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UPDATE: We’re glad to see that Globalrevolution’s interlude feed between the live broadcasts has expanded to include snippets of George Carlin’s bit “The American Dream,” seen above in this 24/7 coverage and live feed, also on our home page, which, when they became aware of us, became part of the narrative from Liberty Plaza. We’ve been broadcasting it for over a year. We think it’s very fitting…congrats…good job. We encourage our visitors to watch it…George Carlin was great at being funny, telling the real truth as he knew it…one of the Beat Generations greatest minds!

UPDATE: 13:41 HRS CST 9 OCT 2011 – Our continuous commentary for reports of what is coming over the feed and our opinions, are after our opening statements to the protesters directly. The opening commentaries from 2 & 3 October will remain above the continuous commentary and news for the foreseeable future. Headlines that are relevant will remain above. Our opening statements to the protesters are under continual improvements, when it’s necessary for them to be updated.

We are the only blog, that we know of, that is covering, directly, the live feed anywhere in the world.

Our opinions are informed through the filter of laissez faire market condition, sans corruption, which distorts the world market, and by Austrian economics. We are informed by our particular collective experiences as adults who were all teenagers in the 60’s. Our average age of staff writers is in the mid-50’s age demographic. Any bias perceived from our coverage must be linked directly to Austrian Economics.

To the kids and their adult stewards/chaperones:

UPDATE: Think of us at this channel like a few of your old friends who care about you guys…let’s move on. A lot of commentary here is directed at the high school and college communities as a premise. See if you can get through it without flipping out. We put up an overflow page for chatters and put the live feed in there to approximate the same operability that globalnation’s live feed serves…use it all you want. Only time will tell whether the title of this feed will be an expression of sarcasm or the real deal…we’ll just have to see.


This is Brian Sidler reporting for The Critical Post (TCP)CHICAGO Start Date: 2 October 2011

Breaking NEWS - The Critical Post (TCP)CHICAGO
18 NOV 2011

We had warned on 2 OCT 2011 the protesters of the ramifications for taking on the entitlement mindset, but that did not dissuade them from doing so. We also postulated that the only way they’re going to remain in the headlines was from high arrest totals. Yesterday, they achieved just that.

In a day of stunning displays all over the United states and the world, increasingly, the Occupy Global Movement is looking more and more like terrorists and less like peaceful demonstrators. They’re running the risk of the majority of Americans to turn against them, which presently the polls are suggesting. The Commycrats will not be able to help them this election season, and we’re going to war with Iran, eventually. This will make their concerns diminshed in light of the 24 hour news cycle.

That is all.

Sidler @12:32 HRS 18 November 2011

15 NOV 2011

The OCCUPY MOVEMENT is being reported as being disrupted in cities all over the US. The gaggles of protesters at Occupy Oakland and Occupy in Oregon, as well as, other movements around the country like DC have been systematically removed by law enforcement officers at all levels. The common issues have been drug trafficking, some reports say molestations, theft, vandalism, and unsanitary conditions as reason enough for the general public’s safety concerns, to remove the overnight capacity of people in the encampments.

The movement stream at global revolution at present shows 5484 viewers, which we assume, during the forceful removal of Zuccotti Park, had probably reached a bit over 10,000 watchers, and the production team has learned how to broadcast a bit better as of this reporters commentary. It would seem at this point the OWS movement which began around 17 SEP 2011, after two months, is determined to have their grievances redressed by anyone in the world who will listen.

Here’s the problem with that. It’s too broadly focused, in this reporters humble opinion.

They’ll have to hunker down for the winter now, and get ready for spring…be we expect their numbers will not swell beyond their current state. Earlier we had reported that we estimated there to be around 100,000 people across the US that were somewhere, somehow actively participating, we are forced to revise that estimate down to around…50,000 – if that.

– Sidler reporting for The Critical Post – (TCP)CHICAGO @08:32 HRS CST 15 NOV 2011

26 OCT 2011

Occupy Protesters Get Bagged In Oakland And Atlanta

GRTV - The Whole World Is Watching - But It Doesn't Care - (TCP)CHICAGO

Sidler reporting 26 October 2011:
GRTV has no traction any longer…the numbers don’t lie. Chat feed has dwindled in numbers, as we’ve reported earlier…they swell a bit on the weekends, but for the most part…their causes will not be addressed in any meaningful way. Authorities are becoming weary of putting up with unsanitary conditions, among other issues. These kids, and their parent/adult counterparts can’t spin a new yarn because they didn’t have control of their public relations aspect before they started.

In America, there’s only one way to try and get something done…it’s called the vote.

We’ll keep monitoring things…but it is increasingly obvious…this IS NOT THE BIGGEST STORY IN THE WORLD.

President Obama On Tonight Show - (TCP)CHICAGO

President Obama On Tonight Show - (TCP)CHICAGO

OWS Gets A Wish – LOAN RELIEF – From Obama With Love!

Occupy Oakland Raided 97 Arrested – 170 Vanquished From Occupation

25 OCT 2011

Not Only Are We Bored – So’s The MSM – OWS Loses Gas

22-23 OCT 2011
Brian Sidler reporting for The Critical Post 24 OCT 2011: OK so the OWS movement and its progeny, Occupy Chicago, et al. are increasingly becoming a bore. The “movement” has been very effectively marginalized by the entire press corps, no matter what side of the spectrum you’re looking at it from.

Some arrests over the weekend have transpired. Jesse Jackson grandstanded the movement over the tent removal routine last week, amidst the ooohs and aaahs of the hatch-lings at Zuccotti.

Headline forthcoming if anything of note transpires.

21 OCT 2011

GRVT Channel Now Shows Less than 1,000 Folks Watching The Revolution

Defecating On Doorsteps Is Not A Nasty Rumor – Residents In Manhattan To OWS – Go Home!

Cincinnati Protesters Get Bagged

20 OCT 2011
Chat Feed Has Lowest Population Since Our Coverage Began hovers At 1300 Plus

19 OCT 2011

Senator Jim Demint has just appeared on Cavuto’s show broadcast by FOX and put out a call (If OWS wants to do something useful with their protest) for the OWS protesters to join the conservatives to oust the present administration and file in behind a staunch conservative who will help the country back on track.



17 – 18 OCT 2011
No Postings – Nothing substantial to pay attention to.

17 OCT 2011

Jesse Jackson Locks Arms With OWS Protesters to Protect Medical Tent From Being Struck By NYCPD

Commentary Below In LIFO Section

Seattle: One Busted – Tents Down

Brookfield Properties – Bloomberg – In Obama’s Pockets for Zuccotti Park – $168MIL Loan Guarantee – Let’s OWS Stay In Park

Seattle Post Intelligencer REPORT: Occupy Movement Bags $300K

Noam Chomsky Supports OWS With His Interview On RT NEWS 2 October 2011

Marine Sgt, Shamar Thomas Lectures NYPD Cops

President Obama Throws A Lifeline To Occupiers With A Nod In Speech

OWS Lawyers Throw One Across The Bow At NYC Courts

16 OCT 2011

Humorous Video From Daily Caller Shows CFR Designed Puppet Barney Dinosaur and Contrast To OWS Sympathizers

Economists In Some Circles Call For An End To The FED

Nazi Communist Sympathizer Web Writer Supports The Occupy Movement – Uses Race Baiting For Argument

REPORT: 70 Arrested IN Times Square Dust-Up

London Occupy Camped At St. Paul’s Cathedral

Chicago See's A Couple Thousand In Protest For OWS - 15 October 2011 - (TCP)CHICAGO

175 People In Chicago Gets Bagged

15 OCT 2011

Global October 15 Demonstrations Small Except For Rome

14 OCT 2011

Reuters Puts Their Spin On Brookfield Properties Backing Down

POLITICO: Geithner Says Investigations Are On The Way For Wall St.

Ann Coulter Wades Into OWS Protesters And Their Meaning

OWS Turns Back The Cops From Eviction At Zuccotti In Morning Dust-Up

Op Ed About Alleged Soros Take-Over Of OWS Protests

10 Arrested In Wisconsin For Trying To Meet With Their Government Representatives

13 OCT 2011

Glenn Beck Reporter Tapes An OWS Anti- Semite In Zuccotti Park

Op Ed: George Will – OWS v. Tea Party

Bloomberg Tells OWS They Need To Vacate Zuccotti Park For A Cleanup Day

New York Says To OWS: No More Sleeping Bags Or Gear

OWS Gets A Face-lift From CBS Tracking Poll

12 OCT 2011

Alex Jones At OWS – His Take On Co-Opting Movement – Video

Smiley And West On O’Reilly – HuffPo’s Take

11 OCT 2011

Occupy Boston – Camp 2 Raided

10 OCT 2011

Occupy Wall Street – Libya, Adbusters and Should Libertarians Get Out Now? – From The Daily Bell

Man Falls To Death At Occupy San Diego Site

60’s Comic Activist Dick Gregory Weighs In – Reuters Op Ed On OWS

9 OCT 2011

Village Voice Announces Slovoj Zizek To Speak At Zuccotti Park

Who Is Slovoj Zizek? – Wiki

8 OCT 2011 & Soros Exposed As OWS Hoax Continues – Video

Bloomberg Is Stupid – Throws A Barb Out There Through FOX NEWS

Prez Gives A Nod To The Kids – Financial Times Says, Eh…So What

5 OCT 2011

When The Unions Get Involved This Is What Happens

Jerry Springer Calms A Rational Voice Down At The Square

Professor Cornell West Gets His Two Cents In

Proposed List Of Demands Submission & Discussion By A User At OccupyWallStreet.Org

3 OCT 2011

Occupy Wall Street Media Can Be Found Following This Link

This Is From – 14 reasons For Occupy Wall Street – So They Say

Occupy Wall Street Gets Traction From AP and The Washington Post

HuffPo Carries Globalist Drivel From Soros About OWS – And This Is NEWS? – NOT!

Alex Jones Files This Latest Report And Editorial

OWS Protesters Need To Watch This Lesson On Austrian Economics By Rabbi Lapin

2 OCT 2011

500 Arrested In Occupy Wall Street Taking Of Brooklyn Bridge


UPDATE: We had to take the live feed and chat off this page, it was slowing the browsers.

UPDATE: This thread is being dedicated to covering everything that is coming over the live feed from Globalrevolution. The people, at the square – and everywhere else plugged into them – is the main centerpiece of this movement’s story. And that’s where all the camera’s are going to be.

Read at our latest Op Ed: Class Warfare – The Election Of 2012 – (TCP)CHICAGO

These Are Latest NEWS Postings From Around The Web About The “OCCUPY WALL STREET” Movement – Plus Commentary For (TCP)CHICAGO By Brian Sidler

(TCP)CHICAGO – This chronicle is convening 17 days after the beginnings of OCCUPY WALL STREET and the movement invective associated to it, 2 OCT 2011.

Continuous LIVE Feed Coverage from Globalrevolution’s Camera – OVERFLOW Chat Channel Here


The chronicle convenes:

2 OCTOBER 2011
Every once in a few generations, there’s a “dust-up, a row, a protest” of large mass proportions. For this generation – this is that dust-up. They’re pissed off…and we know why. We understand the 99% gig better than most of the media, presently.

It very well could be that the images represented in Scorsese’s film Gangs of New York, in some twisted way, prophetically foretold this event in World History. It is no coincidence that Wall Street is a stone’s throw from what once was The Five Points. Use your imagination, we don’t need to add anything more to this particular part of the narrative.

The Council on Foreign Relations press corps seems to be giving coverage only when there is possible blood spilling on the streets, like the reports of arrests. It would seem that the arrest total is something they’ll pay attention to. The higher the arrest total, the more coverage there will be.

The only coverage that makes the MSM NEWS is physical in nature, either by police engaging the protesters, or the opposite.

4 plus years ago, a generation born to MySpace, You Tube, Twitter and Facebook took to the polls and installed Barack Obama to the White House. This election, you are bid to recall, occurred, coincidentally, during a process that had begun prior to the ending days of President George W. Bush’s term, the time when TARP was born.

TARP was being administered by Hank Paulsen and Ben S. Bernanke of the Federal Reserve. Under President Obama’s administration it was continued in its operations and presently, during the tenure of US Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner.

This generation of new protesters against the hegemony they oppose, presently feel the disillusionment of aspirations dashed, and coming to grips with the reality, a presidency in the United States alone, cannot accommodate their personal redress for conditions in America.

Once again, anything with a uniform is the enemy, and once again…the uniforms seem to be on the wrong side of an argument.

40 plus years ago, a hegemony of the Federal Government was held accountable after an escalation of an unjust brutal war. All this, (now that we know what really happened) after the Vice President of the United States of America, VP Lyndon Baynes Johnson, in league with the top levels of America’s secret police government power structures, successfully navigated a coup d’etat to assassinate the then sitting President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Democrats killed a Democrat. And there’s been no outrage at all, anywhere, from anyone in the CFR/MSM, except this channel.

Well…America has never recovered from this incident. Our citizens, especially all of us old enough to know the difference, know the Federal Government is not a friend or benefactor as a provider of law and order, especially after that coup d’etat.

The good news for this particular group, and they’ve got it far easier than we had, besides the fact that police are more sensitive to protest activity, and have more humane versions of mass crowd control, we perceive there will not be as much billy-club action. 40 some odd years ago there was plenty of that. There was also a shooting of college students by a very scared unit of a State’s National Guard outfit. This time it will be rubber bullets if it comes to that.

This commentary will be ongoing and continuous.

People only read headlines and a couple of paragraphs…so the headlines will dominate the narrative.

3 OCTOBER 2011
(TCP)CHICAGO – So far it would seem that until there is another run-in with police, the Council on Foreign Relations MSM NEWS channels will be blocking out any further coverage of the event. As of this writing – Google NEWS feeds have no notices of reports about the struggle in Liberty Park. More updates to follow.

Here’s the problem with the live feed from Globalrevolution – it is not a professional approach to the solution of providing coverage, and as well, there are no interviews of relevance that come from well considered opinions. This is a main problem. The other problem is…the educational mandates of a 40 plus year brainwash by the Council on Foreign Relations is weighing in the approach to the protest – in other words – most of the commentary coming from the mouths of babes is quasi-socialistic nonsense. The protesters are doing exactly what the CFR and other globalist financiers want to happen…and that is THEY WANT TO CRASH THE DOLLAR – FOREVER! – The globalist agenda is mayhem in the streets.

13:17 HRS CST
And so now we see the agenda full fledged – Global financial terrorist George Soros weighs in on the protesters and says he sympathizes with them over at the Huffington Post. This movement is being co-opted! – That is our opinion.

14:06 HRS CST
(TCP)CHICAGO Opinion – This is where the quasi organization of the protest falls down at Liberty Park in New York City…there is no schedule of intelligent speakers giving speeches to express views relevant to the movement objectives…for that reason…during the week, it will always degenerate into a Subway take-out food fest with no clear direction. That, presently is its major flaw.

Overarching Commentary for 3 OCT 2011:
A few decades in the making, this protest is being FED (great pun, eh? 🙂 ) by a generation of young adults and some old, who have bought into the Michael Moore entitlement mindset, which has been taught in the nation’s schools for the last 30 plus years, under government control by the auspices of the NEA Union and The US Dept. of Education, which used CFR and affiliate think tank preponderances, posing as solutions, all being used for the onslaught of a further tightening of global hegemony.

Try and get through the next paragraph without flipping out. This is to the high school and the college students directly!

You’ve all been programmed to be krypto-socialists, (the State is not your guardian, you are) and it’s the factual truth, most of you, after having several chats with many students of this college and high school generation, seem to be missing in your education. That’s the way your education was designed by the CFR think tanks. And really…that is, you are pre-co-opted. Get it? We’re sorry about that, but we couldn’t stop it. And…we’re also very sorry to hear that there’s lots of you that were involuntarily subjected to a Ritalin daily regime….G-d knows, boy do we wish we could have stopped that whole bit. Why a kid, who’s got ants in their pants, should be made into a speed addict at the age of 8, all in the name of trying to deal with these so called maladies, A.D.D & A.D.H.D., better known as a wondering mind, is anybodies guess. They’re artists, leave ’em alone! We wish you had been left to find your own ways, we’re sorry you’re dealing with it. Blame the flippin’ school system shrinks!

Have you ever wondered why there were so many “school counselors” on hand throughout your entire learning career? Think about it for a sec. Who were all those school sociologists and psychologists and what was there playbook, eh?

Be that as it may, and however…

The good thing about many of you though…at least you’ve cultivated somewhat of an open mind to different points of view (a place where your education indoctrination succeeded)…and that – most of you, did learn well enough, so read-up.

There are narratives all over the media that talk about the old hippies coming home to roost.

Here’s the truth of the Viet Nam anti-war generation…and nobody we know of after all these years, has ever approached the subject in the cold heart light of what was really going on in the minds of all of us in that movement. And we offer it here, for the young fifty-ish on down, so that what happened then, does not happen again. We were co-opted, and that’s the history that wound up in the text books. But it’s not who we were or, for the most part, still are…those of us who are left to talk about it.

The anit-war movement was hijacked by two very important groups of individuals. One was a very vocal minority that usurped the headlines, the SDS and the Weather Underground faction, mainly. We did not identify with them. It’s not why the rest of us joined the movement, they just knew how to get in front of the cameras. The other group was the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Gang – they were the drug trafficking, underground superhighway, and they didn’t give a rat butt about anything except making money on the LSD, crank, smack, and pot they were selling at all the music events we attended, and that’s it. Unfortunately, as the movement wore down around ’73, by then the drugs made their way into the hallways of grammar schools. That was a terrible by-product, and we’ve been suffering through it for all these years. No doubt about it, this present generation had to fight to stay away from them, and on that particular for over 40 years, and during your ascent through puberty and past the age of 18, the age of culpability, we feel for you…we understand what everyone has had to endure. Blame the Hell’s Angels and their ghetto, not us.

The hippies were mainly two groups…one, the war baby, Beat Generation (born between ’39-’45) and the Early Boomers (born between ’46-’53) crowd who had opted for speed, LSD, pot and making rock their mantra instead of Jazz. Most of us who had any sense waited until college to indulge. Then along with it all came the tie dye dress code and that communal living thing, and which most of us thought was completely insane. The other group was the suburban kids merely dressing like hippies because of the fad trends and because they thought that being a hippie merely meant to dress like one. That was the label MSM put on it taken from the word “hip,” lots of us are pretty much done with it. The real protesters were people like us, who were pissed at an establishment that allowed the assassination of JFK to go unchecked, and the fact that we were being pressed into the draft only to wind up in a life taking buzz saw called Viet Nam. It was us, and our cousins, and our brothers that were coming home in body bags…and we stopped that war by making it VERY, VERY, VERY uncomfortable for the authorities anywhere to continue it. Plain and simple.

The point is, whatever it was y’all read in the history books during high school and college is absolute, total, unadulterated garbage history, and has nothing to do with the facts that were on the ground. Your teachers and professors, acolytes of Paul Krugman’s ilk, who long for the days of old, are folks who opted out of competition in the real marketplace to get a cushy union apparatchik tenure retirement plan, and most, (not all) have no concept of how to start a business, compete in business, or have a clue about business or reality in the real world of ideas, and as well, made many of the drones in your crew, sniveling wimps, which includes the teachers who bore your minds.

And no, we’re not “haters”…(what a word, try skeptics or cynics, it’s literate)…we care, which is why any of us would bother to speak up. Ya see, most of us really do know why you’re pissed off, and we don’t blame you. Frustration is a real “bitch,” ain’t it? We CAN dig it. So, let’s be clear about that. But there’s ways, and then there’s other ways…and none of the options are a space shuttle ride to the moon.

The so-called older hippies that are coming into this movement?…all there (and now the union apparatchiks like Van Jones are coming into the fray) to gain some of the limelight again, are the same people that were in the anti-war movement as a fad and for career advancement in socialist politics, and that includes most of the celebrities starting to show up to vibe with you guys…they had nothing to do with ending the war we all fought in. Let’s be clear about that!

Anyone who is buying into that garbage is a drone without critical thought. And we’re telling you plainly, because we’re attempting to revise the history written in your books by these folks, which cast themselves (your teachers and professors and their cronies in the think tanks) as some kind of folk heros, or something. It’s a point of history wrongly concluded, and its relevant in this moment because the folks bum rushing this community, have a mindset, and they need to be contained in the proper context of your conscience. If you really care. And only if you really care, of course.

Song Of The Day - (TCP)CHICAGO

Brought To You By Bittersweet Records Co.

History Part One – Dr. 8

To continue briefly, if anyone in NYC has brains in their head, get a sound system in there with a power supply, get some podium or other, get a permit to protest and organize – hopefully, it looks like you already have one, and then get a microphone onto that podium to start taking the real issues to the streets. Get a schedule of real intelligent speakers in there that can enunciate the issues you want solved…and get VERY, VERY, VERY,…vocal. (And that goes for anyone reading this…who would aspire to being something like any of us, and that is, really DO…what we DID – protest successfully.)

And remember one thing, don’t buy into the entitlement mindset…you are only entitled to make whatever industry, free from govt. encumbrances, that you can make on your own…nobody, including all of us back here…owes you a living that you can’t make for yourself. So, quit being a bunch of wimplies, and do something real besides dream along with old pseudo hippies about days that will never be again, and that THOSE hippies over there…didn’t make happen.

We, us folks back here at this channel, were at the ’68 Democratic convention and KENT STATE…and we have the collective experiences to know what we’re talking about.

More NEWS will be added to the feed here a bit later.

Feel free to copy and paste any or all of the content, as you will.

Any of you who want the download of History Part 1 by Dr. 8 – email us, we’ll send you a free copy, pass it around as much as you want.

Our Facebook Feed

Having said all that…we’re going to be covering this the way it should be, and we’re going to keep improving this particular publishing, so that y’all have the facts correctly stated.

We know you can dig it….

Thanks for reading – The Critical Post – (TCP)CHICAGO:
I’m Brian Sidler and I write about music et al @ 15:38 HRS CST 3 OCT 2011
Former Music Writer for Chicago Music Magazine

Donate to The Critical Post

Continuing coverage will be posted in LIFO (last in first out) fashion.

20 OCT 2011
GRTV has lost a good deal of its viewer population – the chat feed for a few days has been hovering around 1300 plus, hatchlings.

UPDATE Sidler: OWS is learning how to use green screen graphics – Had Occupy Anchorage folks on for a bit…offering their – “SOLIDARITY.”

UPDATE Sidler: Last night a faced pierced, dirty looking, tattoo clad urchin came onto the feed from Zuccotti, a self styled concert promoter (says they’re getting ready for an Occupy of Central Park for the middle of November) who says she’s a Canadian by the name of Kanista, (spelling ours) carry’s on with the chat questions. She’s ugly, still, she takes suggestions from the chat feedlings for concert suggestions.

So it appears they’re trying to recreate their own 60’s style movement. That’s what it looks like from the cheap seats.

Then she sings a tune called…We Are All One. For the most part – she sucks.

We’re bored…so we’re outta here.

19 OCT 2011

Brian Sidler reporting for The Critical Post @ 14:48 HRS CST Commentary:

After tuning into the GRTV stream today, an auto generated cartoon from a wizard know as appeared and began a conversation between a professor and student about economics. The argument was specious. the criticism is quite plainly, the scripted conversation cannot compete with the Austrian model of capitalism. That GRTV allowed the airing of this tongue-in-cheek display shows bad judgment. It shows, they’re informed through the filters of their professors of late who’ve all come to the park to vibe these kids about socialism theories.

18 OCT 2011

Overarching Commentary
ON THE FEED @ 01:19 HRS CST – After a uneventful day in repose from a lot of expended energy over the weekend, and several feed changes through the GRTV site, at approximately 23:30 HRS EDT, Rev. Jesse Jackson appears at Zuccotti Park, it just so happens, from out of nowhere to stare down the NYC Police Dept. while locking arms with the protesters to protect the dissemblance of OWS’ medical tent. Dwayne was operating the feed camera. How convenient for the Good Rev. to show up, just then. And ya know we were just thinking, where’s Jesse Jackson been? Just today his son, Rep. Jackson Jr. in an interview with The Daily Caller, just about called for a national emergency to put all known unworking Americans to work immediately, in the fashion of the FDR era, by emergency executive branch proxy. Isn’t that interesting?

From our vantage point there were lights surrounding Mr. Jackson’s interview with whatever paparazzi and press had been tipped off to the fact that the Good Rev. would be there. How could his timing have been any better? It’s an interesting fact to ponder. Speculation is worth the time to ask, were the kids unwitting dupes again? Do they actually think we are?

So tomorrow…amidst reports from the press who are relishing every cheap shot that lefty celebs are getting in…controversy is such entertaining press you know…the line may possibly be…the same self righteous pose we’ve always seen from this particular personality, at least for the past 36 years. It’s been a long time since his ilk has been in fashion.

And the kids? They’re believers

Brian Sidler opining and reporting for The Critical Post – (TCP)CHICAGO

17 – 18 OCT 2011
No postings, nothing substantial to pay attention to.

17 OCT 2011

ON THE FEED @ 10:35 HRS CST – A Seattle reporter interviews a media team person in Occupy Seattle, name unknown, says that the MSM is not getting the story straight. She proclaims they’re going to take the feed to a Bank of America protest. – Feed then shows a rally cry from Occupy Seattle leaders, location is unknown.

Seattle Legal comes onto the stream – Gabriel – Asks for food vendors to tell them if they’re willing to deliver let them know? 🙂

16 OCT 2011

NEWS UPDATE 23:37 HRS CST Sidler reporting: It was an uneventful day mostly, at GRTV. At present the chat stream is under 2,000 users. Feeds from several places with much less population in play were seen from Europe and others in the US less known. OWS has continued on as a regular sound byte in the MSM radio and TV feeds. In unrelated NEWS our respects and well wishes are for the family of Indy Racer form the UK; Dan Wheldon who died earlier today in the Las Vegas 300 Indy Car Championship Race.

NEWS UPDATE 12:10 HRS CST Sidler reporting: fluxrostrum shows his face on the feed, represents that he’s a video ninja helping the media team and that guys like him get no rest. He answers questions from the gaggle of chatters on the feed. He states in answer to a question about, focusing on politics; says he doesn’t want get involved in politics. Says don’t vote for mainstream parties and advocates to break the two party system from it’s current moorings.

Overarching Commentary By Brian Sidler for (TCP)CHICAGO

Yesterday was a good success for the media team in the US., and organizers are learning how to run a TV network built by the very same greedy corporations they’re fighting. Sorry, but we had to say it to be fair. If not for rich computer and cell phone corporations the students and their sympathizers would not be able to conduct the democratization of their Internet TV chat feed. So it’s a bit of a misnomer to call for an end to corporate greed…this particular is a dissonance within the greater movement of the folks trying to do something about central banking practices of fractional banking like our FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.

Condition: Would the protests end (in the USA) if their student loans were completely forgiven, and where would the cutoff years be denominated as? Revolution seeks quick change. We’re not sure there is a quick fix. As a matter of fact – to be frank – there is no quick fix.

The dissonances must be resolved to square with world leaders opinions. Conspiracy hawks know, and have known for quite some time that there’s been an agenda afoot that seeks to fractionalize electorates everywhere on the globe, and to usher in an era which calls for a World Government and a world one-size-fits-all currency combine. Globalist think tanks and their donors have been ushering the inflation of monetary denominations for decades to urge the world towards this goal. In this sense then, the students are the unwitting dupes playing straight into the hands of Globalist thinkers. And this programming, put forward in subtle ways through the US Dept. of Education, as well as, the consumer propaganda used in the MSM have all led to this current mindset. Their designs are working quite well we think.

The forces in control of world resources such as, the larger hegemony’s of the USA, EU, China and Russia have no one single solution that can be offered to quell the demands of the protesting students along with their adult workforce supporters.

One thing is for certain, anarchy is the goal of the global fractional banking system. Massive death is also their aim by proxy of population discontent.

15 OCT 2011

18:45 HRS CST The camera team from announces they’re moving to a location of incident near the Times Square gathering of protesters. This is occurring at the Occupywallstnyc. There is gaggle of people encircled by riot cops as the camera feed is kept away. The announcer says it looks like people are being “tossed around.”

A policeman says the cameraman needs a press pass, as the team member argues his point. This is going down on 46th Street. A paddy wagon is arriving on the scene, announcer says he’s not sure why the police are performing this mass arrest, at this point. The cameraman says everyone hands are in the air.

Then the screen from Occupywallstnyc went black. On again, team member says: A food service vendor truck shows up to try and do some selling but is not allowed to tender his wares. 🙂 Screen went black again.

There is confusion coming from the NYC feed at the mass arrest site. GRTV shows white shirt police in Times Square telling people to get away from barriers using bullhorns to communicate. The police say step back or they may be subject to arrest, and the crowd ignores the order screaming back in resistance.

They repeat the threat that non compliance with orders, that people will be subject to arrest. Then GRTV goes black. Feed back on, shows police line holding and they’ve cleared an area to assume some kind of command and control in the midst of the crowd.

Occupy Sacramento comes on to the GRTV feed. Then back to protest in Times Square. The intermittent black screen must be due to either bandwidth denial or it could be controlled WiFi blackout attacks from some central facility. On again, the crowd in front of the present cam is not making much noise, and cameraman cannot get close enough to the action because he’s penned in by the rest of the folks standing there.

The police continue to consolidate the crowd where the cameraman is standing. Badge #11744 is shown by the camera on the chest of an officer helping the command and control police force captains directing their body movements.


HongPong’s back yard puts their hammers to work.

Occupy Minnesota is calling their occupation: The Night Of 500 Tents

During an interlude feed a somber guitar track is accompanied at the end of the footage by a quote from the “Brother Talking Princeton Professor” Cornel West. The quote reads: “Don’t be afraid to say…revolution.”

17:27 HRS CST – Occupy Minnesota’s feed is coming through and shows that there are carpenters putting together plastic covered tent frames with a stamp on the side of each plastic enclosure; “We Are The 99%” in circular fashion much like stamp artwork used for beef certification.

At 16:42 HRS CST – The feed broadcasts live from Times Square where the entire intersection is filled with protesters, so much so, there’s motor barricades being set up to keep traffic from flowing through. The headlines crawl broadcasting from one of the corner buildings feeds into the crawl stream – OCCUPY WALL STREET GOES WORLDWIDE.

A tour bus shows itself shuttling through the crowd. The crowd cheers as the GRTV feed shows folks with cameras on the bus taking pictures of the crowd.

The police have showed up to herd the crowd onto sidewalks and do their own “Occupation” of the intersection in Times Square. Trucks with tubular lightweight fencing show up to place strategic arrangements of these metal fences throughout the area. The camera follows the action there for a bit.


As we have said in our previous posts, “every once in a few generations, there’s a dust-up, a row, a protest, for this generation, this is that dust-up.”

13:12 HRS CST

At a Citibank, 555 LaGuardia, a young woman by the name of Megan, interviewed by media team, describes an arrest action which is taking place presently, some protesters were carted off and two people who were taking their money and closing their accounts in protest, after leaving the bank, were approached by an undercover detective and then dragged back inside to be detained. Several reporters were at the scene. The police cleared the front of the bank window area, it was reported that there were 20 people still inside when the feed changed its camera feed back to Washington Square, then back to Citibank.

The camera operator screams out for identification from the detainees, but no response could be heard. Tha camera moves around to the back of the paddy wagons, and the protesters can be heard chanting and arriving at the scene. The chant was, “let them go” and “the people, united, united, will never be defeated.”

Vlad comes on the feed saying that there will be feeds coming in from 160 cities around the world. There are now 10,000 viewers at Vlad says there are several marches being conducted around NYC simultaneously.

The TV channel known as has now taken a new turn with professional graphics and real live studio conditions have been set up. has grown up.

New York City is ground zero once again…this time for dissent against global hegemony of the world’s financial system.

14 OCT 2011
The IRC chat is buzzing –

@ 10:00 HRS CST – HongPong came onto the live stream – says someone knows a person high in the FBI – meetings around the clock last four days, full days of meetings – There’s an FBI plan Hatching called “Zero One” going to round up protesters from 10 locations and will hold them for over 2 weeks using interrogation, under the Patriot Act and suspending habeas corpus – DC FBI thinking about using black ops such as planting bombs and using false flag events to discredit the protesters.

HongPong says that FBI are considering something called Con Plan 3502 run by NORTCOM and this template plan is replacement template for guarded plots plan from 60’s.

HongPong – aka Dan calls for people to call the FBI in Washington and put them on notice.

Apparently they’re getting ready to use their FEMA camp alternative detentions.

HongPong – says lots of whistleblowers are keeping them informed.

Vlad says enough already.

Vlad says they saw in all 50 states a concerted effort to shut the protest down in the last 24 hours. Says NYC this morning had North of 5,000 people in NYC.

New paradigm, we’re all witnesses. Bloomberg came to the park and was not shown respect.

Hundreds started to show up in the early morning hours to stand with the kids at the park. The AFT and Teamsters have been providing support. The OWS crowd actually have a strategic position, so to speak, as opposed to the Occupy Boston Crowd, they have a huge building on their flank.

Teamsters showed up in droves, and Brookfield properties has postponed their threatened power wash cleanup.

An hour after the proposed cleanup was to have occurred, OWS went down to Wall St. and had a bit of a run-in with the cops.

Replay video shows about a thousand people helping the protest continue. Cops on scooters were not able to do anything but contain a chanting crowd.

This is Brian Sidler reporting for The Critical Post – (TCP)CHICAGO @ 09:49 HRS CST 14 Oct 2011 – More Later…

13 OCT 2011
The General Assembly holds an emergency meeting about cleaning up park, to “call the bluff” of Bloomberg’s “tactic” for using a sanitation excuse to evacuate the park, in their view.

The OWS folks are looking for a confrontation by blockading entrance to city sanitation workers by locking arms at around 6AM in the morning.

The letter to New York City from Brookfield Properties is shown below:

Brookfield Letter To Mayor Bloomberg Page 1 - (TCP)CHICAGO

Brookfield Letter To Mayor Bloomberg Page 2 - (TCP)CHICAGO

The Manhattan Community Board has also issued a policy statement in support of OWS and read at the General Assembly.

So it’s clear after a bit – simply thinking; OCCUPY – isn’t that easy. New York City authorities have run out of patience. Linking arms tomorrow morning at 6am, will be an interesting exercise for OWS’ers…unfortunately for them…their movement is being shown the door.

There have been no events worthy of reporting for the last few days. There’s a walk scheduled to protest mortgage banks in NYC for the day at around 15:00 HRS EST. There’s another call for a global occupy day on the 15th.

So…for now OWS has seen its star rise and fall just as quick.

This latest from an Organizer who is a Scot – Nigel – known as flyingmonkeyair – This came over the air in the chat as an appeal to the chatters because NYC is about to lower the boom at Zuccotti Park:

Organizer Nigel AKA - flyingmonkeyair - posts this appeal to the folks in the chat at 2156 HRS CST - 13 OCT 2011 - (TCP)CHICAGO

More on all of this later, but this is getting boring.


12 OCT 2011
It’s a grey rainy day in Zuccotti Park.

Dr. Robert Thurman comes to the park and speaks his views. He is an American author and the father of famed actress Uma Thurman. No one would dispute Mr. Thurman’s credentials as someone with a singular point of view. A question was asked about the views of the Dalai Lama, and Mr. Thurman spoke of the the Lama’s kindness doctrine, being “determined kindness.”

There were “ooohs and aaaah’s” from the chat feedlings. To be sure Dr. Thurman is an adroitly deft speaker and knows his own mind.

The anchor for the media team on the feed is an unknown, at this point, who tells the chat feed what the movement is about. He is reading from a script, presumably from the “Demand Manifesto,” (socialist rhetoric label) from the Occupy movement and the New York Occupy General Assembly.

All day long on the video feed from, there were repetitious protest footage from various dates…the point is, propaganda for the “cause” continued to dominate the video message.

The chat has lost viewership. There’s only a couple thousand watching the feed, and now, many times less.

This is Brian Sidler reporting @ 12:28 HRS CST 12 October 2011 from The Critical Post (TCP)CHICAGO

11 OCT 2011


Occupy Boston gets raided by riot police, after the Boston authorities had warned of the crackdown and told protesters earlier in the day.

Boston’s Occupy feed, with an inset in the top of their coordinator, presumably, and just as we had predicted when we began our coverage of this particular on-going event, that the more people get arrested, the more the media will pay attention.

Viewership on the Boston feed quickly zooms to 8,500. Reports from the audio feed say that State Troopers from Massachusetts are also involved.

Folks on the audio feed, the globalrevolution media team, and are telling people to call the state authorities and to tell them this is totally unacceptable. They are telling people to stand up for their 1st amendment rights.

Globalrevolution team reports that the media has been told to leave the premises. One of the other folks from names is Vlad.

The park was cleaned inside of 45 minutes, a female person on the phone to Vlad said that the female prisoners were taken to an undisclosed location because regular police cells jammed with present prisoner populations. She also said that the female prisoners will be held for an undisclosed period of time.

HongPong is relaying reports that the Seattle police are moving against the Mayor’s wishes, and the Seattle tent city is being taken down as the report is coming in through the live feed from Globalrevolution.

The team is also reporting that Occupy St; Louis is currently being cleared as we wait for the feed from St. Louis.

The St. Louis feed is an inside shot. Reports also coming in that Atlanta, Dallas is being raided currently…01:56 HRS CST.

Reports from Atlanta are unconfirmed but someone says in the chat that Atlanta was not raided.

Video from the Boston scene shows police warning the protesters to leave or they will be arrested for unlawful assembly and trespassing, played later in the Globalrevolution feed.

We’ll be back later to report the arrest total.

Sources for two different arrest totals from Occupy Boston police raid early and hours Tuesday 11 October 2011

According to two different sources, one reports 50 people arrested the other reports 141 people arrested.

Second Installment @ 21:46 HRS CST

Dwayne is on the feed, as I write this particular entry. Dwayne identifies himself as being on the media team. – More in Wednesday mornings composition.

Wednesday morning recap of Tuesday:

There were marchers that filed past “Houses of the Rich” banging drums and chanting high school cadence slogans, some others used military cadences – spouting “tax the rich,” which is all fiine and good…but in our view doesn’t accomplish much other than register more discontent with current power structures.

This is Brian Sidler reporting for The Critical Post (TCP)CHICAGO @ 01:00 HRS CST 11 October 2011

10 OCT 2011
CommentaryUpdate: convened at 11:19 HRS CST
Last night we caught a rerun of the Geraldo FOX NEWS show. In this segment, Tavis “They Better Help the Black Community” Smiley from NPR along with the much maligned, and “Brother Talking Princeton Professor” Cornell West, were again a feature on this show, where the same tired talking points from this gruesome-twosome they’ve rehearsed were again fed through the filter of network TV. Nothing new was discussed. Poor Cornell is making himself look rather ridiculous, and it also looks like MSNBC or NPR is raising the professor’s profile to get him a regular show, with someone, somewhere.

Today Lorenzo is on the feed as today’s impromptu host, and we’ve since learned that the black kids name who often appears with Monica on the evening feed is Dwayne or Duane, depending on the spelling he uses.

On the Rush Limbaugh show this morning, a caller, university student, came on to describe how one of his professors (in economics), an organizer of an Occupy site, is trying to indoctrinate the class into his brand of politics, or in other words, his personal socialist message.

Lorenzo took the laptop feed camera to the front of a Chase bank nearby Zuccotti Park, and showed a pilates class being conducted as New Yorkers filed past trying to use the sidewalk to get to work.

The advent of conservative talk radio over 16 years ago, what the protesters seem not to notice or understand, (we’ll try to remember not to call them kids, though they are to us) is that conservative talk radio has spawned a comparable generation of conservative thinking college students crowd, who we feel are in the majority rather than the marginalized left. It’s something that OWS either is not considering or failing to comprehend. This crowd of student conservatives are calling in to many conservative talk radio shows, and they know what’s up, in our opinion.

This movement will dissipate when the colder weather sets in…and will lose gas after the winter season without the same force and will already be OLD NEWS, which will form the death knell of the feeds. Nothing can hurt this story more than it being perceived as OLD NEWS. The 24 hour NEWS cycle is unrelenting in this manner…when something becomes OLD NEWS, the population becomes anesthetized to its effect.

Meanwhile Zuccotti Park seems to be taking on the appearance of a de facto commune.

The intermittent and various people that occupy the feed camera today, are again degenerating the feed hosting into something that looks too ad hoc, and again – unprofessional. They are not chosen for any particular reason…it’s a terrible approach for continuing this coverage.

The chat channel acolytes have been staying steady between 2000 and 4000 folks from around the country. Demographics still, we think, remain between the 13-25 crowd.

The overarching comment is, New York is too busy with carrying on the world’s business to be concerned with this group.

Still we can see from the feed the MSM is tuning in because they need a story…this story is starting to show its age.

The person hosting the feed Nigel Perry, (handle @ flyingmonkeyair) who is from Scotland, a self professed inaugural blogger, at present reports there has been a dust-up in in the media crew, or something, and that part of the crew has gone on strike.

More coming later as we continue to observe all feeds coming in from everywhere.

This is Jan O’Toole reporting for The Critical Post (TCP)CHICAGO from Telford UK @ 12:00 HRS CST 10 October 2011

9 OCT 2011
Commentary Update: convened at 13:HRS CST
The MSM has now made the Occupy Wall Street Movement, a regular announce in their coverage of the NEWS.

There are now multiple camera feed operators at Zuccotti Park and the feed is maturing in its editing and broadcast. The feed, which can be seen at, operated by OWS media crews in various locations around the country through twit cast channel coordination capabilities, is seemingly trying to improve what the broadcast puts over the air, though propaganda commercials continue as interlude between live feed events.

A young woman came on the air to ask if food donations and the donation web POS (point of sale) can be used for other purposes, offering people a 36 hr cancel feature if they only want their monies to go for food.

In Zuccotti park, there are several folks sitting in the center with laptops, it is not clear if they are coordinators or private users carrying out personal business.

The camera operator at present is covering his face with a blue and white print bandanna.

So globalrevolution TV is continuing to operate without interruption.

Announcement for new marches are broadcast from this feed, and the crowd interested in this coverage are opting away from MSM TV coverage.

Announcements of riots, particularly at Union Square at the present are accompanied, by cheers from the crowd at Zuccotti park. The protest at Union Square, is stated to be against the State of Georgia’s recent execution of Troy Davis. You Tube accounts provide scenes of police using forceful activity to subdue the rambunctious crowd.

There has been another addition to the feed at the livestream channel, and that has been the use of a better camera and audio mobile unit which carries with it a voice-over announcer that is professional in his presentation of immediate goings-on as the camera roams.

Interlude footage between live feed events throughout the day in kind, act in the same manner, like commercials do during normal programming on commercial TV. The content is often enough, violent in nature. This is where the propagandizing of the globalrevolution feed is naked in its intent and overtly used for that effect.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnel’s recent report of police violence has become part of the repeated OWS propaganda in the feed throughout the day. So this footage forms their infomercial content agenda. A news-crawler has also been integrated into the feed at the bottom of the video window. These are some of the newest additions to the livestream channel’s operation.

We still maintain, though unscientifically, we’re not physically taking a head count, that there is less than 100,000 active participants throughout the country, as a guesstimate.

As for the conversation in the chat room amongst the acolytes in the online community, it reads like a confused run-away train of leftward vective. The Alinsky effect (so named for the author of the activist literature from which much left agenda is believed by many to be their animus) is clearly in play. It would be safe to assume that the demographic in the chat is between 13 and 25…and the 25 figure may be stretching it.

The political party-line (left & right) punditry corps are now pointing fingers at each other, in so doing it appears their animus is to co-opt and demagogue class warfare.

An aside: Betcha the kids are having a field day with that.

One thing that’s apparent, there isn’t a crisis…but the MSM now want to make it one…ratings will trump anything…because they have so little of it these days…and they’re dying for good TV.

Is this good TV?

Well the baseball season didn’t stop for it…so we guess not.

This is Jan O’Toole reporting for (TCP)CHICAGO @ 18:45b HRS CST 9 October 2011

8 OCTOBER 2011

The kids are being marginalized by the press as a bunch of tawdry, ungrateful, spoiled brats who can’t or won’t find a job. The rest of the protesters being characterized as burned out hippies and disgruntled professors.

The continual feed when it goes live, and there’s no march happening, is an enabled small laptop camera feed, carried around by an urchin looking kid who goes by the name of Lorenzo. He’s joined during the evening feed by the girl known as Monica, who knows how to say, mostly, “Hola, we love you.” We haven’t determined who the black kid is that occasionally joins the on air evening feed.

There’s a resident geekish kind of character (he’s very limited in his abilities – so doesn’t qualify as a true geek) who’s screen handle name is HongPong, who claims to be the founder of Twin Cities Indy Media out of Minneapolis, MN. He does a terrible job of trying to switch the feeds coming in from the free services brought to you by Twit Cast and commercials, are classic underground tripe.

The chatroom Moderators known as FloridaMom, infinitycircle, Mysticwolf, HongPong, opinion8ted, Canoby, along with others…are doing everything they can to keep the chat feed hatchlings, and the spammers who accompany them in line, by deleting any dissenting comments or profanity off the chat. The commentary we have about this activity surrounds the idea, that it seems like children in nursery school who sit around playing with toys gathered in a circle…and if you don’t talk their language, you are immediately shut off.

OWS Moderator Censorship example and why the feed is failing to hold viewers - (TCP)CHICAGO

OWS Moderator Censorship example and why the feed is failing to hold viewers - (TCP)CHICAGO

Current TV – Albert Gore’s kiddies news channel, who has now employed since July, the ousted MSNBC opinionator-reporter Keith Oberman, no longer taken seriously by most of the critical thinking adults in the US and around the world as the NEWS anchor for the Occupy Movement. Last night in an interview conducted on air with Tavis “They Better Help the Black Community” Smiley from NPR along with the much maligned, and “Brother Talking Princeton Professor” Cornell West, where complaints from these two socialists were discussed, who’ve picked up the mantra from the Occupy Street talk – about how all the capitalists are screwing things up so badly, we’re going to have nowhere to go. Oberman barely scores 200,000 viewers when he’s on the air, in the 25-54 crowd, and a whole lot less, in the younger demographics. This channel and Oberman who is just collecting a paycheck, nobody else will give him a job, is not regarded as anything worth their attention.

Current TV is the harbinger of the end of TV relevancy. We know that the kids are all watching You Tube.

This is Jan O’Toole reporting @ 11:10 HRS CST 8 October 2011

6 OCTOBER 2011 Overarching Commentary

The moderators of the Globalrevolution chat room have been tested to see what their agenda is, and for their resolve to push this agenda. GRTV is a propagandizing outlet. They claim to be protecting the eyes and ears of children among other things, yet violent images are continually rebroadcast in a loop fashion. When questioned, the participant in the chat was banned, for asking about “sensationalizing violence.” It is clear they cannot handle dissent, and are not very mature as participants. They are agenda-izing by censorship.

Children don’t need to see violence, there is plenty of that elsewhere. – More on all of this later. “Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone.”

Sidler @ 12;:40 HRS CST 6 OCT 2011


5 OCTOBER 2011 Overarching Commentary

The kids who are the stars of the show after things settled down in the hood, field questions from the chat room. After the 5 PM march with the unions leading the way, there was another march in which the police were confronted at the Wall St. barricade and reacted to the kids getting too rambunctious with pepper spray and batons.

The chat room moderators are quelling any debate or political discussion in the chat…they claim it’s all about supporting the occupiers. (You can only talk positive. You cannot be a negative in any way, on their channel. They feel themselves as protectors, kind of like “mother and father hens” protecting a little roost of hatchling, movement “chatters.”

A charming girl by the name of Monica of Latin origin is becoming a star of the occupation camera feed in Zuccotti Park.

There is no doubt that the occupiers have been completely co-opted by the left. During the union speeches of demagoguery, words and phrases being used such as “are you with us brothers and sisters?” and another word, “solidarity,” are all reminiscent of socialist rhetoric. Sounds like Russia to us. Black Panthers speech, too.

The media team was arrested for OWS.

There is no doubts, in our opinion at this point, the Alinsky playbook that has been embedded in the minds of this generation, is definitely being implemented to perfection. This has always been the aim of the CFR…and now the moment they have been waiting for has finally arrived. AS if, the CFR could not ever have possibly predicted this uprising…these kids are total originals, right?

St. Louis arrests were reported, and San Francisco bans the protests, reports from the feed say.

This part of the electorate is being vibed to throw the failed policies of their choice for president into the shadows and the background. The protest has been partially successful in getting coverage today on MSNBC, FOX, CNN and radio narrative.

What they don’t know and don’t understand is, they are a minority voice, particularly at this time, in the country. There are adults in this country, the folks who wanted to raise children, and then there’s the rest of their peers, sans kid-lings, in the 50-70 crowd, in some way responsible for all of this mess, who, in spite of our failings for having raised all of you, wish you’d quit bitching and just grow up. The truth is, the career socialist community from the 60’s and 70’s, are the ones that received the jobs in all the schools during all these years. Many of them enabled by government grants. What a waste of capital. Our great government, career socialist bureaucrats, who’ve co-opted the federal government by employment proxy, tried take over, well…not quite…tried, to take America from within. We wish we’d never employed them. The career socialist cannot make the the world fair, on demand. This we know. Perhaps they’d want to inquire, as to, why not?

Well the kids, were they to be successful – could actually escalate the current world war and depression we are in. The end result? More guns are going to made, but that was going to happen anyways, so what’s the difference.

The moderators, with the use of censorship negate any open debate and thereby steer the movement in a decidedly very left, statist, direction. This is on all channels from everywhere.

The real amount of actual protesters around the country seem to be limited, if we were to guess, to under a hundred thousand active participants.

The MSM will no doubt, for the sake of ratings exaggerate the meaning, and the numbers involved.

Sidler – @ 00:58 HRS CST – 6 OCT 2011


4 OCTOBER 2011 Overarching Commentary – UPDATE is on the way and presently being composed – Sidler @ 17:56 HRS CST

Now that we’ve seen some cat by the name of Mandelbaum come onto the screen, and in case you missed it, (occurred at around 17:30 HRS EDT) you can find this condescending idiot right here –

he’s a good example of the kind of hippie fraud we have spoken of above. It is painfully obvious to us, this “suit” came there to grab some limelight, and tell y’all what to do. Y’all already know what you’re doing.

Then along comes Professor Richard Wolff. More on him after they post the vids in You Tube. After carefully considering much of the material from this man – there’s no doubt, The professor is living in the wrong country. He’s most definitely a socialist. Is a socialist a bad thing to be? Not necessarily. Will that model work in America? It’s not working now. Things have been getting worse not better. The unions have been lobbying the government too long, and the pensions for government workers, far more generous than their private industry counterparts in many cases, are far to burdensome for the American taxpayers to afford and most states are going bust under the pressure.

And so, here we see the good professor leading the chorus in liberty plaza, re-introducing the indoctrination of colleges and high schools across the country to the kids braving the getting colder nights in Zuccotti Park.


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