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Is It A Real Revolution Or Just A Mass Delusion – David Wilcock, Drake Bailey, Ben Fulford And The New Reality Of Internet Fantasy – (TCP)CHICAGO

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By Scott Pollack


(TCP)CHICAGO – Opinion 17 June 2012 This article contains both facts and allegations of an extraordinary nature. The allegations are more remarkable than the nexus of facts these allegations derive for their contextual leanings and meanings. The article is being put forward by this publication as part outrage and part sobriety. Outrage that individuals of certain public profiles have served to propagate such activity in the minds of ordinary folks including women from all demographics but especially the elderly. We find this manipulation unseemly and reprehensible. Sobriety for the sake of an exhortation for people to use the critical facilities of an individuals mind to discern truth and facts from imposture.

For about a month and a half the small staff of this organization has scoured the various rabbit holes of the Internet to find as many channels of data which have been acting in concert with an effort that says there’s something very momentous afoot concerning the liberation of this nation from the grips of its present status. That being control by, in legal terms, something known as the de facto government. Simply put in legal terms according to Black’s Law dictionary, de facto means current and prevailing power structure held in place by a predominance of force concentrated in the hands of a view. In short a tyranny, whether mild or aggressive.

We were alerted to the information by listening to George Noory’s Coast to Coast radio show in the first week of May where one David Wilcock had done an extensive interview and claiming that there was going to be a mass arrest initiative take place as the ensuing months begin to unfold which would take control of the government of the United States of America from the hands that currently hold the power. That mass arrests would take place of the central banking cartel of the G20 nations and especially within the borders of the United States proper. This Mr. Wilcock, also says that there will be “divine interventions” taking place.

Through Mr. Wilcock’s website we were introduced to three men, one who’s name is well known amongst this community we enjoin here, by the name of Benjamin Fulford. The other name is a man, one Drake Bailey. The last person’s name is one Mr. Neil Keenan.

A week ago, to help us with finding more of the rabbit hole, we recorded an episode and posted most of it online, which was re-posted by others very quickly. What we discovered was a nexus of websites with high traffic statistics. That could possibly mean a lot of re-visitations by the same folks starved for information. We cannot determine all the numbers of websites that deal with the issues being used as factual data. We cannot estimate it correctly either. Were we to guess we’d say conservatively there’s about 10,000 or so websites worldwide that might deal with content of the nature we’ve been following. In terms of the population following this content we’re comfortable in saying a few hundred thousand worldwide.

Consider this: Any story teller wishing to devise fame for any reason can do so with the Internet in tow quite easily. Find facts that you wish to use in your story and reverse engineer what it is you wish to corroborate.

This particular year finds us in the perfect setting to purport the allegations we’ve been witnessing and investigating, mixed in with facts, for it is the year of 2012 and the famed Mayan Calendar end times scenario.


The Critical Post – Chicago has learned, after an extensive web investigation and following leads down sundries of divergent paths throughout the Internet there is something possibly afoot. What is most likely is that it’s a massive delusional state that many folks following it are comfortable with believing. We have verified where a certain amount of web traffic is congregating and the surrounding facts about the traffic. Those and other facts are as follows.

1. Weapons sales in the United States has been booming since 1998.

2. Reports confirmed and verified of FEMA camps being constructed all over the USA.

3. Reports alleging clandestine initiatives within the de facto government and throughout the USA’s police department structure on local levels have been leaked that police officers have been asked to sign Non Disclosure Agreements swearing allegiance to President Obama, have surfaced.

4. Militia’s regulated and unregulated, not to be confused with stateside Army Reserve and National Guard Units, have sprung up all over the American landscape and roughly correlates, in a sufficient fractional scale directly, to the amount of private weapon and ammunition sales figures on the rise.

5. Reports about the Department of Homeland Security alleging the agency has put out a purchase order for 450,000,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition.

6. Reports alleging that foreign nationals are training with US Armed Forces regulars in various locations around the USA, have surfaced.

7. Reports alleging that Janet Napolitano of DHS formally requested from the government of Russia 4 brigades of Russian Armed Forces personnel to be sent to the United States for reciprocal coordinated exercises, have surfaced. This occurred somewhere in early 2009 after she had been appointed to the post and confirmed by the de facto congress.

8. Reports alleging a lien on all member banks of The Federal Reserve banking system by trustee’s of the original Soekarno Gold Trust have surfaced. The Trustee’s name is one Mr. Neil Keenan.

9. Social unrest is being reported at unprecedented levels all over the globe.

10. Reports alleging sitings of UFO activity in various regions around the globe have been increasing in frequency and at unprecedented levels.

11. Fraud allegations and actual accounting’s have surfaced regarding massive amounts of dollars and at unprecedented levels, where most if not all revolve around and throughout the G20 International Central Banks all of which clear transactions through the SWIFT banking system linked to the Bank of International Settlements.

12. Reports alleging that as many as 140 non-aligned nations have set up computer transaction networks to work outside of the SWIFT banking system, have surfaced.

13. Reports in the Mainstream Media that allege China, Russia, Japan, and South Korea have formed closer bonds regarding trade agreements over the last couple of years and also that China and Japan are deleveraging their American Bond and Treasuries positions.

14. Reports confirming that Euro Zone central banks are scrambling to balance untenable policies for shoring up troubled countries such as Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland national debt accounts.

15. We have verified through various web metrics traffic engines, that hundreds of sites we have identified show massive amounts of web traffic flow regarding information that has come to light and further in the open over the last couple of months, that within the Freedom – Patriots – Militia Movements community a focus has been information regarding an overthrow, through whatever means necessary of the de facto government of America.

16. Reports of investigations that the sitting President Barack Obama is in fact a massive election fraud, uncovered and traced through the reporting of Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily, which subsequently has been substantiated by the Arizona Sheriff of Maricopa County, The Honorable Joe Arpaio.

17. An acceleration of burdensome regulatory controls of the population during the Obama administration, which are furtherance’s of initiatives passed on in the legacy administrations of Richard Nixon, Jimmy carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and George W. Bush. That executive order fiat has increased immensely during these times.

18. That under the administration of George H. W. Bush two corporations had been put in place, out of public notice, in the State of Delaware within a few months of being sworn into office.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. Non-profit Delaware Corporation Incorporation Date 4/19/89 File No. 2193946,

SOCIAL SECURITY CORP, DEPART. OF HEALTH, EDUCATION AND WELF For-Profit General Delaware Corporation Incorporation date: 11/13/89 File No. 2213135,

and these respective branches had also filed as corporations previously.

Such as:

INTERNAL REVENUE TAX AND AUDIT SERVICE (IRS) For Profit General Delaware Corporation Incorporation date 7/12/33 File No. 0325720,

FEDERAL RESERVE ASSOCIATION (Federal Reserve) Non-profit Delaware Corporation Incorporation date 9/13/14 File No. 0042817,

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AUTHORITY INC. (CIA) For Profit General Delaware Corporation Incorporation Date 3/9/83 File No. 2004409,

FEDERAL LAND ACQUISITION CORP. For-profit General Delaware Corporation Incorporation Date 8/22/80 File No. 0897960,

RTC COMMERCIAL ASSETS TRUST 1995-NP3-2 For-profit Delaware Statutory Trust Incorporation Date 10/24/95 File No. 2554768

Website to confirm the search.

Instructions on how to use the website to perform the searches.

(Please look at #1 at the end of the paragraph it states “click here for status on the web.” From there, at the end of the first paragraph “receive a status inquiry on line, CLICK HERE.” That takes you to ‘General Information Name Search.’)




Conservative talk radio has been burning up the airwaves since the days that Rush Limbaugh crashed onto the air and gaining ascendancy for a long time, especially after The Fairness Doctrine had been defeated by 1987. Turns out, conservative talk radio is good business. Many other talk show hosts followed after the acceptance of Limbaugh. A year before 11 September 2001 Michael Savage hit the airwaves with The Savage Nation. With the attack of 11 September 2001, the fervor rallying for America started flocking in droves to programs like Mark Levin, Michael Medved, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Praeger, Billy Cunningham with his Sunday night franchise, and others like Glenn Beck.

The Internet helped. Conservative blogs sprang up all over the place. In no particular order, American Thinker, World Net Daily, The National Review, The Daily Caller, The Hill, Newsmax, Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center and in tandem CNS NEWS, many others. Libertarian blogs also found ascendancy like The Daily Bell, Lew Rockwell, Ludwig von Mises Institute.

There’s the conspiracy news sites most notably, Coast to Coast, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Steve Quayle, Jim Marrs, David Icke…too many to mention but you get the picture. Fill that in with other sites dedicated to UFO’s, and the New Age sites dedicated to enlightenment. Some of these New Age sites are dedicated to communion with ET’s and instead of calling them extra terrestrials, call them extra dimensional beings, most notably and definitely on the ascendancy are folks like David Wilcock along with a whole host of psychic sites that follow the same train of thinking.

With the help of 11 September 2001 another outcropping was the anti-jihad sites such as Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch, Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs, Brigitte Gabriel, others. As an aside, Geller and Spencer are still doing their usual stellar job of keeping Islam in check in the U.S.

Mentions must also be made to the other side of this spectrum which would be the entire liberal mediaplex, television radio and Internet, and some of that includes the atheist community blogs, along with the LGBT community and their leanings. Doubtless to our loyal readers, we’re pretty sick of them so we are loathe to mention them by name. As well, the financial community is on both sides of the aisle but mostly liberal Keynesians find themselves with the gossip crowd, which continue to push the celebrity community to the foreground, such as music personalities, actors, directors, producers and writers from Hollywood, New York City, London and Paris. The Nashville crowd, bless their hearts, in many cases finds itself on the conservative side of things, but there are some with liberal leanings, and libertarian as well.

There’s the religious community of all stripes weighing in on the political debate, Christians leaning conservative along with a smattering of Jewish folks brave enough to call their brethren completely crazy, and lately the Archdiocese of the Catholic Church being forced into the conservative column with the advent of Obama’s latest position following the advocacy of his signature legislation, Obamacare.

There’s the CAIR community and their large smattering of blog sites, largely pushing an agenda of acceptance of Islam as a religion of peace and the adoption of Sharia Law. Our position on them has been clear from the beginning, they are a geo-political agenda under the disguise of religion.

Then there’s one more piece of the dialectic puzzle, FOX NEWS. Rupert Murdoch being a shrewd businessman, though an alleged socialist at heart, still took on the entire liberal television community and positioned his media empire in the USA and Britain on the pseudo conservative side of the coin, calling it fair and balanced NEWS. His programming is kicking the pants off of every other NEWS channel, network or cable. Also kudos to Roger Ales, he has the best looking lineup of female talking heads in the business. His paper empire graphic stylings looks more like gossip journals than hard news except for The Wall Street Journal, though it has been dumbed down considerably since his acquisition of it in 2007.




To sum this up, this is where the military and former military resides. Views by this community largely held is a feeling of betrayal by their government. Especially with the advent of the extended war on terror, and which coincides with a corporate takeover of many functions, including logistical support, medical support, the galley operation, and a mercenary army working alongside of the intelligence, counterintelligence, and counter-insurgency contingents.

From all indications we’ve been following for the last few weeks, we’ve concluded that there might be a war going on inside the Pentagon amongst the highest echelons of the corporate government. It is a secret war whose facets cannot be corroborated with anything other than innuendo and personal attestations. It alleges that it permeates the top levels of the CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, Secret Service and the Department of Defense, The Army, Navy, Air Force, and The Marines. That it also involves a document known as the NESARA (National Economic Security And Restoration Act) Act, allegedly passed and signed into law under gun point during the Clinton administration, in secret, and then stashed away by the Supreme Court under a gag order.

What this war means, were it to be taking place, is that there is a large civil war brewing in The United States of America. Some have alluded to a 2nd American Revolution.

This movement known loosely as “The Freedom Movement” has a couple of facets to it that are interesting and also disconcerting. Some of the face of this movement can best be characterized and seen in the presidential candidacy of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. It is a well known fact by now, that much of the congressman’s support does come from active and retired members of America’s armed forces. There is also activity within state electoral delegate conventions that the congressman’s ranks are swelling inside these conventions, which may bring to light, a brokered convention this year when the GOP convenes in Tampa this summer.

We came upon the initial contact for this information listening to a radio program late at night, and the host was interviewing one David Wilcock. David Wilcock is a consciousness blogger of some repute. His ascendancy has been on the rise for about 5 years. The fact that Mr. Wilcock would attest as to the accuracy of the information he’s been made privy to, does not in itself corroborate actual facts, no matter who his inside contacts are surrounding the claims made by one Benjamin Fulford, and another agent of information, one Drake Bailey.

In a conference call that this writer participated in after a show airing on Global Voice Radio 10 June 2012 13:00 HRS EDT, and asking Mr. Bailey a few pointed questions, the only question that serves to throw any light on the subject of his claims, is his former rank in the military which previously we were certain according to our suspicions of him being an E7, he answered that he was in fact a Spec4, which puts him at the pay grade of E4 and not E7. What can be gleaned from this particular revelation is his former rank does not lend itself to the idea that he has the kind of inside information he would claim, though that assumption is also of no certainty.

During the actual show, he was asked if he would agree to meet me in person, and though he didn’t directly answer in anything but a cavalier manner, has not responded to any direct message sent to his Facebook account, nor has one of the owners of Global Voice Radio responded to an email attesting to keep Mr. Bailey’s direct contact information confidential, though an offer for a legal NDA document had been offered. That Mr. Bailey, will go on the record in a cavalier manner, as he has done, yet when confronted with a very aggressive stance vocally, it would seem he shrinks from the challenge. This paper still offers to meet Mr. Bailey at his earliest convenience face to face, so that we may visually inspect whatever documentation Mr. Bailey has corroborating any claims whatsoever, and also to get a sense of the man’s character visually from close proximity and not the kind of anonymity that cloaks a person’s actual demeanor from an Internet perspective.

It sounded like there was a coup or militia rebellion developing to overthrow the corporate government by the use of the top cadre in our military and he alluded to the fact that there was going to be mass arrests conducted by this cadre, assisted by the army, backing up federal marshals, who in turn would be ordering local law enforcement to stand down and follow orders, and that the arrests were to be of what they consider to be, their top list of criminals inside the corporate structure of America’s government, and the past officials as well. This list includes the president, most members of congress and the senate, as well as, key officials in all the departments of defense and homeland security. This list also includes all the members of the Federal Reserve and their member banks, including members of their families, as well as, other parts of the central banking system. Not only that, but that it was part of a worldwide systemic cleansing of all central banking members of the G20 member nations, and their governments officials.

However there is an aspect of this movement of folks by whatever pronoun that can accurately describe them, which is highly unsettling. This is the UFO and ET or Extra Dimensional Beings belief sector. We can call this subset, The Channelers. This particular anomaly of consciousness cannot be independently verified by any known source, and whatever evidence that could corroborate any existence of the phenomenon remains hearsay and linked to personal accounts of contact. That there must be some credibility to it is best seen in the character of former Command Sargent Major Robert O. Dean. That is to say, that if a Command Sargent Major attests to secret government ET/UFO cover-ups because he was a firsthand witness to many various events while in the employ of the United States Army, later vilified for coming out with the info as a crackpot, that it does lend a certain deference for the idea of UFO and ET evidence. As to the man’s character he didn’t achieve the lofty NCO rank, which is the equivalent to being a general in the cadre of the NCO corps by being an idiot.

To be fair in the treatment of this alleged special kind of awareness, there is the work of Doctor Ahmet Goswami. Dr. Goswami is a world renown physicist who’s primer on quantum physics is required course material in many of the top science universities worldwide. Dr. Goswami is working on the mathematics which takes into account that which he often refers to as subtle energy principles or the “subtle body.” He talks about the idea that in fact there are two kinds of causation’s. Material science deals with upward causation, that which is described in the current accepted axioms of physics. The other kind of causation is described by Dr. Goswami as downward causation, that which emanates from the “subtle universe.” Dr. Goswami’s film work called The Quantum Activist can be seen in its entirety on Netflix.




After the initial revelation of a mass arrests event, the next revelation came forward there was to be a vote. The vote was for the purpose of finding the peoples intentions and to serve as an affirmation for the military, where the people stood. The vote was being ushered in because the banking cartel wanted to surrender, feeling cornered. The next revelation was after the vote, wherein Mr. Bailey said he had taken the vote just to see where people stood. Then today on the Global Voice Radio over the Blogtalk platform, Mr. Bailey said that time has run out with folks patience, and that now these beings who send messages through channelers through various individuals were themselves at a crossroads with the entire planet.

Today in a popular Internet phone in radio interview platform known as Blogtalk Radio, The Global Voice Radio show had Mr. Drake Bailey announcing to the listeners that, according to all the latest channeler messages, that there is a likely world catastrophe event coming and on the way, which this Mr. Bailey attested would be the equivalent of the popular movie 2012, if the folks don’t start taking care of business and make their peace with the earth, also known as, Gaia. That the extra dimensional beings were here to help, as has been going on for some number of years now, and that the citizens of planet earth can lessen the event, and it would be considerably different were we to start changing our ways, and get on with the arrests of the dark forces emanating from the central banking cartels.

The channeling community (some refer to them as “light workers”) are folks on the surface that seem to be self appointed “ascended masters” of some kind of information that purport to be messages from beings that are at a higher vibrational level than normal people. They refer to normal people as third dimensional beings. This train of thought is also echoed by “messengers” like David Wilcock. They attest to the idea that there are vibrational levels that are higher than the current physical state that defines the human condition, or human reality. They attest to the idea that beings of higher vibrational levels can slip in and out of our earthly reality, sort of like the films done by Keannu Reeves known as “The Matrix” film franchise.

There’s the messengers called The Pleaedians, others called The Galactic Federation of Light. There’s The Andromedans and such. More names than we care to mention for the sake of brevity. There’s one more that bears mentioning and that’s the evil ones, suitably named by this community of channelers called The Archons. Were one to objectively look at this anomaly of data, it sounds like a science fiction movie script. There’s alleged revelations that say the earth is hollow, and that beneath the crust there is a land called Agartha. That there is a community of beings living there called The Agarthians.

Some of the community, we surmise, are fiddling around with a technology developed by the Department of Defense known as “Remote Viewing” which allows the participant to see events at some future date with a reasonable amount of certainty. Not the dates of the events but the way the event will unfold. The most famous of the remote viewing community is a man who is former military and world renown in some circles by the name of Ret. Major Edward Dames. Mr. Dames is credited with having worked diligently with the shadow services of the Department of Defense for a number of years in helping to develop the technology, after which he retired and now doing private contract work.

Fiddling around with a technology of this nature, being that it involves the mysteries of the mind, is that it can be taken completely out of context very easily, especially those who are self taught.

In last weeks phone call, this writer participated in the online question and answer period. After Mr. Bailey had made the confession that he in fact was a remote viewer and had been doing it since he was a young boy of 6, I asked him if he knew of Ed Dames, and he admitted to only vaguely knowing the name. I can certify that I was extremely aggressive in my vocalizations and questions. In that same teleconference Mr. Bailey attested to the idea that he was undergoing physical changes to which he attributed “ET” involvement. The ET’s he claims is readying him for the ascension event that is suppose to take place some time before the end of this year according to all channeler accounts, which serves to bring the citizens of planet earth to a new level of vibration of consciousness.

Also in this very same phone call I, as a participant did offer to help set up a blog that would allow Global Voice Radio to throttle the remarks in their Facebook group. Simply because we were sympathetic for the cause of their quest for truth amongst the followers they have amassed. We emailed one of the founders of Global Voice Radio as instructed. Mr. Bailey, who we are trying to meet will not come forward, nor will anyone from Global Voice. Sad to see this. In the interest of a fascinating story, access is not forthcoming.




It’s very simple to understand the propaganda mechanism. Have two diametrically opposed sides of an argument, argue, then when the subjects of the propaganda are frustrated enough with the dialogue, offer the solution to the problem. Therein lies the performances being put forward by members of the “Light Workers” and “Patriot” Movements.

Who is driving the dialectic? Major media channels. It would seem that the fantasy world being purported by the unwitting dupes within the Light Worker/Patriot movement community have served their purpose well for those in charge of the money supply and world governance.

We have not been able to find out who has been propagating the origins of the myths surrounding those folks doing the “channeling”, as it were, by what it appears quite succinctly, is that there is a mass delusion taking place, aided by the Internet using sympathetic websites, and the use of You Tube videos. This delusion from all appearances is one of the largest we’ve ever witnessed.



David Wilcock purports himself to be the reincarnation of the famous psychic Edgar Cayce. His follower community seem well entranced by him. Meanwhile, Ben Fulford has been making prediction after prediction, and has changed his stories over the ensuing periods (and for a few years now) to fit the occasion as seen by events unfolding on the Internet. Mr. Drake Bailey continues to unfold his considerable delusional state. Still the people follow and hang on his every word. He must like the attention. We cannot find any other reason for his fixation to spread this information, as he has been doing now for a few months. He attests he’s just a good patriot doing his job for humanity. He’s been heard by this writer saying he can communicate with animals and insects alike such as crickets, squirrels, and chipmunks.

Here’s further data as we understand it, allegedly:

1. There has been a plan to take back the government of the United States developing since around 1954. By the 70’s it had swelled to a volume 5 inches thick. This “plan” has been accelerated in recent months starting back last November, when The Hague recognized a package from citizens of the state of Pennsylvania, and has been replicated in most of the states of the nation and continues to this day.

2. Somewhere in the 70’s a person who is former military and a veteran of the Vietnam war, came into contact with this “plan” and was asked his opinion. Part of the reason for garnering his opinion is he’d become a good student of the ways that common law works within the structure of world governance. He had a reputation for doing such, and he was trusted to keep secretive. Allegedly, as the story goes, he was certified while on active duty for top secret clearance, as his job was in the nuclear defense security area as a NCO. This individual indicates that there is a situation that has developed which will give the “GREEN LIGHT” that the operation is a “GO” after certain unknown, other conditions are met.

3. Documents have been filed with The Hague in the Netherlands describing that states, and the most important of them, the original Thirteen States, under the terms of common law, that are to remind officers at The Hague that these states are relieving the corporation of the United States filed in Delaware 1989, as well as, other corporations in partnership with these corporations, and shall cease to continue in their operations as allegedly serving the people of the nation. They also allege that this is completely lawful under common law.

4. That liens have been filed by designated trustee officers of the original Soekarno Gold Trust, against all twelve branches of The Federal Reserve Banks, and their respective CEO’s to pay upon demand, the sum of 2.4 million tons of gold at the rate of 4% per annum, in gold totaling. 4.4 million tons of gold, now held in the Bank of International Settlements, and The Federal Reserve Bank in New York City. That these lawsuits are using the principles of Admiralty Law, and have filed the liens and demand for payment “with prejudice.” To return this gold to the members of this trust.

5. That regulated, as well as, unregulated states militia’s are in a state of high readiness. The numbers of the members swelling the ranks of these militia’s are unknown and of which states are also unknown.

6. Many members of the populace amongst these militia are in league with a claimed, over 80% of the highest ranking officers in the military to perform this operation and that the president himself, has been notified that he is no longer Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces but to continue in his post as if nothing is unusual.

7. The former president Gerorge H.W. Bush and his son, former president George W. Bush are presently under house arrest, and that federal marshals are having a continued presence amongst the Secret Service agents to prevent them from leaving the country and are awaiting adjudication scheduled for some time after the operation takes place successfully. Former president Bill Clinton and Secy of State Hillary Clinton are also to be placed in custody. There are many assertions from various websites as to this eventuality.

8. That there will be a sweep through the higher echelons of various government agencies of citizens working for the agencies, and that a further sweep will extend to the offices for governors of the states, but will go no lower.

9. That corresponding to earthquakes reported last August in Virginia and Colorado, there had been underground bunkers having been constructed by the government over a period of 40 years, costing 43 trillion dollars of taxpayer money with an accompanying rail system underground all over the country, and that this system was actually destroyed by two nuclear explosions within hours or days of each other, which may also explain why some citizens across the country have reported and heard strange low pitched whining sounds coming from certain areas where these tunnels were built. Allegedly this could have been caused by sudden gusts of wind rushing through the tunnels kind of like the sound principles used in flutes.

10.That there are cadres of foreign nationals on American soil as we speak, some claim numbering over 400,000 troops, to include, Polish, Russian, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese who are conducting joint military drill operations, and have in the past couple of years, most prominently in the Colorado area, who are to perform mass arrests against these various militia’s and to round them up to put them in FEMA camps for re-education, and in some cases permanent isolation without the benefit of trial by jury as prescribed in several areas of Presidential Directives, but most recently surfacing in an act signed into law by Barack Obama in January of this year called the National Defense Authorization Act, which officially and explicitly labels these citizen militia’s as terrorists, and suspending now and into the future, provisions laid out in the constitution under posse comitatus.

11. That the Fukushima nuclear disaster last year was not an earthquake and subsequent tsunami but actually a nuclear explosion performed by drilling into a deep fissure of the ocean bed outside the area where that reactor is located, and that it was performed in collusion with elements of the secret Israeli force known as the Mossad. Allegedly this was to put Japan on notice to hand over 2.3 trillion dollars to the folks backing the operation. Allegedly, this was a secret operation backed by high ranking members of the central banking system of Europe and the US Federal Reserve.

12. That earthquakes in Turkey over the last few years were actually caused by a system known by some as HAARP. A harmonic resonance system, developed from technology gleaned from the late great inventor, Nikola Tesla. That these earthquakes were geo-terrorist acts caused by members under orders of the international banking cartel of central banks, run by descendants of The Rockefeller’s, The Morgan’s, The Warburg’s, The Rothschild’s and others within that allied structure.

13. That there is an alliance of 140 nations who are operating secretively with clandestine far east organizations of unknown origin, who have all claimed they have stopped using the world’s reserve currency known as the American Dollar, and that these nations have completed and put into operation in a limited fashion, their own monetary transfer system, outside of the system known as the SWIFT banking transfer system run by the Bank of International Settlements.

14. That there will be an interruption of banking services for some in the United states, especially those that are banking with some of the nations largest institutions with very close ties to the Federal Reserve, like Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, just to name a few.

15. There there will be an interruption of foreign travel and that the country will be on lock-down for a period of at least 72 hours after the initial breakout period when this activity occurs.

16. That there will be a period of two years where foreign travel is severely restricted, and that the nations borders will be completely sealed, no one in or out.

17. That there may be interruptions in food supply throughout the country while these activities are taking place.

18. That all debt of the United States will be wiped clean, and that the holdings of the Federal Reserve will be entirely confiscated. That also during this period, certain banks will be “zeroed out” according to some organizations linked to the unregulated militia.

19. That European Central Banking will also be part of this “sweep.” The most prominent parts of this sweep will be linked to the G7 and then forward to the G20 nations of NATO.

20. That the United Nations will be closed down and will no longer operate within the borders of the United States, nor will the United States be host to any such organization in the future, should the militia’s prevail.

21. That there has been circulated, amongst the police departments throughout the entire United States covertly, a certain NDA or non-disclosure agreement which serves a contract between the personnel and the corporate federal government, that bids the employee’s of police, fire, hazmat and emergency personnel, and that such agreement bids the contractee to swear allegiance to President Barack Obama, specifically and not the office of the presidency.

22. There is going to be a revaluation of the national currency. That this revaluation is going to be urged on by an international consortium by use of monetary experts.


There are no credible agents of information that will come forward in the cold hard light of day. Scrutiny of this is something all, so far, have refused to corroborate with documents, recordings of conversations, photo evidence in hard copy form, anything that would mean something substantial that can be considered real.

We were able to reach an individual in Nebraska that was being exhorted by Mr. Drake Bailey to become inveigled into filing for that state, common law documents for the purpose of registering with The Hague, Nebraska as it’s own unique nation state. We spent some time on the phone with the man. A very nice gentleman. He did confirm Mr. Bailey’s contact with him. The man is a former employee of the FAA and very concerned about the country, but he dismissed Mr. Bailey after enough contact with him, calling the effort nonsense. He’s run for congress and sheriff of his county and will be doing so again when the election for the post becomes due.

We have been monitoring a certain Facebook group controlled by the Blogtalk radio show where these folks congregate. There are at present 3,255 members of this group posting comments and links. Actually it’s a great group to discover the Internet forensics of how these folks think and what they believe.

We can see no evidence of their grounding in our state of reality. That being, we are, according to the belief system in place by their awareness or psychologies, that we are poor unfortunate, simple third dimensional beings…in short we are blind to their collective understanding.

What we see is that these folks are so convinced of their awareness being substantiated in the real world of all the real worlds, no pragmatic mind can penetrate their delusional state.

If there is a real revolution afoot, as Mr. Bailey would attest, we certainly hope those patriots who are involved do not come to any harm.


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