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CNN Whistleblower Amber Lyon – Alex Jones Interview With Amber Lyon Confirms Journalism Fraud At CNN – CNN Runs State Sponsored Propaganda – (TCP)CHICAGO

Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO

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This is Brian Sidler reporting for The Critical Post – Chicago

(TCP)Chicago – Opinion – Where there’s smoke there’s fire. That watchword phrase is no more appropriate than it is regarding CNN. It’s not only Amber Lyon that exposes CNN for what they are, our own Pamela Geller recently in an interview with Erin Burnett, by virtue of the interview itself, exposes CNN for what they are. In that interview, Burnett imbues the questioning of Geller with her personal spin about Ms. Geller’s intentions regarding the ad campaign she is conducting nationwide regarding radical Islam.

We have accused CNN numerous times for their poor journalistic integrity, and we’re not the only ones.

In this interview with Alex Jones, Amber Lyon reveals exactly how CNN manipulates facts.

This is a great piece of journalism about journalism integrity at CNN. Amber Lyon testifies to Jones exactly what is being fed over the wires by this organization.

To digress a bit: However, there is also something disquieting about Lyon, she does express views about events, and her spin on them that is decidedly not conservative, instead rather liberal. There has been a steady drumming against Israel’s government in much of the media for many years now, calling into question as an agenda, Israel’s status as a sovereign state.

Recently Pamela Geller spoke with a friend who is in the PR biz, and that friend has told her that folks within the Muslim community who are well funded have been waging a PR war against Israel by the use of some very high profile agencies. This friend also told her that in fact, he was going to sell out to the need for the lucrative market to enhance his company’s bottom line, citing there’s too much money to be made there. In other words there’s not much money anymore for backing Israel. The PR machine for Israel has been drying up in recent years is what has been implied by this source.

More on the same…Alex Jones himself, has also spent some of his resources which aims to demonize Israel, using the phraseology of Zionism, and to paint a bad picture on those forces within the United States, PR machines included, which seek to demean the influence that the Jewish backed lobbying organizations have had with American government policy.

This is unfortunate. Our publication is a staunch defender of Israel. We will remain as such. In our opinion, we will not back down, and admittedly, some of us here are Jewish.

Back to this story: There is truth about what Ms. Lyon testifies in this interview regarding this unashamed propaganda organization, CNN. She tells Alex that Bahrain pays CNN for them to feed into their newscasts PR documents clearly paid to spin Bahrain’s message for the American public to paint them in a favorable light, despite Ms. Lyons documentation (and CNN being fully aware of the documentation) of the atrocities Bahrain’s regime has perpetrated upon innocent victims of their intolerance for dissent against it, including documentation of torturing doctors and patients or merely because they are Christians, or alleged pro-democracy activists. This is no doubt, blockbuster stuff.

Alex Jones calls it while going to the first break in this interview as “financing the NEWS.” Quite right Alex, quite right.

So CNN is an infomercial, and not the NEWS.

Below is the interview just posted by Alex Jones on his You Tube channel.




Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO
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