after midnight on 5 June 1968, because Bobby knew who his brother’s killers were. You can find the interview by Robert Gaylon Ross, a forensic historian, of Madeleine Duncan Brown, wherein she describes the Clint Murchison meeting the night before JFK was assassinated, attended by none other than LBJ. Madeleine Duncan Brown was LBJ’s mistress and had a child by him.

Also included in this post is the alphabetical listing of the latest published list of the members comprising The Council On Foreign Relations. It is the members of this list that help roll out, unabated, the disinformation campaigns found everywhere in the mainstream channels of all the media. Many of these folks are unwitting dupes. Many DO understand the subversive nature of the organization. There are some very well known media personalities who proudly boast their inclusion in this organization’s activities. Almost needless to say – George Soros is a large contributor to this not-for-profit-tax-exempt, Washington DC based think-tank.

It is our “opinion” that it is this population of folks who are contributing to the downfall of The United States of America and its preeminent position as the world’s leading nation. We believe, that they are all (though some, unwitting) – nouveaux-socialists who seek power for themselves, and subjugation for the rest of the world’s population.

A soft-tyranny, is still, tyranny.

Russo describes this very well. That’s all for me, for the moment.

I’m Brian Sidler and I write about music, et al. @01:35 HRS CST 7 August 2011

Membership Roster 29 for Council On Foreign Relations PDF download can be had at this link: or seen below:

Aaron, David L.
Abbot, Charles S.
Abbott, Kimberly M.
Abbott, Wilder K.
Abboud, A. Robert
Abboud, Labeeb M.
Abell, Keith W.
Abercrombie, Cara
Gina K.
Abernethy, Robert John
Abizaid, John P.
Aboelnaga Kanaan, Mona
Abraham, David S.
Abramowitz, Michael J.
Abramowitz, Morton I.
Abrams, Elliott
Abrams, Stacey Y.
Abrams, William M.*
Abshire, David M.
Abuaf, Niso*
Aburdene, Odeh F.
Acharya, Nish Hemendra
Ackerly, John Maxon
Ackerman, Peter
Acosta, Daniel J. Jr.
Adams, Gordon M.
Adams, Marjorie A.*
Adams, Michael F.
Adams, Robert McCormick
Adams, Timothy Dees
Adams-Ender, Clara L.*
Adashi, Eli Y.*
Addonizio, Elizabeth
Adelman, Carol C.
Adkins, Travis L.
Adler, Allen R.
Afkhami, Amir†
Agarwal, Sara R.†
Agarwal, Sumit
Aggarwal, Vinod K.
Agostinelli, Robert F.
Ahern, Stephanie R.
Aidinoff, M. Bernard
Ajami, Fouad
Albion, Alexis K.
Albright, Madeleine K.
Alderman, Michael H.
Aldrich, George H.
Alexander, Aileen K.
Alexander, John R.
Alexander, Margo N.
Alfonzo, Rafael E.
Alford, William P.
Allaire, Paul A.
Allbritton, Joe L.
Allen, Jodie T.
Allen, Jonathan W.
Allen, Richard V.
Allen, Thad W.
Allen, William L.
Allibhoy, Faheen†
Allison, Graham T.
Almond, Michael A.
Alonzo, Anne L.
Alter, Jonathan H.
Alter, Karen J.
Alterman, Jon B.
Altman, Drew
Altman, Roger C.
Altman, William C.
Altshuler, David
Alvarez, Jose E.
Alving, Amy E.
Amirfar, Catherine
Ammori, Marvin
Amos, Deborah Susan
Anand, Manpreet Singh
Andelman, David A.
Andersen, Harold W.
Anderson, Christine L.
Anderson, Craig B.
Anderson, Desaix
Anderson, Edward G. III
Anderson, Gloria B.
Anderson, John B.
Anderson, Lisa
Anderson, Mark A.
Anderson, Paul F.
Anderson, Wendy R.
Andreas, Terry Lynn
Andrews, David R.
Andrews, Michael A.
Angelson, Mark A.
Ansour, M. Michael
Anthoine, Robert
Anthony, John Duke
Aossey, Nancy A.
Apgar, David P.
Aponte, Mari Carmen
Appenteng, Kofi
Appiah, Kwame A.
Applebaum, Anne E.
Aquila, Francis J.*
Arcos, Cresencio S.
Arend, Anthony Clark
Argov, Gideon
Arkin, Stanley S.
Armacost, Michael H.
Armstrong, Charles
Armstrong, Lloyd Jr.
Arnhold, Henry H.
Aron, Adam M.
Arons, Melinda S.
Aronson, Bernard W.
Aronson, Jonathan David
Arsenian, Deana
Arsht, Adrienne
Art, Robert J.
Arthurs, Alberta
Artigiani, Carole
Asencio, Diego C.
Asgard, Ramin*
Aslan, Reza
Asmus, Ronald D.
Assousa, George E.
Athreya, Bama*
Atkins, Betsy S.
Atkinson, Caroline
Atuahene, Bernadette
Atwood, J. Brian
Auer, James E.
Auerbach, Paul S.*
Aufhauser, David D.
Auguste, Byron Gerald*
Augustine, Norman R.
Auspitz, Josiah Lee
Ausubel, Jesse H.
Avedon, John F.
Avery, John E.
Avery, William H.
Avni, Ronit†
Awuah, Patrick G. Jr.
Axelrod, Robert M.
Ayers, H. Brandt
Ayón, David R.*
Ayres, Alyssa*
Azim, Khalid
Babbitt, Bruce
Babbitt, Eileen F.
Babbitt, Harriet C.
Bacchus, James L.
Bacevich, Andrew J.
Bader, Christine
Bader, William B.
Baer, Donald A.
Bagley, Bruce M.
Bagley, Elizabeth Frawley
Bahar, Michael
Bailey, Jed Nathaniel
Bailey, Ronald Lewis
Bains, Leslie E.
Baird, Peter W.
Baird, Zoe
Baker, Arnold B.*
Baker, Audrey H.
Baker, Howard H. Jr.
Baker, James A. III
Baker, James H.*
Baker, John R.
Baker, Nancy Kassebaum
Baker, Pauline H.
Baker, Stewart A.
Baker, Thurbert E.
Bakhash, Shaul
Bakstansky, Peter
Balaran, Paul
Baldwin, David A.
Membership Roster
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Note: Membership shown as of
July 1, 2010.
Membership Roster 30
Baldwin, Robert Edward
Baldwin, Sherman
Baldwin Moody, Carol
Bales, Carter F.
Balick, Kenneth
Baliles, Gerald L.
Ballou-Aares, Daniella*
Balstad, Roberta
Band, Laurence M.
Bandler, Donald K.
Banga, Ajaypal Singh
Banner, Jonathan S.
Bansal, Preeta D.
Bapna, Manish
Barany, Zoltan
Barber, Benjamin R.
Barber, Charles F.
Barber, James Alden
Barbour, Haley*
Bardel, William G.
Barger, Teresa C.
Barkan, Joel D.
Barkey, Henri J.
Barnes, Harry G. Jr.
Barnes, Michael D.
Barnett, F. William
Barnett, Michael Nathan
Barnett, Robert B.
Barno, David William*
Barrett, Barbara McConnell
Barrett, John Adams
Barron, Michael J.
Barry, Grace
Barry, John L.
Barry, Lisa B.
Barry, Nancy M.
Barry, Thomas Corcoran
Barshay, Jill J.
Barshefsky, Charlene
Bartholomew, Reginald
Bartiromo, Maria S.
Bartlett, Joseph W.
Bartlett, Richard Allen
Bartlett, Timothy J.
Bartley, Edith Lynn
Bartolomei, Jason E.
Bartsch, David A.
Basek, John T.
Basora, Adrian A.
Bass, Gary J.*
Bass, Peter E.
Bass, Warren
Batkin, Alan R.
Bator, Francis M.
Battaglia, Charles C.
Bayh, Evan
Bayrasli, Elmira
Bean, Frank D.
Bearg, Nancy J.
Beattie, Richard I.
Beatty, Warren
Beck, Douglas A.
Becker, Elizabeth H.
Beckler, David Z.
Bedrosian, Gregory R.
Beehner, Lionel
Beeman, Richard E.
Behringer, Michael P.
Beim, David O.
Beim, Nicholas F.
Bekavac, Nancy Yavor
Belfer, Robert A.
Bell, Burwell B. III
Bell, Gordon P.
Bell, Joseph C.
Bell, Peter Dexter
Bell, Robert G.
Bell, Ruth Greenspan
Bell, Steve
Bell, Thomas D. Jr.
Bellamy, Carol
Bellinger, John B. III
Bellows, Ben†
Bell-Rose, Stephanie K.
Bender, Gerald J.
Bender, Lawrence*
Benedict, Kennette M.
Benioff, Marc Russell
Bennet, Douglas J.
Bennett, Andrew Owen
Bennett, Christina A.
Bennett, Susan J.
Benshoof, Janet
Benson, Lucy Wilson
Bereuter, Douglas K.
Bergen, Peter Lampert
Berger, Joshua Adam
Berger, Marilyn
Berger, Samuel R.
Berger, Suzanne
Berggruen, Nicolas*
Bergman, Lowell A.
Bergsten, C. Fred
Berkley, Seth F.
Berkowitz, Bruce D.
Berkowitz, Howard P.
Berman, Howard L.
Berman, Jonathan E.
Bernard, Kenneth W.
Berndt, John E.
Bernstein, David Scott
Bernstein, Peter W.
Bernstein, Robert L.
Bernstein, Tom A.
Berresford, Susan Vail
Berris, Jan
Bersin, Alan D.
Bertini, Catherine Ann
Bertsch, Gary K.
Beshar, Peter J.
Beshara, Adam†
Bestani, Robert M.
Bestor, Theodore C.
Betts, Richard K.
Beutner, Austin M.
Bewkes, Jeffrey
Beyzavi, Kian
Bhala, Raj
Bhidé, Amar V.
Bialkin, Kenneth J.
Bialos, Jeffrey P.
Bickford, Jewelle
Biddle, George C.
Biegun, Stephen Edward
Biel, Eric R.
Biemann, Betsy
Bienen, Henry S.
Bierley, John C.
Biersteker, Thomas J.
Biggs, John H.
Biglari, Hamid
Billingsley, Lucy C.
Bindenagel, James D.
Bingle, Michael J.
Binkley, Nicholas Burns
Binnendijk, Hans
Birdsall, Nancy
Birkelund, John P.
Bissell, Richard E.
Black, Cathleen P.
Black, Leon D.
Black, Shirley Temple
Black, Stanley Warren
Blacker, Coit D.
Blackwell, Blair Allison†
Blackwell, J. Kenneth
Blackwill, Robert D.
Blake, Robert O.
Blanc, Jarrett N.
Blank, Jonah
Blank, Stephen
Blankfein, Lloyd C.
Blechman, Barry M.
Bleich, Jeffrey L.
Bleier, Edward
Blendon, Robert Jay
Bleyer, Kevin
Blinder, Alan S.
Blinderman, Eric H.†
Blinken, Alan John
Blinken, Antony J.
Blinken, Donald
Bloch, Julia Chang
Bloom, Evan T.
Bloomberg, Michael R.
Bloomfield, Lincoln P.
Bloomfield, Richard J.
Bloomgarden, Kathy Finn
Blum, Richard C.
Blumenthal, Sidney S.
Blumenthal, W. Michael
Blumling, Mark†
Blumrosen, Alexander
Bob, Daniel E.
Bobbitt, Philip Chase
Bodansky, Daniel M.
Bodea, Andy S.
Bodnar, Seth A.†
Bogert, Carroll R.
Bohen, Frederick M.
Bohigian, David S.
Bohlen, Avis T.
Bohn, John A.
Boies, Mary McInnis
Bolling, Landrum R.
Bollinger, Lee C.
Bollyky, Thomas J.
Bolton, John R.
Bommer, Ashley Faye
Bond, Robert D.
Bondurant, Amy L.
Bonime-Blanc, Andrea
Bonine, David†
Bonner, Jacquelyn Rebekka
Bonner, Robert C.
Bonney, J. Dennis
Booth, Carter
Bordoff, Jason E.
Boren, David L.
Borgerson, Scott G.
Bork, Ellen E.
Boschwitz, Rudy
Bosworth, Stephen W.
Botts, John C.
Boufford, Jo Ivey
Boughner, Devry S.
Bouis, Antonina W.
Boulware-Miller, Kay
Boustany, Charles W. Jr.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 31
Bouton, Marshall M.
Bovin, Denis A.
Bower, Joseph Lyon
Bower, Whitney A.
Bowles, Erskine B.
Bown, Chad
Bowyer, Elizabeth Caldwell
Boyd, Charles Graham
Boyer, Spencer Phipps*
Bracken, Paul
Braddock, Richard S.
Brademas, John
Bradford, Nichol Rae
Bradford, Zeb B. Jr.
Bradley, Bill
Bradley, David G.
Brady, Linda Parrish
Brady, Nicholas F.
Brady, Rose
Brainard, Lael
Bramlett, Jeff G.
Bramwell, Elizabeth R.
Branch, Daniel H.
Branscomb, Lewis M.
Branson, Louise
Braswell, Kimberly G.
Brauchli, Marcus W.
Braunschvig, David
Brazeal, Aurelia E.
Breck, Henry R.
Breed, Henry Eltinge III
Bremer, L. Paul III
Breslauer, George William
Brewer, John D.
Breyer, Stephen G.
Briger, Peter L. Jr.
Brigety, Reuben Earl II
Brill, Alexander M.
Brill, Steven D.*
Brilliant, Larry
Brimmer, Andrew F.
Brimmer, Esther Diane
Brinkley, Douglas G.
Britt, David V.B.
Britt, Glenn A.
Broad, Robin
Broadman, Harry G.
Broadwell, Paula D.
Brock, Steven Vernon
Brod, Laura M.
Broda, Frederick C.
Brodsky, William J.
Brody, Christopher W.
Brody, Kenneth D.
Brokaw, Tom
Bronfman, Edgar Jr.
Bronfman, Edgar M.
Bronner, Ethan S.
Bronson, Rachel
Brookins, Carole L.
Brose, Christian†
Brower, Charles N.
Brown, Alice Lynn
Brown, Bartram S.
Brown, Binta Niambi
Brown, Carroll
Brown, Frederic J.
Brown, Gwendolyn A.
Brown, Harold
Brown, John P.
Brown, Jonathan A.C.†
Brown, Katherine A.
Brown, Kathleen
Brown, Leon Carl
Brown, Lester R.
Brown, Michael E.
Brown, Richard P. Jr.
Brown, Seyom
Browning, David S.
Brown Weiss, Edith
Bruce, Judith
Brun, Leslie A.
Bryan, Greyson L.
Bryant, Michael E.
Bryant, Ralph C.
Bryson, John E.
Brzezinski, Mark F.
Brzezinski, Zbigniew
Buaron, Roberto
Buchman, Mark Edward
Bucknam, Mark A.
Bueno de Mesquita, Bruce
Buergenthal, Thomas
Bugliarello, George
Bull, Bartle Breese
Bullock, Mary Brown
Bumpas, Stuart Maryman
Bundy, William Douglas
Bunzel, Jeffrey H.
Burand, Deborah K.
Burgess, John A.
Burke, James E.
Burnett, Erin Isabelle
Burnham, Christopher
Burnley, James H. IV
Burns, Patrick Owen
Burns, R. Nicholas
Burns, William F.
Burns, William J.
Burrows, Mathew
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Burwell, Sylvia Mathews
Bush, Mary K.
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Calabresi, Massimo F.T.
Calder, Kent Eyring
Caldera, Louis E.
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* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 32
Chan, Julie L.
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Cooke, John F.
Cooley, Thomas F.
Coombe, George
William Jr.
Coon, Jane Abell
Cooney, Joan Ganz
Cooper, Ann K.
Cooper, Caroline N.
Cooper, Charles A.
Cooper, James H.S.
Cooper, John Milton Jr.
Cooper, Kathleen B.
Cooper, Kerry
Cooper, Richard N.
Cooper, Walter R.†
Corbet, Kathleen A.
Corbett, Bryan N.
Corcoran, Andrea M.
Corcoran, Carole A.
Corgan, Colin
Cornelius, Wayne A.
Cornell, Henry
Corsell, Peter L.†
Cortez, Christopher
Cott, Suzanne
Cotter, William R.
Coulter, Michael W.
Couric, Katherine A.
Courtney, Brooke†
Courtney, William H.
Cousens, Elizabeth M.
Covey, Jock
Cowal, Sally Grooms
Cowan, Geoffrey
Cowen, Leslee N.
Cowhey, Peter F.
Cox, Berry R.
Cox, Edward F.
Cox, Howard E. Jr.
Cox, Larry Richard
Coy, Craig P.
Craddock, Bantz J.
Crahan, Margaret E.
Crandall, Russell C.
Craner, Lorne W.
Crawford, John F.
Crebo-Rediker, Heidi E.
Creed, Alexandra W.
Creekmore, Marion V. Jr.
Creighton, James L.
Crichton, Kyle
Crippen, Dan L.
Crittenden, Ann
Crnkovich, Mirko L.†
Crocker, Bathsheba N.
Crocker, Chester A.
Crocker, Ryan C.*
Croft, Helima L.
Cromwell, Adelaide
Cross, Devon G.
Cross, June V.
Cross, Mary S.
Cross, Sam Y.
Crossette, Barbara
Crovitz, L. Gordon
Crow, Michael M.
Crowhurst, Timothy J.†
Crowley, Monica Elizabeth
Crown, Lester
Cruise, Daniel*
Crumpton, Henry A.
Cruz, Heidi S.
Crystal, Lester M.
Cullum, Lee
Culora, Thomas J.
Cumming, Alfred
Cumming, Christine M.
Cummings, Alexander B. Jr.
Cuneo, Donald
Cunningham, James B.
Cunningham, Nelson W.
Curley, Walter J.P. Jr.
Curtis, Charles B.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 33
Curtis, Gerald L.
Curtis, Meghann Adrienne
Cutler, Walter L.
Cutshaw, Kenneth A.
Cutter, W. Bowman
Cyr, Arthur I.
Daalder, Ivo H.
Dady, Teresa Gail
Dahm, Evelyn Pignatari
Dailey, Brian D.
Dal Bello, Michael
Dale, Catherine M.
Dale, Helle
Dale, William B.
Daley, William M.
Dallara, Charles H.
Dalley, George Albert
Dallmeyer, Dorinda G.
Dalton, James E.
Dam, Kenneth W.
Dam, Marcia Wachs
D’Amato, Alfonse M.
Damrosch, Lori Fisler
Danforth, William H.
Dang Murphy, Stephanie†
Daniel, D. Ronald
Daniel, Donald C.F.
Danilovich, John J.
Danin, Robert M.
Danner, Mark D.
Daschle, Thomas Andrew
DaSilva, Russell J.
Daskal, Jennifer Caryn
Daulaire, Nils M.
David, Jack
Davidson, Amy S.
Davidson, Janine Anne
Davidson, Ralph Parsons
Davis, Bradford†
Davis, Florence A.
Davis, Geoffrey Clark
Davis, Jacquelyn K.
Davis, Jerome
Davis, Kathryn W.
Davis, Kim Gordon
Davis, Lynn E.
Davis, Marion Thomas
Davis, Nathaniel
Davis, Stephen B.
Davis, Susan M.
Davison, Kristina Perkin
Dawes, Sara M.
Dawisha, Karen Lea
Dawkins, Peter M.
Dawson, Christine L.
Dawson, Horace G. Jr.
Dawson Carr, Marion M.
Day, Arthur R.
Days, Drew Saunders III
Deagle, Edwin A. Jr.
Dean, Jonathan
Dean, Robert W.
Dear, Alice M.
Debevoise, Eli Whitney II
de Borchgrave, Arnaud
Debs, Barbara Knowles
Debs, Richard A.
DeBusk, F. Amanda
DeCrane, Alfred C. Jr.
Decyk, Roxanne J.
Dedrick, Fred T.
Deffenbaugh, Ralston H. Jr.
DeFrancia, Cristian M.
DeGioia, John J.
de Habsburgo, Inmaculada
Dehgan, Alex O.
Deibel, Terry L.
de Janosi, Peter E.
de Lasa, Jose M.
Del Rosso, Stephen J.
Delury, John†
de Mel, Meera L.†
de Ménil, Georges
de Menil, Joy Alexandra
de Ménil, Lois Pattison
Deming, Rust Macpherson
Deng, Francis M.
Denham, Robert E.
Denison, Robert J.
Denning, Steven A.
Dennis, Everette E.
Denny, Brewster C.
Denoon, David B.H.
Denton, Hazel
Denton, James S.
Dentzer, Susan
DePoy, Phil E.
Dergham, Raghida
Derian, Patricia Murphy
de Rothschild, Lynn
Derrick, James V. Jr.
Derryck, Vivian Lowery
Desai, Mitul I.
Desai, Padma
Desai, Rohit M.
Desai, Sunil B.
Desai, Vishakha N.
Desch, Michael C.
DeShazer, MacArthur
DeSouza, Patrick J.
Despres, Gina H.
Destler, I. M.
de Swaan, Jean Christophe
Deutch, John
Deutch, Shelley
DeVecchi, Robert P.
Devine, C. Maury
Devine, John J.
Devine, Thomas J.
de Vries, Rimmer
DeYoung, Karen J.
Diamond, Larry J.*
Diamond, Michael W.
Diamond, Robert E. Jr.
Diaz, Charley L.
DiCasagrande Olsen,
Rita L.
Dickey, Christopher S.
Dicks, Norman D.
Dickson-Horton, Valerie L.
Didion, Joan
Diehl, Jackson K.
Dilenschneider, Robert L.
Diller, Barry
DiMartino, Rita
Dimon, Jamie
Dine, Thomas A.
Dinerstein, Robert C.
Dinkins, David N.
DiPerna, Paula
Dirks, Nicholas Bernard
Distlerath, Linda M.
Diuk, Nadia
Djerejian, Edward P.
Dobbins, James F.
Dobriansky, Paula J.
Doctoroff, Daniel L.
Dodd, Christopher J.
Doebele, Justin W.
Doerge, David J.
Doi, Ayako
Doley, Harold E. Jr.
Dominguez, Jorge I.
Donahue, Thomas R.
Donaldson, Peter J.
Donaldson, Robert H.
Donaldson, William H.
Donatich, John E.
Donehoo, Stephen C.
Donfried, Karen Erika
Donilon, Thomas E.
Donohue, Laura K.
Donohue, Thomas J. Sr.
Doran, Charles F.
Dormandy, Xenia B.M.
Dory, Amanda Jean
Doty, Grant R.
Dougan, Diana Lady
Dougherty, James P.
Douglas, Michael
Douglass, Loren Robert
Douglass, Robert R.
Dowling, John Nicholas
Doyle, Brian Joseph
Doyle, Michael W.
Doyle, Noreen
Draper, William H. III
Drayton, William
Dreier, David T.
Drew, Elizabeth
Dreyfuss, Joel
Dreyfuss, Richard S.
Drezner, Daniel W.
Drobnick, Richard Lee
Drozdiak, William M.
Drucker, Joy E.
Drucker, Richard A.
Druyan, Ann
Dryden, Sam
Duberstein, Kenneth M.
Dubik, James Michael*
DuBois, Maurice A.*
DuBrul, Stephen M. Jr.
Duelfer, Charles A.
Duersten, Althea L.
Duffey, Joseph D.
Duffie, David A.
Duffy, Gloria Charmian
Duffy, James H.
DuGan, Gordon F.
Duggan, Timothy E.*
Duke, Robin Chandler
Dulany, Peggy
Dunbar, Charles F.
Duncan, Charles William Jr.
Duncan, Graham A.
Dunigan, Patrick Andrew
Dunkerley, Craig G.
Dunlop, Joan B.
Dunn, Jonathan S.
Dunn, Kempton
Dunn, Lewis A.
Dunn, Michael M.
Dur, Philip A.
Durbin, Brent†
Durkin, Patrick J.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 34
Dutt, Mallika
Dworkin, Douglas A.
Dyer, James W.
Dylan, Jesse*
Dyson, Esther
Eagleburger, Lawrence S.
Earle, Ralph II
East, Maurice A.
Easterly, Jennie M.
Eastman, John Lindner
Easum, Donald B.
Eberhart, Ralph E.
Eberstadt, Nicholas
Echols, Marsha A.
Eck, Bailey Morris
Economy, Elizabeth C.
Ecton, Donna R.
Eddleman, Linda Hiniker
Eddy, Randolph P. III
Edelman, Gerald M.
Edelman, Marian Wright
Edelman, Richard Winston
Edington, Mark D.W.
Edley, Christopher Jr.
Edmond, Micah
Edwards, George C. III
Edwards, Howard L.
Edwards, Mickey
Edwards, Robert H.
Edwards, Robert H. Jr.
Effron, Blair
Efros, Laura L.
Eggers, Jeffrey W.
Eggers, Thomas E.
Ehrenkranz, Joel S.
Eichengreen, Barry J.
Eikenberry, Karl W.
Einaudi, Luigi Roberto
Einhorn, Jessica P.
Einhorn, Robert J.
Eisendrath, Charles R.
Eizenstat, Stuart E.
Elden, Richard
Elias, Christopher J.
Ellenbogen, Henry M.
Ellick, Adam B.†
Elliott, Dorinda
Elliott, Inger McCabe
Ellis, James Reed
Ellis, Lisa R.
Ellis, Mark S.
Ellis, Patricia
Ellis, Rodney
Ellison, Keith Paty
Ellsberg, Daniel
Ellsworth, Robert F.
El-Shazli, Heba F.
Elson, Edward E.
Ely-Raphel, Nancy Halliday
Embree, Ainslie Thomas
Emerson, John B.
Emmert, Jonathan Adam
Emmert, Mark A.
Eng, Na S.
Ensor, David B.
Entwistle, L. Brooks
Epstein, Jason
Epstein, Joshua M.
Erb, Guy F.
Erb, Richard D.
Erbsen, Claude E.
Erburu, Robert F.
Ercklentz, Alexander T.
Erdmann, Andrew P.N.
Erikson, Daniel
Ervin, Clark Kent
Esfandiari, Haleh
Esper, Mark T.
Esserman, Susan G.
Estabrook, Robert H.
Esty, Daniel C.
Etzioni, Amitai
Evans, Gail H.
Evans, Harold M.
Evans, Peter C.*
Exum, Andrew†
Fabian, Larry L.
Factor, Mallory
Fair, C. Christine
Fairbanks, Richard
Fairman, David M.
Falco, Mathea
Falk, Pamela S.
Falk, Richard A.
Fallon, Robert E.
Fallows, James
Fang, Bay
Fanton, Jonathan Foster
Farer, Tom J.
Farhadian, Tali Farimah
Farkas, Evelyn N.
Elizabeth Worley
Farmer, Thomas L.
Farrar, Jay C.
Farrar, Stephen Prescott
Farrell, Diana
Faskianos, Irina A.
Fawaz, Leila
Feigenbaum, Evan A.
Feinberg, Jared A.
Feinberg, Mark B.*
Feinberg, Richard E.
Feiner, Ava S.
Feinstein, Dianne
Feinstein, Lee
Feissel, Gustave
Feist, Samuel H.
Feith, Douglas J.
Felbab-Brown, Vanda†
Feldman, Mark B.
Feldstein, Martin S.
Feldstein, Steven†
Fellner, Jamie
Fenton, David
Fenzel, Michael R.*
Ferguson, Charles H.
Ferguson, James L.
Ferguson, Roger W. Jr.
Ferguson, Tim W.
Fernandez, Jose W.
Fernholz, Mauricio†
Ferrari, Bernard T.
Ferraro, Geraldine A.
Ferré, Helen Aguirre
Ferré, Maurice A.
Ferré Ramirez, Antonio
Ferrell, Lisa Carolyn
Ferrell, Robert S.
Fesharaki, Fereidun
Fessenden, Hart
Fetter, Steve
Fick, Nathaniel C.
Fiedler, Jeffrey L.
Fields, Bertram H.
Fields, Craig I.
Fife, Eugene V.
Filippelli, Guy Louis†
Filippone, Robert J.
Findakly, Hani K.
Finder, Joseph Alan*
Findlay, D. Cameron
Finelli, Francis A.
Finer, Jonathan J.
Fink, Sheri L.*
Finkelstein, Lawrence S.
Finn, Edwin A. Jr.
Finnemore, Martha
Finney, Paul B.
Fionda, Kenneth Quinn
Firestone, Charles M.
Fisch, Jacob†
Fisch, Mark
Fischbach, Gerald D.
Fischer, Betsy*
Fischer, Stanley
Fisher, Drosten Andrew
Fisher, Julie Ann
Fisher, Peter R.
Fisher, Richard W.
Fisher, Roger D.
Fisher, Scott C.
Fishlow, Albert
Fisk, Daniel W.
Fitchett, Mercedes Carmela
Fitts, Sarah A.W.
FitzGerald, Frances
Fitzgibbons, Harold E.
Fitzgibbons, John B.*
Fitz-Pegado, Lauri J.
Flaherty, Martin S.
Flaherty, Pamela P.
Flaherty, Peter
Flanagan, Stephen J.
Flannery, Julian M.
Fleischmann, Alan H.
Fleming, Gregory James
Fletcher, Phillip Douglas
Flom, Joseph H.
Flournoy, Michèle A.
Fly, Jamie M.
Flynn, Carol*
Flynn, George J.
Flynn, Mary Laurence*
Flynn, Stephen E.
Fn‘Piere, Patrick John
Foggo, James G.*
Fogleman, Ronald R.
Foglesong, Robert H.
Foley, C. Fritz
Foley, S. Robert Jr.
Foley, Thomas C.
Foley, Thomas S.
Folsom, George A.
Fontaine, Richard H. Jr.
Foote, Edward T. II
Foote, William Fulbright
Forbes, Kristin J.
Ford, Harold E. Jr.
Ford, Paul B. Jr.
Fore, Henrietta Holsman
Forgacs, Andras
Forman, Shepard L.
Foroohar, Rana A.
Forstmann, Theodore J.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 35
Forsythe, Rosemarie
Fosler, Gail D.
Foss, Michelle Michot
Foster, Badi Garrett
Foster, Brenda Lei
Foster, Charles C.
Foster, Richard N.
Fourquet, José A.
Fowler, Jeffrey L.
Fowler, Wyche Jr.
Fox, Christine H.
Fox, Daniel M.
Fox, Donald T.
Fox, Eleanor M.
Fox, Merritt Baker
Foxman, Abraham H.
Fraga Neto, Arminio
Francke, Albert
Frank, Andrew D.
Frank, Charles R. Jr.
Frank, Richard A.
Frankel, Francine R.
Frankel, Jeffrey A.
Franklin, Barbara Hackman
Franklin, Shirley Clarke
Franklin, William Emery
Frazer, Jendayi E.*
Frazier, Kenneth C.
Fredman, Jonathan M.
Freedman, Alix M.
Freedman, Michael
Freeman, Bennett
Freeman, Constance J.
Freeman, Harry L.
Freidheim, Cyrus F.
Freidheim, Scott J.
Freidheim, Stephen C.
Freire, Maria C.
Frelinghuysen, Peter H.B.
Freyer, Dana H.
Fribourg, Paul J.
Fried, Edward R.
Friedberg, Aaron Louis
Friedberg, Barry S.
Friedman, Alexander
Friedman, Andrea
Friedman, Bart
Friedman, Benjamin M.
Friedman, Fredrica S.
Friedman, Jordana D.
Friedman, Stephen
Friedman, Stephen J.
Friedman, Thomas L.
Frieman, Wendy
Friend, Theodore W.
Frist, William H.
Fritz, Oliver H. III
Froman, Michael B.G.
Fromholz, Julia M.
Fromkin, David
Frost, Ellen L.
Frumin, Amy B.
Fry, Earl H.
Frye, Alton
Frye, Timothy Michael*
Fudge, Ann M.
Fukushima, Glen S.
Fukuyama, Francis
Fulgham, Alonzo L.*
Fuller, William P.
Fung, Victor K.
Furlaud, Richard Mortimer
Furman, Gail
Fusco, Bradley†
Futter, Ellen V.
Gacek, Stanley Arthur
Gaddis, John Lewis
Gadiesh, Orit B.
Gaer, Felice D.
Gaghan, Stephen W.
Gaines, James R.
Galbraith, James K.
Galbraith, Peter W.
Gallo, Alexander Michael†
Gallucci, Robert L.
Galvis, Sergio J.
Ganguly, Sumit
Gann, Pamela Brooks
Gannon, John C.
Ganoe, Charles S.
Gans, Lisa M.
Garber, Larry A.
Garcia, Juan M. III*
Garcia, Marlen
Juan M.
Gard, Robert G. Jr.
Gardels, Nathan P.
Gardner, Anthony Luzzatto
Gardner, James A.
Gardner, Nina Luzzatto
Gardner, Richard N.
Garment, Suzanne R.
Garnett, Sherman
Garodnick, Daniel R.
Garrett, Geoffrey M.
Garrett, Laurie A.
Garten, Jeffrey E.
Garthoff, Raymond L.
Gartner, David J.
Garwin, Richard L.
Garza, Antonio Oscar Jr.*
Gates, Henry Louis Jr.
Gates, Robert M.
Gati, Charles
Gati, Toby Trister
Gaudiani, Claire L.
Gause, F. Gregory III
Gavin, Francis J.
Gavrilis, James A.
Gawronski, Joseph Charles
Gay, Catherine
Gayle, Helene D.
Gedmin, V. Jeffrey
Geier, Philip O.
Geithner, Peter F.
Geithner, Timothy F.
Gelb, Bruce S.
Gelb, Leslie H.
Gellert, Michael E.
Gellman, Barton
Gell-Mann, Murray
Gelpern, Anna
Genser, Jared M.
George, Robert P.
Georgescu, Peter Andrew
Gephardt, Richard A.
Gerber, Burton L.
Gerber, Louis
Gergen, David R.
Gerhart, Gail M.
Germain, Adrienne
Gerschel, Patrick A.
Gershman, Carl Samuel
Gerson, Allan
Gerson, Elliot F.
Gerson, Ralph J.
Gerstein, Daniel M.
Gerstell, Glenn S.
Gerstner, Louis V. Jr.
Getler, Michael
Gewirtz, Paul David
Geyer, Georgie Anne
Gfoeller, Joachim Jr.
Gfoeller, Michael
Gfoeller, Tatiana C.
Ghiglione, Loren
Gholz, Charles Eugene
Giacomo, Carol Ann
Edmund P. Jr.
Gibbs, Reggie Scott
Giffen, James Henry
Giffin, Gordon D.
Gil, Andrés Valerio
Gilbert, G. S. Beckwith
Gilbert, Jackson B.
Gilbert, Steven J.
Gill, Bates
Gillette, Michael James
Gilmore, James S. III
Gilmore, Richard
Gingrich, Newton L.
Ginsberg, Gary L.
Ginsberg, Marc Charles
Ginsburg, Jane C.
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader
Givhan, Walter D.
Gjelten, Thomas G.*
Glaser, Bonnie S.
Glauber, Robert R.
Glennon, Michael J.
Gleysteen, Peter
Glickman, Daniel R.
Glin, C. D. Jr.
Globerman, Norma
Glocer, Thomas H.
Gluck, Carol
Gluck, Frederick W.
Godchaux, Frank A. III
Goel, Anish†
Goeltz, Richard Karl
Goins, Charlynn
Goldberg, Nicholas*
Goldberg, Ronnie L.
Golden, James R.
Golden, Jennifer E.
Goldfield, Harold P.
Goldfield, Jacob D.
Goldgeier, James M.
Goldin, Harrison J.
Goldman, Charles N.
Goldman, Guido
Goldman, Marshall I.
Goldman, Merle D.
Goldman, Neal D.
Goldmark, Peter C. Jr.
Goldsmith, Barbara
Goldsmith, Jack
Landman III
Goldsmith, Russell D.
Goldstein, Gordon M.
Goldstein, Jeffrey A.
Goldstein, Morris
Goldstone, Jack A.*
Goldwyn, David L.
Goldzimer, Aaron G.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 36
Golob, Paul D.
Gomez, Eduardo J.
Gomory, Ralph E.
Gompert, David C.
Gonzalez, Emilio Tomas*
Goodman, Allan E.
Goodman, George J.W.
Goodman, Herbert I.
Goodman, John B.
Goodman, Matthew P.
Goodman, Roy M.
Goodman, Sherri W.
Gordon, John A.
Gordon, Karen
Gordon, Michael R.
Gordon, Philip H.
Gordon-Hagerty, Lisa E.
Gordon-Reed, Annette
Gorelick, Jamie S.
Gorman, Joseph T.
Gotbaum, Victor
Gottemoeller, Rose E.
Gottfried, Kurt
Gottlieb, Geoffrey A.†
Gottlieb, Gidon A.G.
Gottsegen, Peter M.
Gould, Peter G.
Gourevitch, Peter A.
Gourevitch, Philip D.
Grace, Lola Nashashibi
Grady, Robert E.
Graff, Henry Franklin
Graff, Robert D.
Graham, Bob
Graham, Carol Lee
Graham, Thomas Edward*
Graham, Thomas Jr.
Graham, Thomas W.
Granger, Kay*
Granoff, Michael D.
Grant, James D.
Graubard, Stephen
Graves, Christopher J.*
Gray, C. Boyden
Gray, David E.
Gray, Hanna Holborn
Greathead, R. Scott
Greco, Richard Jr.
Green, Carl J.
Green, Eric F.
Green, Ernest G.
Green, Jerrold D.
Green, Joshua L.
Green, Michael J.
Green, Robert Shane
Greenberg, Arthur N.
Greenberg, David
Greenberg, Evan G.
Greenberg, Glenn H.
Greenberg, Jeffrey W.
Greenberg, Karen J.
Greenberg, Lawrence Scott
Greenberg, Maurice R.
Greenberg, Sanford D.
Greenberger, Robert
Greene, Joseph N. Jr.
Greene, Margaret L.
Greene, Robert Lane
Greene, Wade
Greenman, Margot Alyse†
Greenspan, Alan
Greenwald, G. Jonathan
Greenway, Hugh D.S.
Gregg, Donald P.
Gregorian, Vartan
Gregson, Wallace C. Jr.
Grenier, Robert L.
Griego, Linda
Griffin, Nicholas
Griffiths, Phillip A.
Grimes, Joseph Anthony Jr.
Grissom, Janet Mullins
Grondine, Robert F.
Gronvall, Gigi Kwik
Grose, Peter
Gross, Martin J.
Gross, Patrick W.
Grossman, Gene M.
Grossman, Marc
Grove, Paul C.
Groves, Bryan N.†
Groves, Ray J.
Gruman, Jessie C.
Guengerich, Galen J.
Guenov, Tressa Steffen
Guff, Andrew J.
Gugliotta, Brian†
Gund, Agnes
Gundlach, Andrew S.
Gupte, Pranay
Gutfreund, John H.
Guth, John H.J.
Gwertzman, Bernard M.
Ha, Joseph M.
Haas, Mimi L.
Haas, Robert D.
Haass, Richard N.
Haave, Christopher E.
Hachigian, Nina L.
Hackett, Craig D.
Haddad, Yvonne Yazbeck
Hadley, Stephen J.
Hafner, Joseph A. Jr.
Haft, Jeremy R.
Hagel, Chuck
Hagen, Katherine A.
Haggard, Stephan
Hahn, Natalie D.
Hailston, Earl B.
Hajari, Nisid J.
Hakakian, Roya*
Hakim, Peter
Hale, David D.
Hale, Lyric Hughes
Hall, C. Barrows
Hall, John P.
Hall, Kathryn Walt
Hall, Laura A.
Halper, James D.
Halperin, David R.
Halperin, Morton H.
Haltzel, Michael H.
Hamburg, David A.
Hamburg, Margaret Ann
Hamel, Michael A.
Hamilton, Ann O.
Hamilton, Charles V.
Hamilton, Daniel
Hamilton, Edward K.
Hamilton, Hugh Gerard Jr.
Hamilton, John Maxwell
Hamilton, Lee H.
Hammes, Lynda Ann
Hammonds, D. Holly
Hamre, John J.
Hancock, Ellen
Hand, Bailey†
Hand, Lloyd N.
Hand, Scott M.
Handelman, Stephen
Hanna, Michael Wahid
Hansell, Herbert J.
Hanson, Gordon H.
Hantz, Giselle P.
Hantzopoulos, Paraskeve
Harari, Maurice
Hardin, Edward J.
Hardin, Katherine A.*
Harding, Deborah A.
Harding, Harry
Hardt, John P.
Hargrove, John Lawrence
Harlan, Joshua D.
Harland, Christopher
Harlow, D. Brooke
Harman, Jane
Harman, Sidney
Harmon, James A.
Harney, Alexandra†
Harpel, James W.
Harper, Conrad K.
Harris, David A.
Harris, Grant T.
Harris, Jay T.
Harris, Jessica†
Harris, Joshua J.
Harris, Katherine
Harris, Martha Caldwell
Harrison, Hope M.
Harrison, Selig S.
Harrison, William B. Jr.
Hart, Gary
Hart, Robert C.
Hart, Todd Christopher
Hartley, Jane D.
Hartman, Arthur A.
Haseltine, William Alan
Haskell, John H.F. Jr.
Hathaway, James Lindley†
Hathaway, Robert M.
Hau, Sandor Min-Young
Hauge, John Resor
Hauser, Rita E.
Hauser, William Locke
Havell, Theresa A.
Hawkins, Ashton
Hawley, F. William
Hayden, Michael V.
Hayek, Alexandre P.
Hayes, Jeff W.*
Hayes, Margaret Daly
Hayes, Michael E.*
Hayes, Rita Derrick
Haynes, Lukas Harrison
Haynes, Ulric
Hays, Laurie
Hayward, Thomas B.
Healey, Kerry Murphy
Heaney, Andrew P.
Heck, Charles B.
Hecker, Siegfried S.
Heckman, Leila
Hedges, Christopher Lynn
Hedstrom, Mitchell W.
Heep-Richter, Barbara D.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 37
Heer, Paul
Heginbotham, Stanley J.
Hehir, J. Bryan
Heifetz, Stephen
Heimann, John G.
Heimbold, Charles A. Jr.
Heimowitz, James B.
Heineman, Benjamin W. Jr.
Heineman, Melvin L.
Heintz, Stephen B.
Heintzen, Harry Leonard
Heinz Kerry, Teresa
Heleniak, David W.
Helfer, Michael Stevens*
Helfer, Ricki Tigert
Helgerson, John L.
Heller, Bridgette P.
Heller, Richard M.
Hellman, F. Warren
Hellman, Steven E.
Hellmann, Donald Charles
Helm, Robert W.
Helm, Suzanne
Helman, Joseph J.*
Helman, Robert A.
Helprin, Mark
Helvey, David Farr
Hemphill, Christopher
Hendricks, Darryll E.
Hendrickson, David C.
Henkin, Alice H.
Henkin, Louis
Henneberg, Tom†
Henning, Job Carroll
Henninger, Daniel P.
Henrikson, Alan K.
Henry, Emil W. Jr.
Henry, Nancy L.
Henry, Peter Albert
Henry, Peter Blair
Henry, Robert H.
Heppner, Donald Gray Jr.*
Herberger, Roy A. Jr.
Herbst, Jeffrey I.
Herman, Laura S.L.†
Hermann, Charles F.
Hernandez, Antonia
Herrnstadt, Owen Edward
Herskovits, Jean
Hersman, Rebecca K.C.
Herspring, Dale R.
Hertog, Roger
Hertzberg, Hendrik
Hertzberg, Robert M.
Herz, Barbara
Herz, J. C.
Herzfeld, Charles M.
Herzstein, Jessica A.
Herzstein, Robert E.
Hesburgh, Theodore M.
Hess, John B.
Hess, Marlene
Hessler, Curtis A.
Hessman, Robin
Hewlett, Sylvia Ann
Hexter, James R.*
Heyman, William H.
Hiatt, Fred
Hicks, Irvin
Hicks, John F. Sr.
Hicks, Kathleen Holland
Hicks, Peggy L.
Higginbotham, F. Michael
Higgins, Heather
Higgins, Robert F.
Hightower, Edward T.
Hill, Fiona
Hill, J. Tomilson
Hill, James T.
Hill, Janine W.
Hill, Joseph C.
Hill, Pamela
Hill, Raymond D.
Hill, Shephard William
Hillen, John
Hillman, Jennifer
Hills, Carla A.
Hinderstein, Corey
Hindery, Leo J. Jr.
Hinerfeld, Ruth
Hines, Rachel
Hinton, Deane R.
Hirsch, John L.
Hirschhorn, Abigail M.
Hirsh, Michael P.
Hitz, Frederick P.
Hoagland, Jim
Hoar, Joseph Paul
Hobson, H. Lee
Hockfield, Susan
Hodes, Matthew L.
Hodin, Michael W.
Hoeber, Amoretta M.
Hoehn, Andrew R.
Hoehn, William E. Jr.
Hoenlein, Malcolm I.
Hof, Frederic C.
Hoffman, A. Michael
Hoffman, Bruce
Hoffmann, Stanley
Hofman, Steven I.
Hogan, Jeffrey N.
Hoge, James F. Jr.
Hoge, Warren M.
Hoguet, George Roberts
Hoinkes, Mary Elizabeth
Holbrooke, Richard C.
Holcomb, M. Scott
Holden, John L.
Holdren, John P.
Holewinski, Sarah Theresa
Holford, Mandë N.
Holgate, Laura S.H.
Hollick, Ann Lorraine
Holliday, Stuart W.
Hollifield, James Frank
Holloway, Dwight F. Jr.
Holmes, Henry Allen
Holmes, Kim R.
Holmes, Stephen T.
Holtschneider, Dennis H.
Holtzman, Elizabeth*
Holum, John D.
Hooda, Sheila*
Hooker, Richard D. Jr.
Hope, Judith Richards
Hope, Richard O.
Horlick, Gary N.
Hormats, Robert D.
Horn, Karen N.
Horn, Sally K.
Horner, Matina Souretis
Hornig, George R.
Hornik, Richard H.
Hornthal, James
Horowitz, Irving Louis
Horton, Robert Scott
Hosmer, Bradley C.
Hoston, Germaine A.
Hottelet, Richard C.
Houghton, Amory Jr.
Houghton, James R.
House, Karen Elliott
Howard, A. E. Dick
Howard, Christopher
Howard, Lyndsay C.
Howard, M. William Jr.
Howell, Ernest M.
Howk, Jason C.†
Howson, Nicholas C.
Hoyt, Mont P.
Hrinak, Donna J.
Hrynkow, Sharon H.
Hsu, Ta-Lin
Huang, Andrew Yanzhong
Huang, Eugene
Hubbard, R. Glenn
Huber, Richard L.
Huberman, Benjamin
Hudson, Manley O. Jr.
Hudson, Michael C.
Huebner, Lee W.
Huey, John W. Jr.
Huey Evans, Gay J.*
Hufbauer, Gary C.
Hughes, Lynn N.
Hughes, R. John
Hughes, Thomas Lowe
Hull, Edmund J.
Hulsman, John C.
Hultman, Tamela
Hultquist, Timothy A.
Hume, Cameron R.
Hume, Ellen H.
Hunker, Jeffrey A.
Hunt, David A.*
Hunt, Kathleen E.
Hunt, Swanee
Hunter, Robert E.
Hunter, Shireen T.
Hunter, Thomas O.
Hunter, William Curt
Hunter-Gault, Charlayne
Huntington, Patricia
Hurd, Elizabeth Shakman
Hurd, Joseph K. III
Hurlock, James B.
Hurst, Robert J.
Hurwitz, Sol
Huszar, Andrew
Hutchings, Robert L.
Hutchins, Glenn H.
Huyck, Philip M.
Hyatt, Joel Z.
Hyland, Richard
Hyman, Allen I.
Iadonisi, Jon A.
Ibargüen, Alberto
Ibargüen, Diego†
Ignatius, Adi
Ignatius, David R.
Ijaz, Mansoor
Ikenberry, G. John
Iklé, Fred C.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 38
Immergut, Mel M.
Inderfurth, Karl F.
Indyk, Martin S.
Ingber, Rebecca†
Ingersoll, Robert S.
Inglis, Shelley Case
Inman, Bobby R.
Intriligator, Michael D.
Irish, Leon E.
Irvin, Patricia L.
Isaacs, Maxine
Isaacson, Walter S.
Iseman, Frederick J.
Isenberg, Steven L.
Isham, Christopher
Iskenderian, Mary Ellen
Ispahani, Mahnaz
Istel, Yves-André
Itoh, William H.
Ivester, M. Douglas
Izlar, William H. Jr.
Jabber, Paul
Jackelen, Henry R.
Jackley, Jessica†
Jacklin, Nancy P.
Jackson, Bruce Pitcairn
Jackson, Jesse L. Sr.
Jackson, John H.
Jackson, Lois M.
Jackson, Sarah
Jackson, Shirley Ann
Jacobs, Jennifer A.
Jacobs, Kenneth*
Jaffe, Amy Myers
James, Francis John
Janes, Jackson
Janis, Mark Weston
Janklow, Morton L.
Janow, Merit E.
Jaquette, Jane S.
Jarvis, Nancy A.
Jebb, Cindy R.
Jefferson, Ian Markus
Jeffery, Reuben III
Jenevein, E. Patrick III
Jenkins, Bonnie D.
Jensen, Kenneth M.
Jervis, Robert
Jessup, Alpheus W.
Jessup, Philip C. Jr.
Jeter, Howard F.
Jett, Dennis C.
Jillson, Calvin C.
Joel, Jennifer Stacey†
John, Eric G.*
Johns, Lionel Skipwith
Johnson, Darin E.W.†
Johnson, James A.
Johnson, James E.
Johnson, Jay L.
Johnson, Jeh Charles
Johnson, Jerry Lavell
Johnson, Karen H.
Johnson, L. Oakley
Johnson, Larry D.
Johnson, Michelle D.
Johnson, Robbin S.
Johnson, Robert W. IV
Johnson, Sheila C.
Johnson, Suzanne Nora
Johnson, Thomas Stephen
Johnson, Todd M.†
Johnson, Willene A.
Johnson, Wyatt Thomas
Jolie, Angelina
Jones, Alan Kent
Jones, Anita K.
Jones, David L.
Jones, James R.
Jones, Kerri-Ann
Joost, Peter Martin
Jordan, Boris Alexis
Jordan, Eason T.
Jordan, Robert W.
Jordan, Vernon E. Jr.
Jorisch, Avi
Joseph, Geri M.
Joseph, James A.
Joseph, Richard A.
Josephson, William
Joskow, Paul L.
Joulwan, George A.
Judge, Barbara Thomas
Jumper, John P.
Junz, Helen B.
Juster, Kenneth I.
Kaden, Lewis B.
Kadlec, Robert P.
Kagan, Robert W.
Kahler, Miles
Kahn, Joseph F.
Kahn, Thomas S.
Kaiser, Miranda Margaret
Kaiser, Robert G.
Kalb, Bernard
Kalb, Marvin
Kalicki, Jan H.
Kalir, Erez C.
Kallmer, Jonathan Steele
Kamarck, Elaine C.
Kamine, Jorge†
Kaminsky, Howard
Kampelman, Max M.
Kamsky, Virginia Ann
Kanak, Donald P.
Kanet, Roger E.
Kang, C. S. Eliot
Kang, Jane J.
Kann, Peter R.
Kansteiner, Walter H. III
Kanter, Rosabeth Moss
Kantor, Mickey
Kaplan, Ann F.
Kaplan, Gilbert
Kaplan, Helene L.
Kaplan, Mark N.
Kaplan, Richard N.
Kaplan, Stephen S.
Kapnick, Scott Bancroft
Kapoor, Vikas
Kapp, Robert A.
Kapstein, Ethan B.
Karabell, Zachary
Karalekas, Anne
Karamanian, Susan L.
Karatnycky, Adrian
Karatz, Bruce E.
Karis, Thomas G.
Karl, Jonathan David
Karl, Terry Lynn
Karnow, Stanley
Karns, Margaret P.
Karp, Jonathan D.
Karp, Richard Scott
Kasdin, Robert
Kass, Stephen L.
Kassalow, Jordan S.
Kassinger, Theodore W.
Kassof, Allen H.
Kathwari, Farooq
Katz, Abraham
Katz, Daniel Roger
Katz, Robert J.
Katz, Sherman E.
Katz, Stanley N.
Katzenstein, Peter J.
Katzovicz, Roy J.
Kauffman, Richard L.
Kaufman, Daniel J.
Kaufman, Henry
Kaufman, Robert R.
Kavoukjian, Michael E.
Kay, Kira
Kaye, Charles R.
Kaye, Dalia Dassa
Kaye, David A.*
Kayyem, Juliette N.
Kazemi, Farhad
Kea, Charlotte G.
Kean, Thomas H.
Keane, John M.
Kearney, Daniel P. Jr.
Keating, Timothy J.
Keck, Elizabeth Ellen
Keeler, Timothy J.†
Keenan, Kevin Michael†
Keene, Lonnie S.
Keeny, Spurgeon M. Jr.
Keidan, Jonathan†
Kelleher, Catherine M.
Keller, Edmond J.
Keller, Kenneth H.
Kellerman, Barbara L.
Kelley, Paul X.
Kellner, Peter Bicknell
Kellogg, David
Kelly, Alfred F. Jr.
Kelly, Arthur L.
Kelly, Brendan Sean†
Kelly, Francis J.
Kelly, James P.
Kelly, John H.
Kelman, Herbert C.
Kemble, Eugenia
Kemp, Geoffrey
Kempe, Frederick S.
Kempner, Maximilian W.
Kendall, Donald McIntosh
Kenen, Peter B.
Keniston, Kenneth
Kennan, Christopher J.
Kennedy, Caroline Bouvier
Kennedy, Craig
Kennedy, David W.
Kennedy, Edward Jr.
Kent, Muhtar*
Keohane, Nannerl O.
Keohane, Robert O.
Keravuori, Rose†
Kern, Paul J.
Kerr, Ann Zwicker
Kerrey, Bob
Kerry, John F.
Kerry, Peggy
Kerry, Vanessa†
Kessler, Glenn Andrew
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 39
Kessler, Martha Neff
Kester, W. Carl
Khalidi, Rashid I.
Khalilzad, Zalmay M.
Khanna, Parag
Khanna, Vikramaditya S.
Khatchadourian, Raffi†
Khrushcheva, Nina L.*
Khuri, Nicola N.
Kiernan, Robert Edward III
Kiley, Robert R.
Kim, Andrew Byong-Soo
Kim, Hanya Marie
Kim, Mike†
Kim, Sukhan
Kimmitt, Robert M.
Kimsey, James V.
Kinane, William Patrick
Kinder, Molly†
King, Elizabeth Lee*
King, Henry L.
King, Kay
King, Robert R.
King, Susan Robinson
Kingston, Timothy M.
Kinsella, Kevin J.
Kipper, Judith
Kireopoulos, Antonios
Kiriakou, Heather
Kirk, Crispian
Kirkland, Richard I.
Kirkpatrick, J. David
Kirkpatrick, Melanie M.
Kirshner, Jodie†
Kishkovsky, Leonid
Kittrie, Orde F.
Kizer, Karin L.
Klarman, Seth A.*
Klein, David
Klein, Edward
Klein, George
Klein, Jacques Paul
Klein, Joseph A.
Stephanie T.
Klimp, Jack Wilbur
Klotz, Frank G.
Klurfeld, James M.
Knapp, Albert Bruce
Knee, Jonathan A.
Knell, Gary E.
Knight, Edward S.
Knight, Jessie J. Jr.
Ko, Cindy E.
Koellner, Laurette T.
Kogan, Richard Jay
Kohut, Andrew
Kojac, Jeffrey
Kojima, J. Christopher*
Kolb, Charles E.M.
Kolbe, Jim
Kolodziej, Edward A.
Koltai, Steven R.
Komisar, Lucy
Kondracke, Morton
Koonin, Steven E.
Korb, Lawrence J.
Korbonski, Andrzej
Kornblum, John C.
Kostiw, Michael Vincent
Kotecha, Mahesh K.
Kotler, Steven
Kovner, Bruce S.
Kraft, Robert K.
Kraham, Sherri G.
Kramek, Robert E.
Kramer, J. Reed
Kramer, Jane
Kramer, Michael
Kramer, Orin S.
Kramer, Steven Philip
Kranz, Thomas F.
Krasner, Stephen D.
Krasno, Richard M.
Krauss, Clifford
Krauthammer, Charles
Kravis, Henry R.
Kravis, Marie-Josée
Kreek, Mary Jeanne
Krens, Thomas
Krepinevich, Andrew F.
Krepon, Michael
Kreps, Sarah Elizabeth
Kriegel, Jay L.
Krikorian, Victoria Reznik
Krisher, Bernard
Kristof, Nicholas D.
Kristoff, Sandra J.
Kroeger, Kate M.
Kroenig, Matthew Henry
Kronman, Anthony
Krueger, Anne O.
Krulak, Charles Chandler
Ku, Charlotte
Kubarych, Roger M.
Kuenstner, Nancy Jo
Kull, Steven G.
Kumar, Anil
Kumar, Maria Teresa†
Kumar, Nisha
Kumar, Raj Udiaver
Kumar, Vinay†
Kumar-Sinha, Punita
Kumin, Michael A.
Kuniholm, Bruce Robellet
Kunstadter, Geraldine S.
Kupchan, Charles A.
Kupchan, Clifford A.
Kupperman Thorp, Tamara
Kurth, James R.
Kurtzer, Daniel C.
Kushen, Robert A.
Kux, Dennis
Kwoh, Stewart
Laber, Jeri L.
Labin, Daniel B.
Labott, Elise
Ladd, Edward
Lader, Philip
Ladislaw, Sarah Olivia†
Ladner, Drew J.*
LaFleur, Vinca
Lagomasino, Maria Elena
Lagon, Mark P.
Laipson, Ellen
Lajeunesse, Gabriel C.
Lake, David A.
Lamb, Denis
Lambert, Brett B.
Lambeth, Benjamin S.
Lamont, Lansing
Lampton, David M.
Lancaster, Carol J.
Land, Richard D.
Landau, George W.
Lane, Charles M.
Lane, David J.
Lane, Robert W.
Laney, James T.
Lang, Scott J.
Langlois, John D. Jr.
Langlois, Robert James
LaPalombara, Joseph
Lapham, Lewis H.
Lapidus, Gail W.
LaPuma, Edward Vincent
Lardy, Nicholas R.
Lariviere, Richard W.
Larrabee, F. Stephen
Larsen, Randall J.
Larson, Charles R.
Larson, Ellie K.
Lash, Jonathan
LaSpada, Salvatore*
Lasry, Marc
Lasser, Lawrence J.
Lateef, Noel V.
Lauder, Laura Heller
Lauder, Leonard A.
Lauder, Ronald S.
Lauder, William Philip
Laudicina, Paul A.
Lauinger, Philip C. Jr.
Laurence, Jonathan A.
Laurenti, Jeffrey
Lautenbach, Ned C.
Lautz, Terrill Edward
Lavelle, Kathryn C.*
Laventhol, David A.
Lawrence, Richard D.
Lawrence, Robert Z.
Lawson, Eugene K.
Lawson, Sandra Guylay
Layne, Christopher
Lazarus, Shelly B.
Lazarus, Steven
Le Melle, Tilden J.
Leach, James A.
Leaman, J. Welby
LeClerc, Paul
Lederman, Gordon
Lee, Anthony P.
Lee, Esther†
Lee, Nancy
Lee, Thea Mei
Leebron, David W.
Leeds, Jeffrey T.
Leeds, Roger S.
Lee-Kung, Dinah
Leet, Kenneth H.M.
Leffall, LaSalle D. III
Leghorn, Richard S.
Legro, Jeffrey W.
Legvold, Robert
Lehman, John F.
Lehman, Ronald Frank II
Lehner, Peter H.
Lehrer, Jim
Lehrman, Thomas D.
Leich, John Foster
Leland, Marc E.
Leland, Olivia M.†
Lelyveld, Joseph
Lemack, Carie A.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 40
LeMelle, Gerald A.
Lemery, Jay M.
Lemkin, Bruce Stuart
Lemle, J. Stuart
Lempert, Robert J.
Lenfest, Harold F.
Lennon, Alexander T.J.
Lennox, William J. Jr.
Lenzen, Louis C.
LeoGrande, William M.
Leonard, James F.
Leonard, Jennifer A.
Leone, Richard C.
Leopold, Evelyn R.
Lesch, Ann Mosely
Leslie, John W. Jr.
Lessenberry, Brian
Lesser, Ian O.
Lettow, Paul
Lettre, Marcel J. II
Levensohn, Pascal N.
Leverett, Flynt L.
Levin, Herbert
Levin, John A.
Levin, Michael Stuart
Levine, Mel
Levine, Susan B.
Levinson, Marc
Levitsky, Jonathan E.
Levitt, Arthur Jr.
Levy, Jay A.
Levy, Reynold
Lew, Jacob J.
Lewis, Bernard
Lewis, Eric L.
Lewis, John P.
Lewis, Maureen A.
Lewis, Peter M.*
Lewis, Stephen R. Jr.
Lewis, W. Walker
Lewy, Glen S.
Li, Cheng*
Li, Lu
Libby, I. Lewis Jr.
Liberi, Dawn
Lichtblau, John H.
Lichtenstein, Cynthia C.
Liebenow, Larry A.
Lieber, James E.
Lieber, Robert J.
Lieberman, Joseph I.
Lieberman, Nancy A.
Lieberthal, Kenneth G.
Liebman, Jonathan Roy
Liebowitz, Jessica K.
Lifton, Robert K.
Light, Timothy
Lighthizer, Robert E.
Lin, Robert
Lincoln, Edward J.
Lindberg, Tod
Lindborg, Nancy Elizabeth
Linden, Josephine
Lindsay, Beverly
Lindsay, Franklin A.
Lindsay, James M.
Linen, Jonathan S.
Link, Troland S.
Lipman, Ira A.
Lipman, Joanne
Lipper, Kenneth
Lippey, Brian C.
Lippman, Thomas W.
Lipsitz, Rochelle J.
Lipsky, John P.
Lipsky, Seth
Lipton, Jonathan A.
Lissakers, Karin M.
Litan, Robert E.
Little, David
Littlefield, Elizabeth L.
Litwak, Robert S.
Liu, Eric P.
Livingston, Robert Gerald
Lobel, Aaron Robert
Lockhart, Dennis P.
Lodal, Jan M.
Lodge, George Cabot
Loeb, Marshall
Logan, Francis D.
Loizou, Elaina
Lombardi, Clark B.
London, Herbert I.
Long, Mary Beth
Long, William J.
Longmuir, Shelley A.
Longstreth, Bevis
LoNigro, Christina†
Loranger, Donald Eugene
Lord, Bette Bao
Lord, Kristin M.*
Lord, Winston
Lorentzen, Oivind III
Lotrionte, Catherine B.
Louis, William Roger
Loury, Glenn Cartman
Lovejoy, Thomas E.
Low, Stephen
Lowenfeld, Andreas F.
Lowenkron, Barry F.
Lowenstein, James G.
Lowenthal, Abraham F.
Lowey, Nita M.*
Lowry, Glenn D.
Loy, Frank E.
Lozano, Ignacio E.
Lozano, José Ignacio
Lozano, Monica C.
Lu, Xiaobo
Lubin, Nancy
Lubman, Stanley B.
Luck, Edward C.
Lucy, William
Luers, Wendy W.
Luers, William H.
Lugo, Luis E.
Lujan, Fernando Martinez
Luke, John A. Jr.
Lundeberg, Greta J.†
Lundqvist, Bertil*
Lustick, Ian S.
Lute, Jane Holl
Luttwak, Edward N.
Luzzatto, Anne R.
Lyall, Katharine C.
Lyman, Princeton N.
Lyman, Richard W.
Lynch, Thomas F. III
Lynk, Myles V.
Lynn, Laurence E. Jr.
Lynton, Michael M.
Lyon, David W.
Lyons, Eugene M.
Lyons, James E.
Lyons, Richard Kent
Ma, Christopher
Ma, Ying
Mabry, Marcus B.
Mabus, Raymond E.
MacCormack, Charles
MacDonald, Bruce Walter
MacDougal, Gary E.
Mack, Consuelo Cotter
Mack, J. Curtis II
Mackay, Leo Sidney Jr.
MacKenzie, Gillian
Mackevich, Eileen R.
Macmillan, Graham
Gordon III
Macy, Robert M. Jr.
Madhany, al-Husein N.
Madigan, John W.
Maguire, John David
Mahajan, Raj Amit
Mahmoud, Adel
Mahnken, Thomas G.
Mahoney, Margaret E.
Mahoney, Paul G.
Mahoney, Thomas H. IV
Mai, James A.
Mai, Vincent A.
Maier, Charles S.
Makin, John Holmes
Makinson, Carolyn
Mako, William P.
Makovsky, David
Malcomson, Scott
Malek, Frederic V.
Malesky, Edmund J.
Malik, Arslan
Mallery, David W.
Mallery, Richard
Mallett, Robert L.
Malmgren, Harald B.
Malmgren, K. Philippa
Malone-Scott, Kim
Maloney, Jason David
Malpass, David R.
Mamdani, Mahmoud A.
Manatt, Charles T.
Manca, Marie Antoinette
Mancuso, Mario
Mandelbaum, Michael
Maniatis, Gregory A.
Manilow, Lewis
Mankoff, Jeffrey
Mann, James H.
Mann, Michael D.
Mann, Sloan Charles
Mann, Thomas E.
Mans, Darius*
Mansoor, Peter R.
Manzi, Jim
Marans, Joel Eugene
Marchick, David M.
Marcom, John E. Jr.
Marcum, John Arthur
Marder, Murrey
Margon, Sarah Michelle†
Mariotti, Steven J.
Mark, Hans M.
Mark-Jusbasche, Rebecca P.
Marks, Paul A.
Marlin, Alice Tepper
Marquet, Louis David
Marr, Phebe A.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 41
Marron, Donald B.
Marsh, Tom F.
Marshall, Andrew W.
Marshall, Anthony D.
Marshall, Dale Rogers
Marshall, F. Ray
Marshall, Katherine
Marshall, Zachary Blake
Marten, Kimberly Joy
Martin, Daniel Richard
Martin, Lynn Morley
Martin, Susan F.
Martin, William F.
Martinez, Angelica R.
Martinez, Roman IV
Martinez, Roman V
Marton, Kati I.
Martz, Joseph C.*
Masin, Michael T.
Massey, L. Camille
Massey, Walter E.
Massimino, Elisa C.
Mastanduno, Michael
Masters, Carlton A.
Matheson, Michael J.
Mathews, Jessica T.
Mathews, Michael S.
Mathias, Dale*
Mathias, Edward J.
Mathis, Brian Pierre
Matlock, Jack F. Jr.
Matsukata, Naotaka
Matteson, William B.
Matthews, Barbara C.
Matthews, Eugene A.
Mattingly, Amanda Curtis
Mattox, Gale A.
Matuszewski, Daniel C.
Matzke, Richard H.
Maxwell, Kenneth R.
May, Michael M.
Maybank, Alexis Macy†
Mayer, Claudette
Mayer, William Emilio
Mayhew, Alice E.
Mazur, Jay
McAfee, William Gage
McAllister, Jef Olivarius
McAllister, Singleton B.
McArdle, Megan
McAuliffe, Jane Dammen
McBride, Sharon Kelly†
McCaffrey, Barry R.
McCain, John S. III
McCann, Edward F. II
McCartan, Patrick F.
McCarter, John W. Jr.
McCarthy, James P.
McCarthy, Kathleen D.
McCaw, Craig O.
McCaw, Susan R.
McChrystal, Stanley A.
McClure, Kimberly M.†
McClure, Robert L.
McCluskey, Jerome P.
McClymont, Mary E.
McCormack, Elizabeth J.
McCormack, Richard
Thomas Fox
McCormick, David H.
McCouch, Donald G.
McCoy, Debbie
McCoy, Jennifer L.
McCray, Ronald David
McCue, Susan*
McCurdy, Dave K.
McDermott, Jim
McDevitt, Sean Daniel
McDonald, Alonzo L.
McDonald, Kara C.
McDonald, Tom
McDonough, William J.
McDougall, Gay J.
McFarland, Kathleen Troia*
McFarland, Maria
McFarlane, Jennifer A.
McFarlane, Robert C.
McFate, Patricia Ann
McFaul, Michael A.
McGarr, Cappy R.
McGowan, Alan H.
McGowan, Kathleen A.
McGregor, James L.*
McGurn, William
McHenry, Donald F.
McIntosh, Brent J.
McKean, David*
McKenney, Morgan
McKeon, Elizabeth A.
McKeon, Robert B.
McKibben, Tracy B.
McLarty, Thomas F. III
McLaughlin, Charles
James IV
McLaughlin, John E.
McLean, Mora L.
McLean, Sheila Avrin
McLin, Jon Blythe
McManus, Doyle
McManus, Jason D.
McMaster, Herbert
McNally, Elizabeth Young
McNamara, Dennis L.
McNamara, Kathleen R.
McNamara, Thomas E.
McNamer, Bruce W.*
McNaugher, Thomas L.
McNeese, Thomas†
McPeak, Merrill A.
McPherson, M. Peter
McQuade, Lawrence C.
McWade, Jessica C.
Meacham, Carl E.
Meacham, Jon
Mead, Dana G.
Mead, E. Scott
Mead, Walter Russell
Meadows, Jeanne Terry
Mearsheimer, John J.
Medavoy, Mike
Medawar, Adrienne
Medina, Kathryn B.
Medish, Mark Christian
Medley, Richard
Meers, Sharon I.
Meertens, Michelle A.*
Meese, Michael J.
Mehlman, Kenneth B.
Mehreteab, Ghebre Selassie
Mehta, Ved
Meigs, Montgomery C.
Meissner, Doris M.
Meister, Irene W.
Melby, Eric D.K.
Melloan, George R.
Melton, Carol A.
Melwani, Anish
Mendelson, Sarah E.
Mendelson Forman,
Mendlovitz, Saul H.
Mendoza, Roberto G.
Menges, Carl B.
Menon, Rajan
Menschel, Robert B.
Merkel, Claire Sechler
Merkel, David Austin
Meron, Theodor
Merow, John E.
Merritt, Jack Neil
Merszei, Zoltan
Mesdag, Willem
Meselson, Matthew S.
Messmer, Michael
Mestres, Ricardo A. Jr.
Metzger, Barry
Metzl, Jamie Frederic
Meyer, Edward C.
Meyer, John Robert
Meyer, Karl E.
Meyer, Michael Ryder
Meyer, Paul H.
Meyerman, Harold J.
Michaels, Jon Douglas
Michaels, Marguerite
Michel, Christopher
Mickiewicz, Ellen
Midgley, Elizabeth
Mihaly, Eugene B.
Mikell, Gwendolyn
Miles, Edward L.
Milestone, Judith B.
Millard, Robert B.
Miller, Aaron David
Miller, Amber D.
Miller, Anthony Murray
Miller, Charles R.
Miller, Christopher D.
Miller, David Charles Jr.
Miller, Debra Lynn
Miller, Franklin C.
Miller, Judith
Miller, Ken
Miller, Leland Rhett
Miller, Linda B.
Miller, Matthew L.
Miller, Paul D.
Miller, Scott L.
Miller, Thomas J.*
Miller, William Green
Miller, William Scott II
Millington, John A.
Mills, Bradford
Mills, Karen Gordon
Mills, Susan Linda
Milner, Helen V.
Minow, Newton N.
Mintz, Daniel R.
Miranda, Lourdes R.
Miscik, Jami
Mishkin, Alexander V.
Mitchell, Andrea
Mitchell, Arthur M. III
Mitchell, George J.
Mitchell, Patricia E.
Mitchell, Wandra G.
Mixter, Jonathan Cobb
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 42
Mize, David M.
Mizel, Larry A.
Mochizuki, Kiichi
Moe, Sherwood G.
Moffett, George D.
Molano, Walter Thomas
Mondale, Walter F.
Moniz, Ernest J.
Montelongo, Michael
Montgomery, George
Montgomery, Harold H.
Montgomery, Mark C.
Montgomery, Parker G.
Montgomery, Philip
O’Bryan III
Moock, Joyce Lewinger
Moody, Jim
Moody, William S.
Moore, John J. Jr.
Moore, John M.
Moore, John Norton
Moore, Jonathan
Moore, Julia A.
Moore, Wes W.
Moorman, Thomas S. Jr.
Moose, George E.
Moose, Richard M.
Mora, Alberto J.
Mora, Antonio G.
Moran, Michael E.*
Moran, Terence P.
Moran, Theodore H.
Moravcsik, Andrew
Morey, David Edward
Morgan, Charlotte M.
Morin, Jamie
Morningstar, Richard L.
Morris, Charles R.
Morris, Frederic A.
Morrison, J. Stephen
Morrissey, Arthur C.
Morse, Andrew L.
Morse, Edward L.
Morse, Kenneth P.
Morse, Stephen S.
Mortimer, David H.
Mosbacher, Robert A. Jr.
Moseley, T. Michael
Moses, Alfred H.
Mosettig, Michael David
Moskow, Michael H.
Moss, Ambler H. Jr.
Mossman, James
Motley, Joel W.
Mottahedeh, Roy P.
Motulsky, Daniel T.
Mouat, Lucia
Moyer, Homer E. Jr.
Mroz, John Edwin
Mudd, Daniel H.
Mudd, Margaret F.
Mujal-Leon, Eusebio
Mulberger, Virginia A.
Mulcahy, Anne M.
Mulford, David C.
Muller, Edward R.
Muller, Steven
Mundie, Craig James
Muñoz, George
Munroe, Alexandra
Munroe, George B.
Munsch, Stuart B.
Munyan, Winthrop R.
Murase, Emily Moto
Muravchik, Joshua
Murdoch, Rupert
Murdock, Deroy
Murdy, William F.
Murphy, Ewell E. Jr.
Murphy, Richard W.
Murray, Alan S.
Murray, Douglas J.
Murray, Douglas P.
Murray, Ian P.
Murray, Janice L.
Murray, Lori Esposito
Murray, Robert J.
Muse, Martha Twitchell
Musham, Bettye Martin
Muthiah, Radha
Mutua, Makau W.*
Muzinich, Justin George†
Myers, Richard B.
Myerson, Toby S.
Myrow, Stephen A.*
Nachman, David Eli
Nachmanoff, Arnold
Nacht, Michael
Nadiri, M. Ishaq
Nagl, John A.
Nagorski, Andrew
Nagorski, Zygmunt
Naím, Moisés*
Nájera, Peter F.
Nakhleh, Emile A.
Napolitano, Janet A.
Nash, William L.
Nasr, Vali R.
Nathan, James A.
Nathanson, Marc B.
Nathoo, Raffiq A.
Nau, Henry R.
Naughton, Barry J.
Neal, Jeffrey C.
Neal, Stephen L.
Nealer, Kevin G.
Nederlander, Robert Jr.
Negroponte, Diana Villiers
Negroponte, John D.
Neier, Aryeh
Neilson, Trevor David
Nelson, Abagail
Nelson, Anne
Nelson, Daniel N.
Nelson, Merlin E.
Nelson, Robert L. Jr.
Nemazee, Hassan
Nepomnyashchy, Catharine
Nesbit, Lynn
Neuberger, Anne†
Neuger, Win J.
Neuman, Stephanie G.
Neureiter, Norman P.
Newberg, Esther R.
Newburg, Andre
Newcomb, Nancy S.
Newell, Barbara W.
Newhouse, John
Newman, Jay H.
Newman, Pamela J.
Newman, Pauline
Newman, Priscilla A.
Newman, Richard T.
Newton, M. Diana Helweg
Nexon, Daniel H.
Ney, Edward N.
Nguyen, Tuan H.
Nicholas, N. J. Jr.
Nichols, Rodney W.
Nicholson, Jan
Nicocelli, Ann M.
Nides, Thomas R.
Niehuss, John M.
Niehuss, Rosemary Neaher
Nielsen, Nancy
Nielsen, Suzanne Christine
Nilsson, A. Kenneth
Nimetz, Matthew
Nitze, William A.
Noam, Eli M.
Nogales, Luis G.
Nolan, Janne Emilie
Noland, Marcus
Nolte, William M.
Nonacs, Eric Steven
Noonan, Peggy*
Nooter, Robert Harry
Norman, William S.
Norquist, Grover Glenn
Northup, Nancy J.
Norton, Augustus Richard
Norton, Eleanor Holmes
Norton, Patrick M.
Nossel, Suzanne F.
Noto, Lucio A.
Novack, Lynne Dominick
Novogratz, Jacqueline
Novotny, Thomas E.*
Nuechterlein, Jeffrey D.
Nunn, Sam
Nusratty, Timur†
Nussbaum, Bruce
Nye, J. Benjamin H.
Nye, Joseph S. Jr.
Oakley, Phyllis E.
Oberdorfer, Don
Ocampo, Juan*
Ochoa-Brillembourg, Hilda
O’Cleireacain, Carol
Odeen, Philip A.
Odell, John S.
Oettinger, Anthony G.
Raymond C. Jr.
Offit, Morris W.
O’Flaherty, J. Daniel
Oh, Kongdan
O’Hanlon, Michael
O’Hare, Joseph A.
O’Hearn, Katherine I.*
Okata, Maritza U.B.
Okawara, Merle Aiko
Oliva, L. Jay
Oliver, April A.
Ollivant, Douglas A.
Olson, Jane T.
Olson, Lyndon L. Jr.
Olson, Ronald L.
Olvey, Lee D.
O’Malley, Cormac K.H.
Omestad, Thomas E.
O’Neal, E. Stanley
O’Neil, Kathleen A.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 43
O’Neil, Michael J.
O’Neil, Shannon K.
O’Neill, Brian Deveraux
O’Neill, Mark E.
O’Neill, Matthew†
O’Neill, Michael J.
Onek, Joseph N.
Onyeagoro, Obinna A.†
Oppenheimer, Andres M.
Oppenheimer, Franz
Oppenheimer, Michael F.
O’Prey, Kevin P.
Ordway, John M.
O’Reilly, David J.
Orentlicher, Diane
Orlins, Stephen A.
Ornstein, Norman J.
O’Rourke, Patrick J.
Orr, Robert C.
Orrenius, Pia M.
Orszag, Peter R.*
Osborn, John E.
Osborne, Richard de J.
Osius, Margaret Elizabeth
Osman, Hoda K.
Osmer McQuade, Margaret
Osnos, Peter L.W.
Osnos, Susan Sherer
Osterholm, Michael T.
Ostrander, F. Taylor
O’Sullivan, Meghan L.
Otero, Maria
O’Toole, Tara Jeanne
Otto, Eric H.
Ovitz, Michael S.
Owen, Henry David
Owen, Roberts Bishop
Owens, James W.
Owens, William A.
Oxman, Bernard H.
Oxman, Stephen A.
Oxnam, Robert B.
Oye, Kenneth A.
Paal, Douglas Haines
Pacheco, David A.
Pachios, Harold C.
Pachon, Harry P.
Packard, George R.
Padrón, Eduardo J.*
Page, Carter W.
Paine, George C. II
Paisner, Bruce Lawrence
Pakula, Hannah C.
Palmer, Mark
Palmer, Matthew A.
Palmer, Ronald D.
Pan Sloane, Esther
Paperin, Stewart J.
Pardee, Scott E.
Pardes, Herbert
Pardew, James W. Jr.
Parekh, Sanjay M.
Parent, Louise M.
Paris, Jonathan
Parker, Elizabeth Rindskopf
Parker, Emily D.
Parker, Jason H.
Parker, Jay M.
Parker, Penny L.
Parker Feld, Karen
Parkinson, Roger P.
Parks, Michael Christopher
Parsky, Gerald L.
Parsons, Richard D.
Pascal, Alexander J.†
Pascual, Carlos E.
Passer, Juliette M.
Passman, Pamela S.
Paster, Howard G.
Pastor, Robert A.
Patel, Ebrahim S.
Patrick, Hugh T.
Patrick, Stewart M.
Patrick, Thomas Harold
Patricof, Alan Joel
Patricof, Jonathan Cale†
Patricof, Susan E.
Patrikis, Ernest T.
Patron, Michelle N.*
Patterson, Eric D.
Patterson, Nicholas†
Patterson, Patricia M.
Patterson, Rebecca Damm
Pattiz, Norman J.
Paul, Douglas L.
Paul, Roland A.
Paulson, Henry M. Jr.
Paulus, Judith K.
Paumgarten, Nicholas
Pavel, Barry
Pearl, Frank H.
Pearlstine, Norman
Peckham, Gardner G.
Pedersen, Richard Foote
Pederson, Rena M.
Pelletreau, Robert H. Jr.
Peña, Federico F.
Penn, Lawrence Edward III
Penn, Mark Jeffrey
Pereira, Dylan C.
Perella, Joseph R.
Peretz, Don
Perez, Antonio F.
Perez, David
Perez, Luis J.
Pérez-Stable, Marifeli
Perkin, Linda J.
Perkins, Edward J.
Perkins, Roswell B.
Perkovich, George R.
Perlman, Janice Elaine
Perlmutter, Barbara S.
Perlmutter, Louis
Perritt, Henry H. Jr.
Perry, Robert C.
Perry, William J.
Persico, Joseph E.
Peschka, Mary Porter
Peters, Mary Ann
Peters, Michael P.
Peterson, Holly
Peterson, Michael A.
Peterson, Peter G.
Petraeus, David H.
Petree, Richard W.
Petree, Richard W. Jr.
Petri, Thomas E.
Petro, James Benjamin
Petschek, Stephen R.
Pettibone, Peter J.
Petty, John R.
Peyronnin, Joseph Felix
Pfaltzgraff, Robert L. Jr.
Pfeiffer, Jane Cahill
Pfeiffer, Leon K.
Pfeiffer, Steven B.
Pham, Minh-Thu Duong
Phan, Dang Tan
Pharr, Susan J.
Phelan, John J. Jr.
Phelps, Edmund S.
Phillips, Cecil M.
Phillips, David L.
Phillips, Jeanne L.
Phillips-Barrasso, Kate†
Phu, Elizabeth M.
Pickering, Thomas R.
Pieczenik, Steve R.
Piedra, Alberto M. Jr.
Pierce, Eric
Pierce, Lawrence W.
Pierce, Ponchitta
Piercy, Jan
Pierre, Andrew J.
Pifer, Steven K.
Pigott, Charles M.
Pike, John E.
Pilgrim, Kathryn
Pillar, Paul R.
Pillsbury, Marnie S.
Pillsbury, Michael
Pilon, Juliana Geran
Pincus, Walter H.
Pinkerton, W. Stewart Jr.
Pipes, Daniel
Pipes, Richard
Pisano, Anthony Robert
Pisar, Leah
Pitts, Joe W. III
Piverger, Jacques-Philippe
Pizzarello, Louis D.
Plaks, Livia B.
Platt, Alan A.
Platt, Alexander H.
Platt, Nicholas
Platt, Sheila Maynard
Plattner, Marc F.
Plepler, Richard L.
Plutzik, Jonathan
Poats, Rutherford M.
Pocalyko, Michael N.
Pogue, Richard W.
Poizner, Stephen L.
Pokempner, Dinah R.
Polk, William R.
Pollack, Carol A.†
Pollack, Gerald A.
Pollack, Jonathan D.
Pollack, Kenneth Michael
Pollack, Lester
Pollard, Neal A.
Pollock, Robert Lansing
Pond, Elizabeth
Poneman, Daniel Bruce
Pool-Eckert, Marquita J.
Popadiuk, Roman
Popkin, Anne B.
Popoff, Frank
Porter, Damon Shelby
Porter, John Edward
Portes, Richard
Porzecanski, Arturo C.
Posen, Adam S.
Posen, Barry R.
Posner, Michael
Poste, George H.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 44
Postol, Theodore A.
Potter, William C.
Powell, Colin L.
Powell, Dina Habib*
Powell, Jerome H.
Powell, Nancy J.*
Powers, Averill L.
Powers, Thomas
Powers, Timothy E.
Pozen, Robert C.
Pranger, Robert J.
Prasso, Sheridan T.
Precht, Henry
Pregenzer, Arian L.
Press, William H.
Pressler, Larry
Preston, Stephen W.
Prewitt, Kenneth
Price, Bryan C.†
Price, Daniel M.
Price, John R. Jr.
Price, Raymond K. Jr.
Price, Robert
Price, Steven
Priest, William W. Jr.
Prieto, Daniel B. III
Prince, Charles O. III
Pritzker, Penny S.
Pritzker, Thomas J.
Proenza, Luis M.
Protz, Jonathan M.
Prueher, Joseph Wilson
Pryce, Jeffrey F.
Puchala, Donald James
Puckett, Robert H.
Pulling, Edward L.
Pulling, Thomas L.
Purcell, Susan Kaufman
Puri, Shaifali†
Pursley, Robert E.
Pustay, John S.
Putnam, Robert D.
Pyle, Kenneth B.
Quainton, Anthony C.E.
Quam, Lois E.
Quandt, William B.
Quartel, Robert Jr.
Quelch, John Anthony
Quester, George H.
Quigley, Kevin F.F.
Quinn, Jane Bryant
Quinn, John M.
Raab, Jennifer J.
Rabb, Bruce
Racz, Gregory N.
Radtke, Robert W.
Rahman, Anika
Rahman, Zeenat†
Raines, Franklin D.
Raisian, John
Ramakrishna, Kilaparti
Ramer, Bruce M.
Ramer, Lawrence J.
Ramirez, Lilia L.
Ramo, Simon
Ramsey, W. Russell
Rand, Dafna Hochman
Randall, Lisa*
Randolph, R. Sean
Randt, Clark T. Jr.
Ranis, Gustav
Rankin, Clyde E. III
Raphel, Robin Lynn
Rappaport, Alan H.
Rascoff, Samuel James
Rashid, Hussein†
Ratchford, J. Thomas
Rather, Dan
Ratner, Ely S.†
Ratnesar, Romesh M.
Rattner, Steven L.
Rattray, Gregory John
Rauch, Rudolph S.
Raul, Alan Charles
Raustiala, Kal
Ravenal, Earl C.
Ravich, Samantha F.
Ravitch, Richard
Raymond, David A.
Raymond, Douglas A.*
Raymond, Lee R.
Reade, Claire E.
Realuyo, Celina B.
Rebolledo, Iván C.
Reckford, Jonathan T.M.
Rediker, Douglas Alan
Redman, Charles E.
Reed, Charles B.
Reed, Jack
Reed, Joseph Verner
Reed, Lucy Ferguson
Reese, William Sears
Reffkin, Robert†
Regan, Ned
Regan, Trish
Regens, James L.
Rehman, Asim
Reichert, William M.
Reid, Ogden
Reiling, Peter A.
Reilly, Saskia Shane
Reilly, William K.
Reimer, Dennis Joe
Reimers, Fernando Miguel
Reinhardt, John E.
Reinhart, Carmen M.
Reinharz, Jehuda
Reisman, William Michael
Reiss, Mitchell B.
Remache, Julie Ann†
Remington, Thomas F.
Remnick, David J.
Renfrew, Charles Byron
Rennie, Milbrey
Rennie, Renate
Renuart, Victor Eugene Jr.
Reppert, John C.
Resnicoff, Arnold E.
Resor, Stanley R.
Ressel, Teresa M.*
Rethmeier, Blain K.
Reuter, Timothy C.I.†
Revere, Evans
Revesz, Richard L.
Revzin, Philip S.
Reynoso, Julissa
Rhodes, William R.
Ricardel, Mira R.
Rice, Condoleezza
Rice, Donald S.
Rice, Joseph A.
Rice, Joseph Lee III
Rice, Susan E.
Rich, John H. Jr.
Rich, Michael D.
Richard, Anne C.
Richards, Paul G.
Richards, Stephen H.
Richardson, Frank E.
Richardson, Henry J. III
Richardson, John
Richardson, Richard W.
Richardson, William B.
Richardson, William R.
Richardson, Yolonda C.
Richburg, Keith B.
Richter, Anthony
Riddell, Malcolm C.
Ridgway, Rozanne L.
Rieckhoff, Paul Joseph
Rieff, David
Rielly, John E.
Riffat, Imran
Rifkind, Robert S.
Riordan, Michael L.
Riotta, Giovanni
Rishikof, Harvey
Ritch, John B. III
Rivkin, David B. Jr.
Rivkin, David W.
Rivlin, Alice M.
Rizk, Nayla M.
Robb, Charles S.
Robbins, Carla Anne
Robbins, Elizabeth Jane
Robbins, Rachel F.
Robert, Joseph E. Jr.
Robert, Stephen
Roberts, Bradley H.
Roberts, John J.
Roberts, Walter R.
Robinson, Barbara Paul
Robinson, David Z.
Robinson, Davis R.
Robinson, James D. III
Robinson, Linda
Robinson, Pearl T.
Robison, Olin C.
Rocca, Christina B.
Rocha, V. Manuel
Roche, James G.
Rockefeller, David
Rockefeller, David Jr.
Rockefeller, John D. IV
Rockefeller, Nicholas
Rockefeller, Steven C.
Rockwell, Hays H.
Rockwell, Keith McElroy
Rodin, Judith
Rodriguera, Sergio Jr.†
Rodriguez, Cristina Maria
Rodriguez, Rita M.
Rodriguez, Vincent A.
Rodrik, Dani
Roett, Riordan
Rogers, Edward M. Jr.
Rogers, James E.*
Rogers, John M.
Roggero, Frederick F.
Rogoff, Kenneth S.
Rohan, Karen M.
Rohatyn, Felix G.
Rohlen, Thomas P.
Rokke, Ervin J.
Roman, Nancy Ellen
Romanowski, Alina L.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 45
Romberg, Alan D.
Romero, Philip Joseph
Romero-Barcelo, Carlos A.
Rometty, Virginia M.*
Romig, Alton D. Jr.
Rondeau, Ann E.
Roosevelt, Theodore IV
Rose, Charles Peete Jr.
Rose, Daniel
Rose, Elihu
Rose, Gideon
Rose, Joseph B.
Rose, Marshall
Rosecrance, Richard
Rosen, Andrew Allen
Rosen, Arthur H.
Rosen, Daniel H.
Rosen, Gary
Rosen, Jack
Rosen, Jane K.
Rosen, Jeffrey A.
Rosen, Robert L.
Rosenberg, Mark B.
Rosenblatt, Lionel A.
Rosenblatt, Peter R.
Rosenblum, Mort L.
Rosenfeld, Stephen S.
Rosenfield, Patricia L.
Rosenkranz, Nicholas
Rosenkranz, Robert
Rosenstein, Scott A.
Rosensweig, Jeffrey A.
Rosenthal, Andrew M.
Rosenthal, Douglas Eurico
Rosenthal, Jack
Rosenthal, Joel H.
Rosenthal, Mitchell S.
Rosenwald, E. John Jr.
Rosenwald, Nina
Rosenzweig, Robert M.
Rosett, Claudia
Rosner, Jeremy D.
Rosovsky, Henry
Ross, Christopher W.S.
Ross, Dennis B.
Ross, Gary N.
Ross, Robert S.
Ross, Thomas Warren Jr.†
Rossabi, Morris
Rosso, David J.
Rossotti, Charles O.
Rostow, Nicholas
Rotberg, Robert I.
Roth, Kenneth
Roth, Stanley O.
Roth, William M.
Rothkopf, Adrean Scheid
Rothkopf, David Jochanan
Rottenberg, Linda D.
Roumani, Nadia
Route, Ronald A.
Rovine, Arthur W.
Rowen, Henry S.
Rowny, Edward L.
Roy, J. Stapleton
Rubenstein, David M.
Rubenstein, Leonard S.
Rubin, Arthur Mark
Rubin, Barnett R.
Rubin, Gretchen C.
Rubin, James P.
Rubin, Nancy H.
Rubin, Nilmini Gunaratne*
Rubin, Robert E.
Rubin, Trudy S.
Rudder, Philip C.
Rudenstine, Neil L.
Rudin, William C.
Rudman, Warren B.
Ruenitz, Robert M.
Ruggie, John G.
Rugh, William A.
Rughwani, Ashish B.
Runge, Carlisle Ford
Rupp, George
Ryan, Arthur F.
Ryan, Evan M.
Ryan, John T. III
Ryan, Jordan Dimock*
Ryan, Kevin P.
Ryan, Mary C.†
Ryan, Patrick G. Jr.
Sacerdote, Peter M.
Sachs, Jeffrey D.
Sacks, Paul M.
Sagan, Scott D.
Sakoian, Carol Knuth
Salacuse, Jeswald William
Salazar, Ana Maria
Salbi, Zainab
Salem, George R.
Salomon, Richard E.
Salomon, William R.
Salzman, Anthony David
Samore, Gary
Sample, Steven B.
Samuels, Barbara Christie II
Samuels, Michael A.
Samuels, Richard J.
Sanchez, Miguel Antonio
Sanchez, Orlando
Sandalow, David
Sandberg, Sheryl K.
Sandel, Michael J.
Sander, Alison B.
Sanders, Barry A.
Sanders, Marlene
Sanderson, Steven E.
Sands, Amy
Sanger, David E.
Sanok, Stephanie
Sapiro, Miriam
Sapolsky, Harvey M.
Sapp Mancini, Angela M.
Sargeant, Stephen Thomas
Sarotte, Mary Elise
Sassen, Saskia
Sasser, James R.
Satcher, David
Satloff, Robert B.
Satter, Muneer A.
Saujani, Reshma M.
Saul, Ralph Southey
Saunders, Harold H.
Savage, Frank
Sawoski, Mark
Sawyer, Diane
Scalapino, Robert A.
Scarborough, Charles J.
Schacht, Henry B.
Schadlow, Nadia
Schaffer, Howard Bruner
Schaffer, Teresita C.
Schake, Kori
Schearer, S. Bruce
Schecter, Jerrold L.
Schecter, Kate S.
Scheffer, David J.
Scheinman, Lawrence
Schell, Orville Hickok
Schell, Theodore H.
Schick, Thomas
Schieffer, Bob L.*
Schifter, Richard
Schiller, Vivian L.
Schlesinger, James R.
Schlesinger, Stephen C.
Schlosser, Herbert S.
Schmemann, Serge
Schmidt, Benno Jr.
Schmidt, Eric
Schmitt, Eric P.*
Schmoke, Kurt L.
Schnabel, Rockwell A.
Schneider, Jan
Schneider, Kammerle†
Schneider, Mark E.
Schneider, William
Schneider, William Jr.
Schneidman, Witney W.*
Schneier, Arthur
Schnetzer, Amanda W.
Schoen, Douglas E.
Schoettle, Enid C.B.
Schorr, Daniel L.
Schrage, Elliot J.
Schrage, Steven Patrick*
Schramm, Carl J.
Schreiber, Brian T.
Schroeder, Christopher
Schubert, Richard Francis
Schuepbach, Martin A.
Schuker, Jill A.
Schulhof, Jonathan N.†
Schulhof, Michael Peter
Schultz, Tammy S.
Schulz, Laura Abrahams
Schulz, William F.
Schumacher Matos,
Schwab, George D.
Schwab, Susan Carroll
Schwalbe, Nina Rebecca
Schwartz, Bernard L.
Schwartz, Eric Paul
Schwartz, Norton A.
Schwartz, Peter
Schwarz, Adam
Schwarzer, William W.
Schwarzman, Stephen A.
Schwebel, Stephen M.
Schweitzer, Theodore U.
Schwerin, Samuel
Sciolino, Elaine F.
Sciutto, James E.
Scoblic, J. Peter
Scott, Jeannine B.
Scott, John III
Scott, Robert A.
Scowcroft, Brent
Scully, Timothy R.
Seagrave, Norman P.
Sears, Jonathan E.
Seaton, James B. III
Sedoy, Michael P.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 46
Segal, Susan Louise
Seib, Gerald F.
Seibold, Frederick C. Jr.
Seiple, Chris
Sekulow, Eugene A.
Seligmann, Peter*
Selin, Ivan
Sender, Henny
Sennett, Richard
Sepúlveda, Lilian
Servan-Schreiber, Pascaline
Sesno, Frank W.
Sestanovich, Stephen R.
Sewall, John O.B.
Sewall, Sarah
Sewell, John W.
Sexton, John E.
Seymour, Frances J.
Shafer, D. Michael
Shafer, Jeffrey R.
Shah, Smita
Shailor, Barbara
Shalala, Donna E.
Shalikashvili, John M.
Shambaugh, David
Shanker, Thomas Daniel
Shapiro, Andrew J.
Shapiro, Ian
Shapiro, Isaac
Shaplen, Jason T.
Sharma, Deven*
Sharp, Daniel A.
Shattuck, John
Shattuck, Megan Holmes†
Shaw, David E.
Sheehan, Kevin P.
Sheehan, Michael A.
Sheeran, Josette M.
Sheffield, Jill W.
Sheinbaum, Stanley K.
Sheldon, Eleanor B.
Shelp, Ronald K.
Shelton, Joanna Reed
Shelton-Colby, Sally A.
Shenk, George H.
Shepard, Stephen B.
Shepardson, Robert
Shepherd, J. Michael
Shepherd, Karen F.
Sheriff, Alan R.
Sherkey, Mark B. Jr.
Sherman, Wendy R.
Sherr, Lynn B.
Sherry, George L.
Sherwood, Benjamin B.
Shields, Geoffrey B.
Shields, Lisa Katherine
Shiffman, Gary M.
Shifter, Michael E.
Shinn, James J.
Shinseki, Eric
Shipley, Walter V.
Shirk, Susan L.
Shirzad, Faryar
Shklyar, Natan M.†
Shlaes, Amity Ruth
Shoemaker, Christopher C.
Shoemaker, Jolynn Michele
Shonholtz, Raymond
Shribman, David M.
Shriver, Donald W. Jr.
Shriver, Timothy P.
Shulman, Colette
Shultz, George P.
Shultz, Susan Kent Fried
Shuman, David
Shuman, Stanley S.
Sick, Gary G.
Siebert, Muriel F.
Siegal, Bippy M.
Siegal, Brian D.
Siegel, Bridget A.
Siegel, William D.
Siegman, Henry
Sifton, Elisabeth N.
Sigal, Leon V.
Sigelman, Joseph M.
Sikkink, Kathryn A.
Silber, Laura J.
Silber, Mitchell Darrow
Silberman, Laurence H.
Silberman, Robert S.
Silberstein, Alan M.
Silkenat, James R.
Silver, Allison
Silver, Daniel B.
Silver, Mariko†
Silverberg, Daniel I.
Silverberg, Kristen L.
Silvers, Robert B.
Simes, Dimitri K.
Simmons, Adele
Simmons, Matthew R.
Simmons, P. J.
Simmons, Ruth J.
Simon, Denis Fred
Simon, Hugh V. Jr.
Simon, Jennifer J.
Simon, Steven
Sims, Calvin G.
Sinclair, Paula J.
Singh, Jaspaul
Singh, Michael K.
Sinkin, Richard N.
Sisk, Mark S.
Sitrick, James Baker
Siva, Dileepan†
Skinner, Kiron Kanina
Sklarew, Jennifer Friedman
Skol, Michael M.
Skolnikoff, Eugene B.
Skora, Alexander J.
Skorton, David J.
Slade, David R.
Slattery, Jim C.
Slaughter, Anne-Marie
Slaughter, Richard A.
Slavin, Barbara
Slawson, Paul S.
Sloane, Ann Brownell
Sloane, Leigh Morris
Sloat, Amanda L.
Slobogin, Kathy
Slocombe, Walter B.
Small, Lawrence M.
Smalley, Kathleen
Smart, Christopher W.
Smart, S. Bruce Jr.
Smeall, Christopher
Smidt, Jonathan D.
Smith, Adam Michael
Smith, Anna Deavere*
Smith, Dane F. Jr.
Smith, David Shiverick
Smith, Edwin M.
Smith, Fern M.
Smith, Fred Gary
Smith, Frederick Wallace
Smith, Gayle E.
Smith, Hedrick L.
Smith, Jean Kennedy
Smith, Jeffrey H.
Smith, John T. II
Smith, Malcolm B.
Smith, Martin
Smith, Melissa†
Smith, Michael B.
Smith, Perry M.
Smith, Peter Hopkinson
Smith, R. Jeffrey
Smith, Richard M.
Smith, Stephen G.
Smith, Taiya M.*
Smith, Theodore M.
Smith, Tony
Smith, W. Y.
Smith, Winthrop H. Jr.
Snider, Don M.
Snider, L. Britt
Snowe, Olympia J.
Snyder, Jed C.
Snyder, Richard E.
Snyder, Timothy D.
Sobel, Richard Paul
Sobol, Dorothy Meadow
Soderberg, Nancy E.
Soellner, Anna Maria
Sofaer, Abraham David
Sokolski, Henry D.
Solarz, Stephen J.
Solnick, Steven L.
Solomon, Andrew Wallace
Solomon, Anne G.K.
Solomon, Joshua N.
Solomon, Peter J.
Solomon, Richard H.
Solomon, Robert
Sonenshine, H. Marshall
Sonenshine, Tara Diane
Sonnenberg, Maurice
Sonnenfeldt, Helmut
Sorensen, Gillian Martin
Sorensen, Theodore C.
Sorkin, Andrew Ross
Soros, George
Soros, Jonathan T.A.
Soros, Paul
Sosnicky, James R.
Soudriette, Richard W.
Sovern, Michael I.
Sowers, Tommy S. II
Spain, Anna K.
Spalter, Jonathan
Spangler, Scott M.
Spar, Debora L.
Speckhard, Daniel V.*
Spector, Leonard S.
Speedie, David C.
Speedie, David Samuel
Speltz, Paul W.
Spence, A. Michael*
Spence, Matt
Spencer, Edson W.
Spencer, John
Spengler, Laurie Jean*
Sperling, Gene B.
Spero, Joan E.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 47
Spero, Joshua B.
Speyer, Jerry I.
Spiegel, Daniel L.
Spiegel, John W.
Spielvogel, Carl
Spiers, Ronald I.
Spindler, J. Andrew
Spoon, Alan
Spratt, John M. Jr.
Stacks, John
Stahl, Lesley R.
Staley, Kenneth W.
Stam, Allan C.
Stamas, George Paul
Stamas, Stephen
Stanford, Nina Zinterhofer
Stanger, Allison Katherine
Stanislaw, Joseph A.
Staples, Eugene S.
Starr, Alexandra L.
Starr, Kenneth I.
Stavridis, James G.
Steel, Ronald
Steiger, Paul E.
Stein, David F.
Stein, Elliot
Stein, Eric
Steinberg, David J.
Steinberg, James B.
Steinberg, Mark R.
Steinberg, Richard H.
Steinbruner, John D.
Steiner, Joshua L.
Steiner, Steven E.
Stempel, John D.
Stengel, Richard*
Stent, Angela Evelyn
Stepan, Alfred C.
George R.*
Stephenson, Randall L.*
Stern, David J.
Stern, Eliyahu
Stern, Fritz
Stern, Jeffrey M.
Stern, Jessica E.
Stern, Paula
Stern, Paul G.
Stern, Todd D.
Stern, Walter P.
Sternberg, Seymour
Sterner, Michael E.
Stetson, Anne
Stevens, Charles R.
Stevens, James W.
Stevens, Paul Schott
Stevens, Robert J.
Stevenson, Charles A.
Stewart, C. Evan
Stewart, Donald M.
Stewart, Gordon C.
Stewart, Jamie B. Jr.
Stewart, Ruth Ann
Stiehm, Judith Hicks
Stiglitz, Joseph E.
Stiles, Deborah F.
Stith, Charles R.
Stith, Kate
Stobaugh, Robert B.
Stockman, Farah†
Stoessinger, John G.
Stoga, Alan J.
Stokes, Bruce
Stone, Jeremy J.
Stonesifer, Patricia Q.
Strasser, Jacqueline Laura
Strauss, Robert S.
Streeb, Gordon L.
Stremlau, John J.
Strianese, Michael T.
Stringer, Howard
Strmecki, Marin J.
Strock, James M.
Stromseth, Jane E.
Stromseth, Jonathan R.
Strossen, Nadine
Studzinski, John J.
Stuehmke, Dorothy J.
Sturchio, Jeffrey L.*
Styron, Rose
Sudarkasa, Niara
Sughrue, Karen M.
Suleiman, Ezra N.
Sullivan, Daniel S.
Sullivan, Gordon R.
Sullivan, John D.
Sumerlin, Donald Marcus
Summers, Lawrence H.
Sun, Angela
Sundiata, Ibrahim K.
Suro, Roberto A.
Sutphen, Mona K.
Sutterlin, James S.
Sutton, Francis X.
Suzman, Cedric
Swanson, Carl Axel
Sweeney, John J.
Sweig, Julia Ellen
Sweitzer, Brandon W.
Swid, Scott L.
Swid, Stephen Claar
Swiers, Peter Bird
Swift, Christopher
Swing, John Temple
Swisher, Clayton E.
Syron, Richard F.
Szekely, Deborah
Szporluk, Roman
Taft, William H. IV
Tagliabue, Paul
Tahir-Kheli, Shirin R.
Talbot, Phillips
Talbott, Devin Lloyd
Talbott, Strobe
Talwar, Nick†
Talwar, Puneet
Tan Bhala, Kara W.Y.
Tananbaum, Steven A.
Tang, David K.Y.
Tanner, Harold
Tanter, Raymond
Tapia, Raul R.
Tarnoff, Alexander
Tarnoff, Peter
Tarter, C. Bruce
Tarullo, Daniel K.
Tatlock, Anne M.
Taubman, William
Tauscher, Ellen O.
Tavares, Ricardo S.
Tavitian, Aso O.
Taylor, Aleesha†
Taylor, Arthur R.
Taylor, Cathy L.*
Taylor, Christopher T.
Taylor, Diana L.
Taylor, James S.
Taylor, James Scott Jr.
Taylor, Kathryn Pelgrift
Taylor, Scott D.*
Taylor-Kale, Laura
Teece, David J.
Teichner, Martha A.
Teitel, Ruti G.
Teitelbaum, Michael S.
Telhami, Shibley
Tellis, Ashley Joachim
Tempelsman, Maurice
Temple-Raston, Dina
Tenet, George J.
Tercek, Mark R.
Terracciano, Anthony P.
Terry, Sarah Meiklejohn
Thames, Hamilton Knox†
Theobald, Thomas C.
Theros, Patrick N.
Thielmann, A. Gregory
Thiessen, Marc Alexander
Thoman, G. Richard
Thomas, Brooks
Thomas, Christopher A.
Thomas, Evan W. III
Thomas, Franklin A.
Thomas, James P.
Thomas, Lee B. Jr.
Thomas, Lydia Waters
Pamela A.
Thompson, Fred D.
Thompson, Heather Dawn
Thompson, Mischa E.
Thompson, Nicholas
Thompson, Robert L.
Thompson, Tommy G.
Thompson, W. Scott
Thomson, Angus†
Thomson, James A.
Thomson, Katie Nelson*
Thomson, Robert H.
Thornberry, William M.
Thornell, Richard P.
Thornton, John L.
Thoron, Louisa
Tien, John K. Jr.
Tienda, Marta
Tierney, Paul E. Jr.
Tiersky, Ronald
Till, Kimberly
Tillman, Seth P.
Timbers, William H.
Timofeyev, Igor V.
Timothy, Kristen
Timpson, Sarah Livingston
Tindell, Cynthia A.
Tingle-Smith, Tanisha
Tipson, Frederick S.
Tirana, Amina
Tisch, Andrew Herbert
Tisch, James S.
Tisne, Claire Marvel
Tiven, Marjorie B.*
Todman, Terence A.
Todt Coon, Kiersten
Toft, Monica Duffy
Toll, Maynard J. Jr.
Tomero, Leonor A.†
Toobin, Jeffrey R.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 48
Toomey, Kathleen
Topping, Audrey Ronning
Topping, Seymour
Torano, Maria Elena
Torres, Gerald
Torricelli, Robert G.
Toungara, Jeanne Maddox
Townsend, Frances Fragos
Townsend, Kathleen
Trachtenberg, Stephen Joel
Train, Harry D. II
Train, John
Train, Russell E.
Trainor, Bernard E.
Trani, Eugene P.
Traub, James
Treadway, Stephen J.
Treanor, Mark C.
Treat, John Elting
Trebat, Thomas J.
Treverton, Gregory Frye
Trice, Robert H. Jr.
Trimble, Charles R.
Trivedi, Atman M.†
Trojan, Vera M.
Trooboff, Peter D.
Truitt, Nancy Sherwood
Truman, Edwin M.
Tsehai, Elizabeth G.
Tsipis, Kosta
Tucher, H. Anton
Tucker, Cynthia A.
Tucker, Jonathan B.
Tucker, Nancy Bernkopf
Tuggle, Clyde C.
Tulbah, Ali H.
Tuminez, Astrid S.
Tung, Ko-Yung
Tung, Savio Wai-Hok*
Tuohey, Brendan†
Turekian, Vaughan C.
Turner, Douglas W.
Turner, J. Michael
Turner, James M.
Turner, Robert F.
Turner, Stansfield
Tusiani, Michael D.
Tuths, Donna M.
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Tyson, Carole Henderson
Tyson, Laura D’Andrea
Tzemach Lemmon, Gayle†
Udovitch, Abraham L.
Uhlig, Mark
Ullman, Richard H.
Ulman, Cornelius M.
Ulrich, Marybeth Peterson
Ungar, Sanford J.
Unger, David C.
Unger, Noam Carl
Unmacht, Julie Frances
Untermeyer, Charles
Upham, Samuel Phineas†
Upton, Maureen T.
Urben, Heidi A.
Usher, William R.
Ussery, Terdema L. II
Utgoff, Victor A.
Utley, Garrick
Vagts, Detlev F.
Vaitheeswaran, Vijay V.
Vaky, Viron P.
Valenta, Jiri
Valentine, Debra A.
Valenzuela, Arturo A.
van Agtmael, Antoine W.
Vance, Elsie Nicoll
Vande Berg, Marsha
vanden Heuvel, Katrina
vanden Heuvel, William J.
van der Vink, Gregory E.
Van Dusen, Michael H.
Van Dyk, Ted
Van Evera, Stephen
Van Oudenaren, John
Van Zandt, David Edgar
Varela, Marta B.
Varmus, Harold E.
Vecchi, Sesto E.
Veit, Carol Michele
Veit, Lawrence A.
Veliotes, Nicholas A.
Vendley, William F.
Veneman, Ann M.
Venkayya, Rajeev V.
Verleger, Philip K. Jr.
Verma, Richard R.
Verrastro, Frank Anthony
Verstandig, Toni G.
Verveer, Melanne S.
Verville, Elizabeth G.
Vessey, John W.
Vester, Linda J.
Vick, Edward H.
Victor, Alice S.
Vidal, David J.
Videt, Pote P.
Viebranz, Curtis Gray
Viera, Paul E. Jr.*
Viets, Richard Noyes
Vila, Adis M.
Viorst, Milton
Viscusi, Enzo
Vitale, Alberto
Vitale, David J.
Vittori, Jodi M.
Vlasic, Mark V.
Voell, Richard Allen
Vogel, Ezra F.
Vogelgesang, Sandy Louise
Vogelson, Jay M.
Vojta, George J.
Volcker, Paul A.
Volk, Stephen R.
von Eckartsberg, K. Gayle
von Lipsey, Roderick K.
von Mehren, Robert B.
Votaw, Carmen Delgado
Vradenburg, George III
Vuono, Carl E.
Wachner, Linda J.
Wachtel, Andrew Baruch
Wadhams, Caroline Pfeiffer
Wadsworth Darby, Mary
Wager, Todd K.*
Waggoner, Robert C.
Wais, Marshall I. Jr.
Wait, Jarett F.
Waldman, Adir G.
Waldron, Arthur
Wales, Jane M.
Walker, Charls E.
Walker, George R.
Walker, Jenonne
Walker, John L.
Walker, Nancy J.
Walker-Huntley, Mary L.
Wall, Christopher R.
Wall Spitzer, Silda Alice*
Wallace, Roger Windham
Wallach, Kenneth L.
Wallack, Jessica S.
Wallander, Celeste Ann
Wallerstein, Mitchel B.
Wallich, Christine I.
Wallison, Peter J.
Walsh, Ian K.
Walsh, Michaela
Walsh, Patrick M.
Walt, Stephen M.
Walters, Barbara
Walton, Anthony John
Walton, R. Keith
Waltz, Kenneth N.
Waltz, Michael
Wang, Fei-Ling*
Wang, Tom†
Wanger, Leah Zell
Ward, Katherine T.
Ward, William E.*
Warner, Edward L. III
Warner, John William
Warner, Margaret G.
Warner, Mark R.
Warner, Volney James
Warren, Gerald L.
Warren, Rick
Washburn, John L.
Wasserman, Debra L.
Waterbury, John
Waters, John Richard III
Watson, Alexander F.
Watson, Peter S.
Watt, Linda E.
Watts, John H.
Watts, William
Waxman, Matthew C.
Waxman, Sharon*
Weaver, David R.
Webb, Hoyt K.
Weber, Andrew C.
Weber, Doron
Weber, Jon F.
Weber, Vin
Webster, William H.
Wechsler, William F.
Weddle, Steven
Wedgwood, Ruth
Wehrle, Leroy Snyder
Wei, Shang-Jin
Weidenbaum, Murray
Weigel, George
Weiksner, George B.
Weil, Frank A.
Weill, Sanford I.
Weinberg, David B.
Weinberg, Steven
Weiner, Allen S.
Weiner, Rebecca Ulam
Weinert, Richard S.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 49
Weinrod, W. Bruce
Weinstein, David E.
Weinstein, Michael M.
Weinstock, Davis II
Weintraub, Sidney
Weisberg, Jacob M.
Weisman, Steven R.
Weiss, Andrew S.
Weiss, Antonio Francesco*
Weiss, Charles Jr.
Weiss, Cora
Weiss, Stanley A.
Welch, C. David
Welch, Jasper A. Jr.
Welch, Larry D.
Weld, Susan Roosevelt
Weld, William F.
Wellde, George W. Jr.
Welle, Joshua†
Welling, Curtis R.
Wells, Damon
Wells, Louis T. Jr.
Wells, Samuel F. Jr.
Wender, Ira T.
Wendt, Allan
Wertheim, Mitzi Mallina
Wesbrook, Stephen D.
Weschler, Joanna
Wesely, Edwin J.
Wessel, Michael R.
West, Francis J.
West, J. Robinson
West, Owen O’Driscoll
West, Togo D. Jr.
Westin, David
Westin, Sherrie Rollins
Westly, Steven P.
Wethington, Olin L.
Weymouth, Elizabeth G.
Wharton, Clifton R. Jr.
Wharton, Jaron†
Wheeler, John K.
Wheeler, John P. III
Whelan, Moira
Whitaker, Jennifer Seymour
Whitaker, Mark
White, John P.
White, Julia A.
White, Mary Jo
White, Maureen
White, Peter C.
White, Robert J.
White, William H.
Whitehead, John C.
Whitman, Christine Todd
Whitman, Marina v.N.
Whitney, Craig R.
Whitson, Sarah Leah*
Whittemore, Frederick B.
Whonder, Carmencita N.
Wiarda, Howard J.
Wien, Anita Volz
Wiener, Carolyn Seely
Wiener, Malcolm H.
Wiesel, Elie
Wilby, Peter
Wildenthal, C. Kern
Wilhelm, Robert E.
Wilkerson, Thomas Lloyd
Wilkie, Edith B.
Wilkins, Lauren Z.†
Wilkins, Roger W.
Wilkinson, Sharon P.
Williams, Aaron S.
Williams, Brian D.
Williams, Christine
Williams, Cindy
Williams, Dave H.
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, F. Haydn
Williams, Harold M.
Williams, Howard Roy
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Reba White
Williams, William J. Jr.
Williamson, Edwin D. Jr.
Williamson, Edwin Dargan
Williamson, Irving A.
Williamson, Richard
Williamson, Samuel Gates
Willrich, Mason
Wilmers, Robert G.
Wilson, Donald M.
Wilson, Don M. III
Wilson, Ernest James III
Wilson, Isaiah III
Wilson, Margaret S.
Wimmer, Kurt A.
Winch, Steven D.
Windrem, Robert
Winfield, W. Montague
Wing, Adrien Katherine
Winik, Jay
Winitzer, Ori†
Winkler, Matthew A.
Winokur, Barton J.*
Winokur, Herbert S. Jr.
Winston, Michael R.
Winterer, Philip S.
Winters, Francis X.
Winters, Laura
Winthrop, Laura
Wirth, David A.
Wirth, Timothy E.
Wisch, Steven J.
Wise, Carol
Wise, Louise Holly B.
Wiseman, Michael Martin*
Wisner, Frank G.
Wisner, Graham G.
Witkowsky, Anne A.
Wittes, Tamara Cofman
Woerner, Fred F.
Wofford, Harris
Wohlforth, William C.
Wojcicki, Anne Elizabeth
Wolf, Charles Jr.
Wolf, Ira
Wolf, Robert
Wolfensohn, James D.
Wolff, Alan W.
Wolff, I. Peter
Wolfowitz, Paul D.
Wolin, Neal S.
Wolosky, Lee S.
Wolpe, Howard
Wolstencroft, Tracy R.
Woo, Meredith Jung-En
Woodruff, Judy C.
Woodruff, Robert W.
Woods, Ward W.
Woodward, Susan L.
Woolsey, R. James
Woolsey, Suzanne H.
Woon, Eden Y.
Worden, Minky
Worenklein, Jacob J.
Worthington, Samuel A.
Wortzel, Larry M.
Wray, Cecil
Wright, Geoffrey W.
Wright, Joseph R. Jr.
Wright, Lawrence G.
Wright, Robin
Wright, William H. II
Wu, Mark
Wu, Sanford
Wucker, Michele M.
Wulf, Norman A.
Wunderle, William D.
Wylie, Andrew
Wyser-Pratte, Guy Patrick
Yacoubian, Mona
Yalman, Nur O.
Yamada, Tadataka
Yang, Linda Tsao
Yang, Phoebe L.
Yankelovich, Daniel
Yanney, Michael B.
Yanosek, Kassia Jo
Yegen, Christian C.
Yellen, Janet Louise
Yergin, Daniel H.
Yim, Samuel
Yochelson, John N.
Yoffie, David B.
Yordan, Jaime Ernesto
Yost, Casimir A.
Yost, Charles W.
Young, Alice
Young, Andrew
Young, George H. III
Young, Jay T.
Young, Lesley S.
Young, M. Crawford
Young, Michael K.
Young, Nancy
Youngblood, Kneeland C.
Youngwood, Alfred D.
Yu, Frederick T.C.
Yuan, Sharon H.
Yun, Philip W.
Yzaguirre, Raul H.
Zabel, William D.
Zafar, Shaarik H.
Zagoria, Donald S.
Zahn, Paula A.
Zaid, Zaid A.
Zakaria, Arshad R.
Zakaria, Fareed
Zakheim, Dov S.
Zakheim, Roger I.
Zaleski, Michel
Zanoyan, Vahan B.
Zarb, Frank G.
Zartman, I. William
Zbar, Brett Ives Wally
Zegart, Amy B.
Zelikow, Philip D.
Zelleke, Andargachew S.
Zelnick, C. Robert
Zemmol, Jonathan I.
Zilkha, Donald E.
Zilkha, Ezra K.
Zimmerman, Edwin M.
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Membership Roster 50
* Elected to membership in 2010.
† Elected to a five-year term membership
in 2010.
Zimmerman, Peter D.
Zinberg, Dorothy Shore
Zipp, Brian R.
Zirin, James D.
Zittrain, Jonathan L.
Zoellick, Robert B.
Zogby, James J.
Zolberg, Aristide R.
Zonis, Marvin
Zorthian, Barry
Zucker, Howard Alan
Zucker, Jeremy Blair
Zuckerman, Harriet
Zuckerman, Mortimer B.
Zwick, Charles J.
Zwirn, Daniel B.
Zysman, John A.



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