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Anti-Defamation League Continues To Embarrass The Jewish Community – Attacks Geller’s National Ad Campaign – (TCP)CHICAGO

Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO

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(TCP)Chicago Opinion – There are not enough Jewish voices on the right side of history. Too many aligned with Bolshevik’s during early 20th century Russia. Too many took reformed Judaism as a serious discipline. Too many turned their backs during World War 2. Too many align today with The Democratic Party.

President Obama has weakened America’s involvement with Israel in the public relations arena. He’s been seen on many occasions as disrespectful to the investment of American dollars made for making sure that Israel remains free.

Here comes the Anti-Defamation League. They claim to have been battling bigotry towards American Jews since 1913. Certainly, they were a pivotal organization on this front. What have they achieved? Are Jews more widely respected? No. The same animosity is leveled at the Jewish community and one could postulate, in ever greater proportions, than has been experienced in times past.

In America, the term Zionism has been lionized as the cry to excite Jewish hatred. It’s everywhere. There are scores of folks all over the country who attribute America’s reserve currency status as being tainted by the Zionist cause. There are conspiracy theorists that link the House of Rothschild arm in arm with the Rockefeller’s, and Israel is a creature of the Rothschild’s bearing down on the British crown in early 20th century international politics via The Balfour Declaration.

In the last 60 years the force of governmental legislation against bigots has not lessened bigotry. Discrimination is a matter of personal choice. It will always be that way. It may be against the law but there are always ways to skirt the law by the well chosen use of words which describe any particular discrimination as something other than what it is.

It was the Anti-Defamation League that was out in front against “hate speech.” It has not stopped any hatred. If anything it has had the opposite effect. People will always make choices they feel comfortable with whether or not it’s popular. Hate speech is “thought police” politics and it has been legislated as against the law. When you suppress speech by claiming that “emotional damage” occurs in the feelings of those the speech was directed at, it is reasonable to posit that emotional pressure builds all the more for those who wish to express their hate. Thus, it becomes an emotional powder keg which builds to explode at some point in the future. We see examples of this all over the political landscape today, whether it’s the LGBT’s, Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians or many other minorities embedded into America’s population.

The “anti hate speech” agenda today is being shown as a failure and for what it is, a statist policy gone sour. One can’t go for a day without someone crying foul about someone’s expression of animosity and then seen somewhere in the day’s headlines.

Leaders in the Jewish community continue to embarrass Jews as a whole. To the lay population, it matters not how tied to their faith these Jewish leaders are, it only matters that they’re Jewish, and they must be stopped.

The Anti-Defamation League has largely failed in its mission to secure favorable “political thoughts” about the Jewish peoples in the population at large. Now they’re attacking one of the Jewish community’s staunch defenders, Pamela Geller.

Ads are running across the country sponsored by Geller’s AFDI not-for-profit corporation. AFDI stands for American Freedom Defense Initiative. Pamela Geller is the American lightning rod who bravely warns the American population about the stealth jihad and its invasion into American culture and her politics.

The Anti-Defamation League and many others in America do not fathom the real idea behind Islam or Muslims in general. Those in the know understand that it is a geopolitical agenda disguised as a religion. Its very essence is a lie compounding other lies. Do not underestimate the wiles of the Muslim population at large or what is being said from the pulpits of mosques around the country. Do not underestimate the wink and nod gestures amongst the leaders of Islam and their adherents.

The term Islamophobia is a code used by leftist’s to make unpopular a healthy gut level reaction for Jewish, as well as, American preservation. In other words, there is nothing wrong with not wanting too much fraternity with the Muslim world and its geopolitical goals. Therefore, to be an Islamophobe is a good thing.

Better yet, should we all just embrace Iran’s latest menacing rant? Exactly what is the Muslim Brotherhood in America doing to curb the speech and invective of the Iranian leadership?

If we take the tack of ADL’s latest agenda, which on the surface would seem to be, dial down the rhetoric for or against anything, and let things be without drawing too much attention to it, what will be the result from Islam’s leaders other than perceived weakness?

If the phrase “never again” doesn’t mean anything to the ADL or those aligned with them, then they are obvious apologists of the grossest kind. They inspire weakness not strength. Moreover, to make this statement: “Being pro-Israel doesn’t mean being anti-Muslim and anti-Arab. Suspecting a “jihadist” motivation by everyone who follows Islam contributes to an atmosphere where hatred and discrimination are easily justified. Geller has a First Amendment right to spread her views, but she does Israel no service by her bigoted attacks on all Islam. The ADL hopes that our Muslim neighbors recognize that Geller’s campaign reflects the thinking of a very small minority in the Jewish community and trust that they also understand, as do we, the dangers posed by extremists in all of our faiths.” is admitting that discrimination of any kind doesn’t serve the idea of preservation in the face of another discrimination, like those espoused by the seat of Islamic power, Iran. Let’s not forget America’s interests in the matter.

“Israel’s interests” as depicted in the previous paragraph by the Scarsdale Chair of the ADL, John Harris, must not be to preserve itself. Israel is derided everywhere in the public relations machine of the Arab and Muslim press. So Israel and her proponents should just shut their mouths accordingly. If Mr. Harris could point to a time in history when Jews, by remaining silent or amiable, were allowed to live in peace, we’d welcome the reply and example. Of course, he will not be able to illuminate such a point.

So, philosophically what does Pamela Geller achieve with AFDI’s latest initiative? Pamela Geller shows strength where a weakness is perceived. Pamela Geller shows backbone where a supple spine spine fails and has always failed. She stands proud as an American Jew who is a political conservative instead of shrinking from the critics, her largest being the Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood arm of American political discourse, The Council of American Islamic Relations.

If the ADL wants to do something about Jewish public relations in America that would be positive, perhaps they should have a talk with George Soros or Jaimie Dimon, or for that matter, the entire Hollywood-Broadway machine of America’s entertainment industry, who’ve all abandoned what earlier notable founding Jewish moguls adhered to, something called, The Hayes Code.

Perhaps if proud Jews were to do something positive like policing their own by having frank discussions with leftist apologists from within our community, away from the light of day, and say to these folks, start showing a better example in your person, there would be a trend to take root that would portend well for coming generations of Jews everywhere.

Pamela Geller in the meantime, will take the heat other Jews would feign to bear up against in the face of geopolitical religious tyranny, and continue her mission, rest assured on that point. Men in the ADL and the leftist Jewish community should take note. Will it take sides with a courageous advocate for American values, and Jewish preservation, or will it submit to the dhimmitude, which is the expected result of Islam and its adherents, for waging the war of this stealth jihad, disguised as moderate Islam?

The ADL submits their “opinion” about Ms. Geller here and wants you to accept this as fact. Instead what it does, in our opinion, is promotes acceptance of weakness and moderation’s which are unreasonable to assume. The ADL wants you to believe they’re for securing an “equal outcome” against all discrimination for all peoples who’ve been discriminated. What they fail to recognize, is twofold: 1. Talk is cheap and 2. You cannot legislate good grooming, decorum or behavior.

Behavior is precisely the point.

Perhaps the ADL can explain where has moderate Islam sprouted from the Jewish example? Israel has allowed the Dome on The Temple Mount to stand in Jerusalem, and has shown tolerance by doing so. What has this tolerance wrought? To be precise, only more hatred, or to put it another way, nothing.

The article below is Ms. Geller’s post we are in strong support for. We wish her to continue to be a political conservative and stand as an example for other Jews in America to follow. If you’re a Jew reading this opinion, consider any other alternative to preservation and you will come up empty handed, except to wield a weapon in your defense when faced with annihilation. Discrimination in this case is your ally for survival and not the converse, as apologists like the ADL would have you assume.

Contribute to AFDI’s campaign here at this link.

If the ADL wants to shake hands with moderate Muslims in this country, perhaps they should ask “that community” to take CAIR to task and tell all of them to stand down and cease those activities on American soil.

We are telling the ADL to rethink their values, and so should every Jew in this country. Jewish orthodox leaders are swinging for the GOP in this next election. Perhaps the rest of the community, and those from the New York, Chicago, Miami and LA communities as well, should learn a new tactic and that is to stand on the right side of history, rather than the left.

Not all Jews are cowards.


Atlas Shrugs – Pamela Geller’s News Blog – (TCP)CHICAGO Contributor

By Pamela Geller

Coast to coast, AFDI/SIOA is fighting the good fight in the information battle-space. The destoyers are already out taking their orders from Muslim Brotherhood groups like Hamas-CAIR, to destroy the truth.

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This number is actually up since we printed these posters. It’s 19,441.

The “journalist” did not call me for comment. But they called every one of my adversaries. The writer calls me anti-Muslim. Frankly, I find that very islamophobic. By calling me anti-Muslim, the writer of the article  implies that every Muslim is a jihadi who wants to impose sharia and “eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within and sabotage its miserable house.”

“Billboard Wars Continue at Westchester Train StationsScarsdale 10583, 14 August 2012americanfreedomThe billboard wars continue at Metro North train stations where now a third group has launched a campaign. The controversy began in July when an anti-Israel group named the Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine (COPIP) posted anti-Israel billboards at Westchester train stations. The posters contended that Israel had taken Palestinian land and turned the Palestinians into refugees — and some called them “grossly distorted” and “misleading.”


Now the American Freedom Defense Initiative has entered the fray and inflamed those on both sides of the conflict. The new billboard, which is posted at the Scarsdale Train Station, reads, “*19,250 Deadly Islamic Attacks Since 9/11/01 *and counting. Not Islamophobia, It’s Islamorealism.”

John Harris, a Scarsdale resident and Chair of the N.Y. Chapter of the AntiDefamation League said, “It’s unfortunate that some people are trying to reduce the difficult issues in the Middle East to slogans on billboards. The latest Westchester ads by American Freedom Defense Initiative, a group headed by the anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller, are offensive and inflammatory. Being pro-Israel doesn’t mean being anti-Muslim and anti-Arab. Suspecting a “jihadist” motivation by everyone who follows Islam contributes to an atmosphere where hatred and discrimination are easily justified. Geller has a First Amendment right to spread her views, but she does Israel no service by her bigoted attacks on all Islam. The ADL hopes that our Muslim neighbors recognize that Geller’s campaign reflects the thinking of a very small minority in the Jewish community and trust that they also understand, as do we, the dangers posed by extremists in all of our faiths.”

Last year the American Freedom Defense Initiative proposed posting an ad on city buses that read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man,” and then between two Stars of David had the words, “Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

The MTA rejected the ad on the basis that it violated its prohibition on messages that demean individuals or groups on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or other characteristics.

However, last week U.S. District Court Judge Paul Engelmayer ruled that the ad was political speech as it expressed a pro-Israel perspective, and as such was protected under the First Amendment.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) objected to the advertisement from the anti-Muslim group as “highly offensive and inflammatory,” but said it agreed with a federal judge’s finding that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority was wrong in rejecting it.

“We support the court’s conclusion that the ad is a form of protected speech under the First Amendment, yet we still strongly object to both the message and the messenger,” said Ron Meier, ADL New York Regional Director. “We believe these ads are highly offensive and inflammatory. Pro-Israel doesn’t mean anti-Muslim. It is possible to support Israel without engaging in bigoted anti-Muslim and anti-Arab stereotypes.”

Craven quislings.


Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO
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