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Global Voice Radio Show With Drake 6/6/2012 – 6 June 2012 19:00 HRS EDT – The Cabal Is Looking For Terms – NESARA – (TCP)CHICAGO

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(TCP)Chicago – Opinion – This is a recording of the radio show carried by Global Voice Radio on the evening of 6 June 2012 – 19:00 HRS EDT with the information agent known as Drake. We’re sure of one thing about this individual. He’s a former NCO at a pay grade of E7 or higher and speaks like one. If you haven’t served in the Marines, Army, Navy or Air Force, you couldn’t attest to what an NCO does sound like but there’s a cadence in their linguistics and a use of words to describe their logical thought processes that is unmistakable. Drake is that kind of an individual.

Drake Show From 6 June 2012 – 19:00 HRS EDT

UPDATE – 16:00 HRS CDT 7 JUNE 2012: We had so many people coming through our portal, it crashed our bandwidth…for that reason we have posted this You Tube, which many of you are familiar with.

We will be generating an opinion about this as the time moves along. We have been generating another piece regarding the remarkable nature of the revelations we’ve been monitoring, after we came upon the information listening to George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM radio show a few weeks back.

We cannot attest to the accuracy or corroborate any of this through independent sources as of this moment.

Folks should remember an axiom about war; nothing goes exactly as planned no matter how long you drilled to make it so.

We would, in all due humility, consider to hope that the information agent Drake, is, what others would be bold enough to attest as a certain and true source of information. The idea that the actual original NESARA document will come to light would be a refreshing and hopeful step in the right direction for the America we all hope still exists.

Certainly, much of the country will be in shock were this to come to light and fruition as stated, and that the folks known by The Freedom & Patriots Movement’s as “The Cabal” are suing for peace. That does makes a bit of sense. Of course, that’s a natural thing for those folks to wish.  They are not warriors, they’re worms exposed on a sidewalk after a hard rain, and could be considered much worse.

Washington D.C. according to the inferences made by Drake, is under stealth siege at present. Were that to be true, and we have a sneaking suspicion it actually is…this is a good thing.

The core staff of this publication are Veterans of the Armed Forces. We understand the consequences of those folks in the woods around the capitol. May whatever G-d you go by, bless those patriots for showing their teeth.

We cannot attest to the accuracy of this account called The History of NESARA – but it is a good read. Go here for an understanding of NESARA.

I’m Brian Sidler and I write about music et al.


Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO
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