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By Scott Pollack

Dear Readers,

Over the past couple of years, our publication slowly gained its reputation for printing every significant speech made by the President of the United States (other world leaders as well, when relevant) and all this without commentary or opinion. Such, that major publications which most folks pay attention to have used our unbiased approach as a reference point for unadulterated data in this particular area. See the article on our head page – Who Reads The Critical Post. We also tracked the national presidential debates of the 2012 presidential race and did this without too much comment from us, other than to criticize the organization conducting any particular instance.

Regarding those speeches, I can also attest that they’re becoming less relevant to many folks. If our search term hits for presidential speeches is any metric for people’s interest in what our president says, I can tell you this president’s popularity is definitely at an all time low. In my opinion, the world is laughing at the good ole US of A.

During that time we also made strategic alliances with popular bloggers which decry, in their opinions, the unraveling of American ultimate supremacy via dollar hegemony achieved since the end of World War I.

We backed off from continually printing these strategic opinions because the world is becoming less entranced and thereby less interested in opinions from these places. We found them to be niche opinions, though we are still able to use them at our pleasure when we see fit. Many of these opinions, though relevant to a good degree are cottage industries.

In 2011 we coined the phrase “Chicago – Capital of the Midwest Coast”.

During 2013 we also coined the phrase, “The War and Consumption Paradigm”. This occurred in our test of YouTube broadcasts. If you give that phrase even a moment of consideration we think you’ll readily understand why we said it.

For the record, we use “caps” for the word NEWS in every instance because it is an acronym for the terms North, East, West & South as they are a type of pronoun to us and deserve to be treated as such because of political influences around the globe, as the winds blow. It is part of our “stylesheet”.

Less noticed by the public and the media at large is our tracking of the significant International NEWS feed propaganda being spread through the aggregation powers of the Bing and Google NEWS search engines. They aggregate NEWS propaganda being fed over the wires by all major corporate media outlets including but not limited to, The Associated Press (AP), Agence France Presse – AFP, and Reuters. They are amongst the top five largest NEWS corporations in the world today.

The search terms for our title “INTERNATIONAL NEWS DISTILLATION/S” is not a highly searched item and, most folks would never consider the idea of searching “NEWS distillation” when looking for NEWS of international significance.

Whether folks believe it to be fact, or as we have labeled it, propaganda of the first order, it conveys as propaganda because of sensationalized adverbial content. Also algorithms used by those two uber corporations renders them as decisions being made by someone, somewhere high up the ladder in those entities with a left of center agenda to publish the particular headlines being displayed for the public’s consumption. It is also recirculated several times throughout any NEWS cycle over the ensuing days as the algorithms determine, by some unknown quantifiable calculation. It conveys as propaganda because of the hyperbole (adverbial sensationalism) involved in the actual construction of the story. The style or content is what we call here at The Critical Post – Chicago, “buzz content”.

Very slick but then again, perhaps not so slick anymore because now, we’ve all learned to know the difference.

Starting this year, every midnight, we will copy verbatim the Google and Bing world headlines aggregates as presented for consumption. See our statement below considering copyright concerns. Remember, we are reporting verbatim, what we term as – propaganda. Also, in the very order it is received. If you want to see all the propaganda offered on the world stage by these corrupt organizations, all you’ll have to do to capture that snapshot is visit our daily International NEWS Distillations for the data. We carry that every day on our front page and we list the weekly lineup in descending order from the beginning of the year forward.

Sadly, I’m sorry to report, folks in the United States and Britain are transfixed and mesmerized by pop culture reporting, opinions and opinion blog media. Some of this pop culture reporting is done through aggregaters like Matt Drudge, Google and Bing NEWS. Matt Drudge has a right of center bias. Google and Bing are left of center bias. None of them are objective in any real sense of the definition for that word. For that reason, for the past few years we have been tracking, on a daily basis, every headline that Drudge rewrites. To inspect that, you can use The Critical Post – Chicago as a reference point to remember what has been reported by him and as well, for the past few years. This too is an ongoing effort.

You can see our tracking of Drudge in our section entitled Past Headlines. You can see all the previous years in the NEWS Distillations. We plan to expand this coverage as well to incorporate the blatant PR lies which disgust this small staff to no end coming from all these quote unquote, NEWS blogs. These blogs are mere left-right paradigm fodder to be distracted about. Hegelian dialectic. Useful stones on a board for the Chinese game of Go and on a grand scale, the world.

So, as a reader of The Critical Post – Chicago, what you get is mostly the unadulterated facts about “who” is saying “what” about “whom”. In other words, we are an archive that started in March of 2011 and continues to this day. The Critical Post – Chicago IS the new Gold Standard of objectively reporting what the reporters are propagandizing, with no spin from us.

If you want to see what was said in the past, from whatever major source of NEWS propaganda in the international arena, which disguises itself as objective reporting, all one has to do is use the archives of our publication to see the data or follow our link pages at the top of our publication.

The Critical Post – Chicago chief amongst other things, is a vast NEWS propaganda archive data source. To our awareness, there is no other aggregater or archiver of our kind in the world today.

No, it’s not a pop culture imperative to be an archiver of NEWS propaganda data. There’s nothing sexy or exciting about this data. However, we do think it’s important to keep track of this data. It’s a reference point for those interested to see where things came from and who said it. We do think that perhaps it will help you to plan your lives as you see things unfold.

It’s not the national propaganda that’s relevant. The Hegelian dialectic (left-right, east-west info paradigm) is a sideshow, much like a carnival of errors. It’s there to keep you befuddled and confused. The national propaganda does not accurately alert the public to the money war of competitive devaluation occurring on a daily basis. It does not accurately alert the public to the arms industry races and the trillions of dollars being spent there worldwide. It doesn’t accurately alert the public to the expansion of fascist conduct being propagated by the eastern centric multinationals versus the western centric multinationals, whom, along with the world’s central banking cartels, have a stranglehold on the entire planet. It does not accurately alert the public to the ever widening strife being conducted on the continent of Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, or the Pacific Asian Rim. It’s no longer an US versus Them paradigm. It is a multinationals, partnered with their respective governments (whether East or West) or more appropriately termed, the corporate fascists, versus the populations of the world paradigm.

Let me be clear about capitalism. It takes people of virtue to practice it. Corporations are important organisms for obvious reasons. However, as they are used today, leaves much to be desired. In short, folks in the lead positions have very little virtue, lefty or righty. The same can be applied to every government on the face of the globe.

Virtue as expressed by the populations of the world whether by a particular religious inquiry/discipline or philosophical bent has always been a beleaguered quest. Mainly it exists with those not in power. The folks who play by “their” rules without imposing any of their own. It doesn’t exist in anyone with significant worldwide power ramifications. I have rarely seen it from these folks, have you?

Be that as it may…

The Critical Post – Chicago is the only objective hard NEWS organization of its kind. Our hard NEWS archive reports the propaganda as being reported and unadulterated by any of our small staff. Here and there we’ll offer a political opinion but not too often, you get enough of that from everyone else. Why would you need ours? If you think about it, advertising and propagating your opinion on the political stage is an exercise of narcissism, and for the most part, with very little consequence. Nothing changes as a result of any of these opinions.

For an understanding of the word fascism as we use it here, we take our definition from The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics definition here. >>> Definition of fascism.

A prime feature in this political directive is its use of propaganda to further its aims. Propaganda always has a slight element of fact to support its narrative which is why it’s so effective as a device for swaying public discourse. It is our view therefore…

Corporate/government fascism is what’s being practiced on the world stage, and from every center of power. There is no major corporation anywhere on the face of the earth that doesn’t lobby its respective government for special favors or exemption from laws passed to protect peoples from their lack of virtuous conduct. There are no regulations that will keep them in check. Question: Do you actually think, that those who make and break the rules will abide by their own laws? Virtue by leaders of the world is not a common practice, and until it is, G-d help us, no theft or corruption will ever be deterred. Laws will always be broken. Psychopaths will always do whatever suits their fancy. A politician is nothing more than a liar buying an office to get in on the gravy train known as the “tax revenue base”. Unbridled greed can’t be curbed. Virtue does not exist in these realms. Left or Right. East or West.

The corporate NEWS channels by whatever brand name and from wherever are all completely corrupt. It’s at very best, yellow journalism. They’re handmaidens of the governments all over the world. They’re multinationals too! The politicians from whatever country, except for a very few outspoken brave souls, are likewise completely corrupt and in complete fascist lockstep with their respective (East or West) partnered multinationals/governments. The facts supporting these assertions are daily displayed for the discerning and aware mind to contemplate.

Sporting events are their most savored and popular distraction. Next in line are music corporations, film & TV production corporations all of whom produce fiction, to include reality TV, emanating from whatever media factory production center. Most come from, in no particular order, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Nashville, Toronto, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, New Delhi, Sydney, Tokyo, Riyadh, Jerusalem, Qatar, UAE, and Tehran. Call it what you will…we call it pornography.

Like many of you, our readers, we are quite sick of the whole melee. The entire mainstream NEWS complex worldwide is completely corrupt and serve their respective governments for whatever purpose they devise. My most considered suspicion is; to make the people of the world as susceptible to deception as is humanly possible without the direct use of a weapon in someone’s face, though that proverbial “weapon” is most certainly implied by these vested interests, along with their jail cells. In many parts of the world, that “weapon” is most definitely in your face. We’re saddened for your continued oppression.

For our part too, we think that the Trans Pacific Partnership is of the utmost concern to everyone on the planet. For that reason, we are carrying it on our head page and have been for the better part of almost two months. Our hat tip goes to Julian Assange. The free flow of information must not be abated. The Internet is paid for by our taxes, imposed upon all of us without proper consent of the governed. The Critical Post – Chicago has no intention of abiding by its tenets, will not participate in lawsuits propagated towards us for any claims of copyright violations, nor will we file any appearance in any court in pursuit of us thereof…and will not cease and desist by any court order anywhere in the world or from whatever court. Our opinion is the United Nations is a corrupt organization on American sovereign soil and we will not comply with the orders of a foreign occupying power. We also consider the city incorporated as Washington D.C. and the alleged seat of our sovereign federal government, as a foreign occupying power because it’s a proxy for the uber private Federal Reserve Corporation. That’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it. We welcome anyone who can prove it is otherwise.


In 2013 we took to the YouTube airwaves with a test of our editing software, to serve as a rehearsal for what is to follow, which is a live feed NEWS-room. Also an archive of opinions. We wanted to see how professional looking we could make the broadcasts without falling into the “packaging trap” used by all of media everywhere, including alternative media outlets. Those buzz graphics whose intent is to mesmerize you as a member of their audience. Personally, I regard their use of these graphics as an insult to your intelligence. It is mere PR fluff. We’ll not degenerate into that kind of platform as time moves forward. Rest assured on that heading, it will not occur.

2013 also saw our expansion into the radio podcast format with The Bittersweet Records Radio Hour, The Dave Freeman Jazz Show on WNUR, and occasional broadcasts from the important and relevant Blues Archivist and Blues Aficionado Lynn Orman and, which is always a free download available to you from our Soundcloud Platform.

For the record:

I want to state unequivocally, that all pop culture NEWS media, whether alternative or mainstream is a very clever distraction from what is really occurring behind the scenes. Personally, I suspect them to be controlled opposition, and as such, pawns in a much larger game of distraction. The real NEWS is to watch what types of, and the trends of the propaganda being used on the international scene because from there one can derive a considered opinion about where things are headed. That’s why The Critical Post – Chicago is one of the most important and relevant data collection agencies on the planet. We report about the propaganda disguised as NEWS from most major corporate outlets and some alternative media as well, like Drudge, Google and Bing.

We don’t ask people for Facebook likes on too many occasions because we think it’s insulting. We don’t ask you to follow us on Twitter, and we have refrained from using Twitter as a medium of expression until such time that people demand to know what we think about current events. We think Twitter is another insulting medium and filled with folks who for the most part have nothing important to say except for something towards their own personal aggrandizement.

Our small staff purports no pretense as to our relevance and will continue to contribute opinion pieces at its snails pace as we see things of interest. Brian Sidler (the toughest music and art critic I know of on the planet) and Jan O’Toole are for the most part both in semi retirement. However, I will bid them to make contributions when I think it’s of interest to our readership for such content. Also, we want to encourage those of you who have a knack for political opinion composition to submit those opinions to us for publication, though we make no guarantee we’ll publish it without first editing it, or at all.

Our continued mission to unblemish the reputations of the good folks from the city of Chicago who are continually maligned by the actions of her politicians known on the national, international, and local airwaves, will go on undaunted. I think I can state for most of her citizens, we do not align ourselves with these folks. We are held in leash and are terminally tethered to a corrupt election system emanating from Illinois’ capital in Springfield, and also from the corrupt, inept but powerful regime in Chicago proper. It is otherwise known as The Illinois Combine. Again, and stated for the record from us, it is completely corrupt. Nobody I know has a favorable thing to say about it, left, right or center.

I think it’s safe to say, that no matter what state or country you reside in, the same applies for you as well. Most of the world’s leaders in my considered opinion are psychopaths (at very least huge ego-maniacs drunken with their monetary freedom) of the utmost magnitude. Believe me, the good people from The Capitol of the Midwest Coast don’t hold it against you. Most of the people I know are far better and brighter than that.

We do have more things planned. We plan to continue the coverage you’ve come to expect from us and we plan to expand that coverage, as well as our use of video and podcast medium. We have a prominent passion for great music, and in general great art. Expect more from us in these areas.

We sincerely hope you like what we plan to introduce. We hope you think its relevant. All of this at no additional expense to you. It really is, as they say, “free”.

Thank you for your interest in The Critical Post – Chicago.

Thank you and, may whatever divine spark you follow bless you and your families as time continues its march into the future. The moment we live is all that we have.

That is all. My kindest regards.

Scott Pollack – Chief Editor
The Critical Post – Chicago
From The Capital of the Midwest Coast

The Critical Post – Chicago and Bittersweet Records are services provided to you free of charge from the offices of Worldwide TMA. Our sister affiliate TAPS LLC Publishing is our copyright protection organization for all works of artistic merit. Any persons wishing to reprint any of our content are hereby notified to do so at your pleasure. We kindly ask that you quote, by way of back-link, us as it’s source.


Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO
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