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Islam Hit Squad PR Firm CAIR – Mainstream Press Attack Pam Geller AGAIN – Florida Tea Party Convention – (TCP)CHICAGO

Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO

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The Lone Voice Of Pamela GellerCreeping Sharia Law


Chief Editor’s Note:

Pam Geller has been mostly, all by herself, speaking to anyone who will listen about dhimmitude in America, and the slow creep of the imposition of Sharia Law in America. There is no way that the collective American Conscience should stand silent on this matter.

Definition for dhimmitude:
Dhimmitude is a neologism first found in French denoting an attitude of concession, surrender and appeasement towards Islamic demands. ….

It is a position taken by Islamic law that basically says, you, as an infidel, are inferior to a member of Islam.

Political Correctness be dammed…CAIR and all of their American affiliates has systematically been trying to dismantle the American Collective Conscience to accept their way of life.

Make no mistake about it, Islam is a geo-political religion bent on the destruction of Israel and everything that is Western.

Ignore Ms. Geller at your own peril…and did we mention your children?

Scott Pollack – Chief Editor – The Critical Post – (TCP)CHICAGO

Below is the latest attack on the glamorous warrior Pam Geller.

What’s a nice girl to do?

What Really Happened at the Florida State Tea Party Convention

By Pam Geller from Atlas Shrugs

Tea pamela

I’m coming off the most amazing event in Florida, historic in fact, and the mainstream media’s myopic meme is culled from the Hamas-linked CAIR press release deriding the event and creating Islamic supremacist lies out of whole cloth. Yes, now the media is taking their talking points and their cues from the Muslim Brotherhood, pimping their anti-American hate and spinning it into “news reportage.” Today’s coverage of the Florida State Tea Party Convention channels the Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR’s press release, which focused on a single fallacious and diabolical lie: the absence of big name politicians from this event — which of course was my fault.

CAIR was rebuked and disinvited to the Tea Party, but no mention was made of that in any of the news accounts. But the CAIR lie that politicians didn’t come because of me (part of the Islamic smear campaign against voices of freedom) was widely repeated.

Yes, CAIR claimed that. The Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR originated the line that Florida politicians were avoiding the Tea Party Convention because I was speaking, and the subjugated knaves in the mainstream media eagerly picked up on it. This shows yet again who they serve, and what their agenda really is.

Who cares which politicians showed up?

This event was never about the politicians. It was about the people they serve. It was about the people who put them there. We the people. It was about organizing, strategizing and developing our battle-plan for 2012. As for the absent politicians, some of them got to where they are only with the help of the Tea Party. They will surely come around later in the game. Those politicians who were too afraid of Hamas-linked CAIR to show up at this event will come knocking on the doors of these people when they need their votes. Expect a booty call from certain cowardly and quisling politicians. But these folks won’t be so inclined to answer this time.

The uber-left mainstream media and their Islamic overlords are on a mission to destroy the Tea Party. That’s the objective. But it is not going to happen. This is the stuff that made America. This is the stuff that made America great. There’s a hatred and fear of the right and the righteous.

Here are some of the mainstream media stories that repeat the narrative about the Florida Tea Party Convention that they got from Hamas-linked CAIR.

GOP candidates avoid Fla. tea party convention

Florida Tea Party Convention Snubbed By Leading Republicans (VIDEO) Huffington Post

Politicians shun Florida Tea Party convention Boston Herald

Few top Republicans coming to Florida Tea Party Convention

Florida Tea Party Convention – Hate-Group Extremist (Yes), Major Politicians (No) Sunshine Slate

Politicians are politely avoiding Tea Party Convention Orlando Sentinel

GOP Candidates, Scott Avoid Florida Tea Party Meeting The Ledger

GOP candidates avoid Fla. tea party convention Washington Examiner

Pure leftist/Islamic propaganda. Nothing about the Convention. Nothing about what actually happened. No reporting. Just smears and hit pieces. Manipulation.

Fla tea marcus

The great Lloyd Marcus with those who served

Last night I told the convention, “You dance with the one what brung ya,” and that applies to a lot of the politicians who were absent yesterday: the Tea Party elected them, and if they had any sense of honor, any sense of gratitude to the ones who elected them, they should have been there. Those politicians have the Tea Party to thank for their offices.

And what happened to the free press in America? For the truth, you have to go to the alternative media: to the blogs. We still have the freedom to tell the truth on the Net — at least for now. Email, post, tweet, do it! Build the new machine to counter the enemy arsenal.

But ultimately, cowardly politicians and media as the slave of Hamas-linked CAIR are not the story. The real story is the patriots who did show up. The lovers of America and of freedom who braved media opprobrium and slander and came to the Convention for love of their country. They are the future of this nation, and its salvation after the age of Obama. This is still America. The people still rule. We, the people.


The room was jammed …….. it looked like roughly 1,500 happy warriors in that room.

Fla tea 5


Ralph reed

Ralph Reed

Trevor tonya

Tonya Franklin and Trevor Loudon (thanks to the wonderful Tonya’s FB pages for pics!)

Amber dan

Fla gainesville tea

Great American


Mike McCalister running for US Senate

Rubio video message
Marco Rubio via Video

Fla tea suzann

Suzanne Moore (Herman Cain campaign) with Pamela Geller, Kevin Jackson and Trevor Loudon.

Tea party program


Huge thanks to Jeannie (on my right) who handled the table, books etc. Wonderful warrior.


Lines for the book Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.


Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO
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