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Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Engineer – Gary Yantis: “Fukushima Is Possible Extinction Level Event (ELE)” – Summary Of John B. Wells’ Caravan To Midnight Interview With Gary Yantis With Preface By Scott Pollack – (TCP)CHICAGO

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By Scott Pollack – Chief Editor/Founder 28 FEBRUARY 2014





(TCP)Chicago OpinionIt is the opinion of this publication by its small crew, that the information which is being made available on a private subscription basis from the website http://caravantomidnight, whose author and proprietor is Mr. John B. Wells, formerly of Coast to Coast AM radio fame, is provocative and thoughtful to the degree and, in this particular article heading, of extreme importance to the entire world.

Had we not tested the veracity of Mr. Yantis’ concern, along with our confidence in Mr. Wells, we would not be publishing the alarm that is to be had from understanding the material contained hereunder.End of opinion.

Folks reading this may find our empirical approach to reporting to be a bit dry. It is intended to be exactly that. It is our proprietary “stylesheet” for The Critical Post – Chicago and, it’s different from every other kind of reporting you will see published on the Internet.

Gary2002ProPhotosmElectrical Engineer, Tesla & Nuclear Labs Scientist – Gary Yantis

Quote from an email exchange with Mr. Gary Yantis and republished with his permission:




Mr. Yantis is concerned about the world’s population tendency towards a “normalcy bias” which is why he has come forward to issue his comments regarding the Fukushima Event as a scientist and as a human being. Redundancy intended.

What follows in this article are conclusions based upon the observations of a scientist. That scientist is Mr. Gary Yantis, a retired former employee of The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), Sandia National Laboritories, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboritories. Mr. Yantis was early on his life, a young man who had been experimenting with Nikola Tesla technologies and was recruited by the aforementioned corporate entities to become employed as a result of his work with Tesla’s experiments. His discipline is that of electronics engineering with significant additional training in the field of nuclear power and nuclear weapons while employed by the Atomic Energy Commission”. The AEC required all those above a certain level in technical positions to take extensive in-depth classes they conducted on nuclear power. He received his Bachelors of Electronics Engineering from Missouri Institute of Technology. Mr. Yantis’ security clearance with the government as attested by him is that of a level “Q” clearance.

A phone call to Mr. Yantis was conducted by the author of this article to ask certain pointed questions about terms and names Mr. Yantis used in connection to the material presented here.

When asked about his use of the name Israel/Rothschild in connection to the material Mr. Yantis was asked: How did you come to the conclusion that the Rothschild’s were involved with the incident in question? His answer was; he had concluded that Rothschild’s were involved on this level based upon the works of a man who had composed a movie called The Money Masters and The Secrets of Oz, which is freely available on You Tube at the following links: – respectively. He further attests the producer of the films are a personal friend and verifies his trust in the research performed to compose these movies.

When asked about his observation concerning the term “Weather Modification Equipment,” the question was asked: Have you seen this equipment in person? His answer was; “I haven’t seen it in person, I have only seen it in pictures years ago during the period of my employment with the AEC “.

When asked about the method of manipulation by the Weather Modification Equipment used in connection to the radioactive cloud being held in place over the Pacific and whether or not there could be several stations involved at various locations in sort of a triangulation conductance, Mr. Yantis said he: “Didn’t know exactly how the technology is being used or whether that was the method” at present but that it was certainly a plausible conclusion to think so.

When asked about his understanding of conspiracies and theories connected to those conspiracies which abound on the Internet, his conclusion as to the veracity of these various claims, loosely, and not a complete quote; Mr. Yantis concludes that most of them are “smoke and mirrors”. That is, his testimony as a scientist concludes, that the various subjects we touched upon were poor assumptions at the very best. In other words, Mr. Yantis is sensitive and weary of conspiracy theories based upon casual assumptions taken by the audience that reverberates these theories as facts without in-depth scientific discovery methods employed to conclude a belief in the theories as facts.

When asked about his conclusions as to Russia, America, Japan, Iran and the “deal” which had been struck between Iran and Japan: Mr. Yantis’ response was he had constructed this conclusion based upon sundries of articles he saw published in reports by various press outlets about this “deal”. That the research he conducted on the Internet went as far back as reports which are “freely available for those willing to conduct the research and dig for the reports” dating from 2009 – forward.

When asked about where Mr. Yantis was at the time of the tsunami incident and how he became convinced that the “Strip Chart Recorder” images were changed to reflect false or inaccurate data, Mr. Yantis said he was on the Internet at the time of the incident and, that he went to the various URL resources which records this data, and that he saw the spike in the graphs of the Strip Chart Recorders and that also sundries of folks were also on the Internet monitoring these various public sites where the Strip Chart Recorder graphs can be seen. That these observers had taken screen capture images of the spike images before the data had been changed and censored by the public authorities and that they are the same images he witnessed at the time of the incident.

When asked about the data concerning the movement of the Island of Japan as moving eight to ten feet to the east, Mr. Yantis testified that he used the same method as listed in the directly preceding paragraph and the physical movement is a matter of public record. He further states:

“Japan today is an island that could easily commence sliding with another earthquake and the process of liquefaction, of sea water coming to the surface from the horizontal slice underground when the island separated from the earth’s mantle. Japan today is no longer anchored to the earth’s mantle and is much like a hockey puck on an ice rink. It would not take much for the slide of ten feet could begin again sending the entire island into the pacific ocean.”

When asked about who in Israel was responsible for the placement of these small nuclear bombs into the ocean on the fault lines; Mr. Yantis’ response was that it was the secret intelligence agency inside of Israel known as Mossad. When asked how that conclusion had been reached, he testified that he used the same method as recorded in the previous above paragraphs which are conclusions based upon exhaustive research on the Internet and what was being published, and that these sources were deemed as credible based upon his own experience and scientific method of observation/verification.

When asked about the data concerning his profile on You Tube as one, W0TM, he verified that this is in fact his YouTube profile and that it is derived from his HAM radio call sign.

This article has been reviewed by Mr. Yantis before its publishing as to its accuracy of recording the facts surrounding, and as a result of listening to an interview conducted by radio personality formerly of Coast to Coast AM, Mr. John B. Wells who now runs his own TV webcast site called Caravan To Midnight and the interview can be had by subscription only and is the intellectual property of John B. Wells. You can subscribe to Mr. Wells’ reports by going to which is completely archived and can be viewed in the archives for so long as Mr. Wells makes those archives available. It was conducted by Mr. Wells on 24 FEBRUARY 2014, which lead to this publishing.

Were it not for the serious nature that Mr. Wells and Mr. Yantis deem the subject matter, The Critical Post – Chicago would not be issuing this article.

The article is also made possible by the gracious participation of Mr. Yantis with the author of this piece by Skype Video Telephone interview and the time endured was approximately one hour and fifteen minutes long.

Nothing is meant or implied by the questioning of Mr. Yantis and how he came to the conclusions cited herein. The methodology employed was direct question and answer as to the salient features which make this article possible for consumption by the public.

Nothing is meant or implied as to questioning the veracity of Mr. John B. Wells’ methods for conveying such information to his subscribers.

As a result of these methods, the following is made possible:

—————————————————————————————- End of Preface

The facts and testimony of the interview:

Gary Yantis Atomic Energy Consultant – Worked for Atomic Energy Commission Q level top secret security clearance at The Atomic Energy Commission and worked with Sandia Labs and Lawrence Livermore Labs.

The disaster involves Iran, Israel/Rothschild, USA, Russia and Japan.

GE was the contractor that built the Fukushima Reactor. Hundreds of suicides plus dozens of murders are being recorded that may have a direct connection to the bribes from Iran.

Mr. Yantis testifies in the interview that he had been involved from a very early age in re-creating various Tesla technology experiments and further testifies that many of the major worldwide (ramifications for the entire global community) events that have occurred, he did not specify which, can be attributable to Tesla discoveries. As a result of his experiments Mr. Yantis helped develop many Tesla Technologies for The Atomic Energy Commission and subsequent employs.

Says Yantis: “What the world appears to be is not true,” in the beginning of the interview.

He further commented that there’s a complete major media blackout about anything concerning Fukushima, so as not to alarm the public or cause a mass panic in Japan and other places. He further testifies that they altered the data to make it look like a natural disaster, when in fact it wasn’t. He alleges in the interview that the Rothschild’s cartel manufactured this event with a couple small nuclear bombs that were stuffed into a fault in the ocean 50 miles west of the island and then set them off. He alleges that Iran was going to get weapons grade fissionable material from Russia. When the Rothschild’s threatened Russia to vacate the bid – or else – Iran then bribed Japan to sell them fissionable material. He alleges that Iran bribed TEPCO and Japanese government officials with a trillion dollars USD (or more) to commence the sales of this material and also went further to go on to bribe hundreds of TEPCO officials directly, to make sure the sale would go through. He alleges that Japan, thinking it could “quietly” sell the material to Iran, had made preparations to do so but that the security company which secured Fukushima’s reactor and, which was actually owned by an Israeli company, that Rothschild’s quickly found out about the back-channel deal and then commenced with the two explosions on the fault line 50 miles to the east of Japan which caused the now famous tsunami.

He goes on to say in the interview that Rothschild’s cartel owns Tesla Technology which can be directed at spots on the globe to cause earthquakes and alleges that there’s been demonstrations of it in recent memory like the earthquake in Haiti. He cites a comparison of Haiti and the Dominican Republic which share the same island and that no damages were sustained by The Dominican Republic, which, given their proximity is statistically, almost impossible.

However, further, that the Fukushima incident was aided by two small nuclear bombs placed down a couple hundred feet into a fissure of the fault line at two different spots which went off at the exact same time. Citing the evidence, that if you look at it on an earthquake measuring device common in the geologic scientific community, a “strip chart recorder,” that the wave measurement it made does not look like an earthquake because the wave generation on the graph is too localized to the exact time of the event and that a real earthquake wave on the graph develops over a longer period of time and doesn’t look the same as what had taken place as shown in the graph’s raw data.

He further stated that Japan at present is like a “hockey puck” floating over ice, in relation to its place on the earth’s mantle and that Japan is no longer very well attached to the mantle. That it is undergoing a process called liquefaction, (a term for describing the idea of the island being dissolved from underneath its base). He described that the fault line which under-girds the entire island, is sending seawater up through the cracks. He alleges in the interview, that the island moved 8-10 feet to the east during this event. He further alleges that if another earthquake of sufficient magnitude were to hit Japan again, it could mean the complete destruction of the island, and very quickly.

At another part in the interview, he recounts the story of how Kim Jong Un of North Korea had come to power and goes on to describe, as is chronicled and verified by independent NEWS sites that Un had fired a couple of nuclear missiles over the island of Japan, whereby, and as a result, Japan’s ambassador came to the United States to exercise its treaty with America to build and station defensive nuclear missile silos to be aimed at North Korea. However, President Obama refused to comply with the treaty. Mr. Yantis alleges that Japan’s reaction to President Obama’s refusal to comply with the treaty resulted in Japan going it alone on their own behalf, to arm themselves against North Korea, and were in the process of weaponizing their ICBM force to deter North Korea’s show of aggression. (TCP)Chicago Opinion – Headlines as reported by major corporate controlled outlets of NEWS information are completely inaccurate as to the facts surrounding these launches, designed to mislead the public. END OF OPINION.

Earlier in the interview Mr. Yantis describes that he posted a comment underneath the video of an interview by Dr. Helen Caldicott.

We retrieved that comment made by a profile called W0TM, which sports a picture for the profile that is one and the same of the likeness of Mr. Yantis.

The video of Dr. Caldicott is enclosed below this line.


The Horrible Truth About Fukushima — Helen Caldicott, MD

We now break away to recount that comment Mr. Yantis describes as having been made by him – in quotes:

Comment placed in video thread:[sic]

“I write this with some trepidation. I said in an interview I was writing book detailing the REAL and FULL truth of Fukushima but the next day received several abrupt “messages” that publishing my book would not be “healthy”. I am not young so I was going to eBook publish anyway plus send copies to friends who had all agreed to publish the book on their sites. I’m ashamed I let my marriage stop me from proceeding after my wife said she would divorce me if I published my book.”

“My bio: I worked for the AEC early in my career in a Top Secret nuclear engineering position (Q clearance if you know clearances – I worked with Sandia Labs and Lawrence Livermore Labs). “Nuclear” was just a small part of what I was involved in. As this unfolds, I may “publish” as there is much more that needs to be told. Everything Dr. Caldicott said is true many times over. Also, it was caused by man and involves Iran, Israel (AKA Rothschild), USA, Russia and Japan. Thousands are culpable for causing it or being involved in the MASSIVE world wide media cover up. There have been hundreds of suicides plus dozens of murders.”

“Among the many unanswered questions one is: WHY was building three STUFFED with far more lethal types of radioactive material than all other reactors around the world? Material NOT usually used in a nuclear power plant and is far more lethal than i.e. U235 and U238 and have half lives of millions of years. There IS a MAJOR reason!”

“This will be genocide to the point of ELE (extinction level event). There are 104 nuclear power plants in America. 23 are by GE and are built to the “lowest bidder” (lack of) quality type design. There are 437 total nuclear reactors ON-LINE in the world.”

“America’s president shocked Japan by reneging on a long standing treaty (dating back to Reagan) to place an anti-missile defense system on Japanese soil if Japan ever formally requested it. After the NPRK test fired an ICBM in 2010 passing over Japan the Japanese government formally called for this protection (and was told “NO”).”

“Japan’s reaction was “since you now refuse to protect us we will build our own nuclear missiles”. Building 3 was within weeks of creating enough fissionable material for five nuclear bombs when Iran suddenly tried to buy extra material from Japan. Russia had been “weaponizing” nuclear material for Iran until Rothschild threatened Putin (threatened to “shake Moscow to the ground” – Rothschild shook Haiti to the ground to demonstrate they do possess the rumored “targeted earth quake machine” shown in the notes Nikola Tesla left behind). Putin STOPPED but then sold the “contract” to Japan. Japan saw a way to pick up a quick (rumored) trillion dollars plus from Iran. However, Iran this time “greased the skids” with hundreds of huge bribes of Tepco and Japanese officials.”

“Rothschild CREATED the event – look at the seismograph of the “event”. An EQ builds slowly. It does NOT look like a gun shot! A bomb does! After Japan refused to stop, Rothschild using two very small buried nuclear bombs created “3/11/2011″.”

“Even TPTB (the powers that be) did not expect more than a collapse of building three. They knew Fukushima is located on an ancient fault line which is where the nuclear bombs were exploded (50 miles away in opposing directions) but did not know the computer virus STUXNET had disabled all safety shut downs at Fukushima. As I wrote, hundreds in Japanese government and Tepco were bribed by Iran to say “NO” when they were TOLD to STOP by Rothschild. . Many (most?) have now either committed suicide or disappeared. The Japanese media now has an unprecedented censorship law of up to ten years in jail for reporting anything negative about Fukushima. It is surreal!”

“Many of the people of Japan believe their media who is reporting the danger has passed. Did you know the (manmade) EQ was so severe the entire island moved ten feet to the east? This means Japan is now just “floating” on the earth’s mantle. It is predicted another EQ of 7.0, or above, would cause the slide to resume but this time the sliding would probably continue. View “liquefaction” videos on YouTube to see sea water coming up that has seeped into the deep down horizontal crack that now runs the length of the island. Look on a map to see what is east of Japan (under water) should it commence sliding again. The island is now like a hockey puck on ice.”

“There is at least 95% more to this story than she was able to relate in just 37 minutes. A minor point: she meant potassium iodide (not iodine) that EVERY family should have. Amazon and ki4u and others sell bottles of PI CHEAP. Also, every family should have a box of N95 level surgical breathing masks. Owning a Geiger counter is a good idea. Buy now on eBay while prices are cheap. Have towels to wet to seal doors and windows) and rolls of duct tape to seal your home from outside air if ever needed.”

“Yes, weather modification (Nikola Tesla technology) DOES exist. As she said, there is a HUGE and growing radioactive cloud being held in place west off California. THAT is why there is a drought! Even the WX modification equipment is now at its max and the cloud is beginning to spill over toward California. California will soon be in complete panic when the cloud breaks loose, rains begin and it falls as ACID RAIN! This cloud can be seen on certain satellite feeds that have not been turned off to the public. 90%+ of public feeds of government radioactivity monitoring on the west coast (Canada too) have been turned off. Thank heavens for privately owned monitors. There are Web sites that show radiation levels. Currently the cloud is high enough (about 70K feet up) to be frozen thus radioactive particles are being held aloft (i.e. over Hawaii).”

“I’ve already written far more than I should but the world must pay full attention to this POTENTIAL ELE (I give it a 50% chance of becoming an ELE in the Northern Hemisphere – the South ten years later as weather physics causes the two hemispheres to barely mix). Fukushima remains the #1 LARGEST REAL and PRESENT danger to our entire planet. I am an experienced engineer and I really don’t know if the entire world has the resources to stop what is unfolding even if ALL politics was set aside, those responsible confessed and the world totally devoted itself to this single problem. It may be too late no matter what. Info for all: read Web site ENENEWS dot com and subscribe to the daily newsletter. They are, by far, the best source that is somehow getting the truth to the world. You will be STUNNED reading ENENEWS.”

“Trolls who “dis” when I write about Fukushima can save your typing. I ignore you. But then I’ve never said or written 10% as much as I’ve written here.”


In the above comments Mr. Yantis draws some far reaching assertions concerning the Rothschild’s. In the interview he’s careful to not accuse the citizens of Israel as being one and the same. Also in the interview he asserts that the Rothschild’s were given control of Israel after the end of WW2.

To continue…

Mr. Yantis alleges that there’s a huge radiation cloud that’s been held in place over the Pacific about 1,000 miles north of the Hawaiian Islands at about 70,000 feet and it’s frozen solid at that height and at present nothing is falling out of it. He said, its gone to the limit of the equipment that’s been performing this feat (“weather modification equipment – a Tesla Technology) and that within the next months is going to be hitting California. He says that the recent drought in California has been caused by this weather modification equipment. So he concludes in this segment of the interview that radioactive rains are going to be falling on that part of the USA in short enough order.

John Wells, asked if this has anything to do with HAARP technology. Mr. Yantis in summary, said no. He knows beyond a shadow of any doubt in his estimation, that actually HAARP did prevent the start of WW3 because it’s primarily used for RADAR enhancement (for over the horizon RADAR detection, which is its intended design capability) and that had it not been for the fact that HAARP detected North Korea’s missiles fizzled and dropped in the ocean. He added, without too many moments to spare. He alleges, at the time, The USA was on full DEFCON alert and at that point, might have launched American ICBM missiles had the missiles from North Korea succeeded in reaching their targets causing explosions. US Defense departments had lost contact with the missiles and they thought they’d land in Maui. He said he has friends that work at the HAARP facility and knows exactly what it’s meant to do. He said it’s used to heat up the atmosphere so that it can send RADAR thousands of miles in any direction aided by aircraft flying around specifically to direct the RADAR energies.

He alleges “there’s a rumor” that the government of Japan is looking to buy a large swath of land to move the entire population of Japan forward to. That they were looking at buying the southern half of Idaho and several other countries too. He said, in his opinion, that within a generation the Islands of the Japans will not be sustainable as a living space, or that it will even be there because of his earlier remarks and the case he made for liquefaction. He said that Japan’s major media conglomerate, NHK Networks is telling the people that Fukushima is being cured and that everything is under control.

Towards the last half hour he tries to console by telling folks how to prepare themselves. He said to buy a Beta Gamma wave Geiger Counter to monitor what’s falling out of the atmosphere. He went further to state that to protect a person’s thyroid gland, which is 100 times more sensitive to radiation than any other part of the body, to buy potassium Iodide tablets – which are still reasonably inexpensive. Further, he stated to buy “N95” breathing masks which have the correct granularity to filter out the radioactive isotopes floating around in the air. If you want to protect your home, one would let in as little outside air as possible by covering all cracks around windows and doors. Aside from that there’s little anyone can do to filter the air circulating naturally. Insulating a home can be done but the systems available are extremely expensive.

He stated that the US Government has turned off 90% of the public feeds which monitor radiation and making excuses about the dollars-in-energy savings by doing so. We assume this, so as to shut down the inherent panic which will ensue after learning how intense the radiation contamination really is.

He said that background radiation where he lives in the Midwest (the Kansas City, KS area) has doubled and remained fairly consistent since around August of 2011. He said there’s no place to put the irradiated water they’ve been using to cool the Fukushima plants and they’re pumping it into the ocean. He alleges that the fishing industry around Japan is pretty much finished. Same for the fishing industry from Alaska all the way down the west coast and hurting in a “big, big way”. Many of the boats are coming back empty depending on what they’re fishing for. He stated even on the east coast Geiger counters are picking up elevated radiation counts and that he is no longer eating any ocean caught fish whatsoever.

Mr. Yantis further asserts; in America, part of the fallout that GE, builder of the Fukushima reactors, should sustain, is being held in check because the Chairman of the Board for GE is Jeffrey Immelt who is one of President Obama’s top advisers. “GE left out a lot of safety equipment and that’s been proven,” he stated. He went further to state that GE is being protected from the legal side because judges are not allowing GE to be named in the suits coming forward in the courts and not telling lawyers tendering these suits why such conditions exist.

At the end of the interview by Mr. Wells, both parties mutually concluded that Fukushima can’t be contained by any known methods today. That the nuclear reaction is, at present, completely out of control and that authorities around the world do not know how to stop any further damage from occurring.

(TCP)Chicago Opinion – We are not comfortable at The Critical Post – Chicago that Mr. Yantis’ opinion should be disregarded or taken lightly. His qualifications demand that the world’s authorities and her citizens, stand up and take notice and that something should be done immediately to warn the public about this event and that IT HAS NOT PASSED. – End of opinion.

As a means of goodwill on the part of Mr. Yantis, The Critical Post – Chicago has been allowed and is hosting a free pdf download of Mr. Yantis’ book called “Infinite Dangers” which can also be found at his website: Infinite Dangers has been heralded as one of the best survival guides for people who live in or near large/major metropolitan areas in the country.


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    NEW YORK (AP) - Johnson & Johnson is paying about $2 billion in cash for the outstanding stake of a Japanese cosmetics and skincare products company. The New Brunswick, New Jersey, health care products company already owns about 20 percent of Ci:z Holdings Co. Johnson & Johnson said Tuesday that ...
  • Verizon: 3Q Earnings Snapshot October 23, 2018
    NEW YORK (AP) - Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) on Tuesday reported third-quarter earnings of $4.92 billion. The New York-based company said it had profit of $1.19 per share. Earnings, adjusted for non-recurring costs, were $1.22 per share. The results surpassed Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of 19 analysts surveyed ...
  • Florida governor defends his health care record in new ad October 23, 2018
    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Florida Gov. Rick Scott is launching a new statewide television ad meant to blunt criticism over the Republican governor's health care record. In the ad Scott recounts how his family struggled to get health care when he was growing up. He says he supports "forcing insurance ...
  • Pennsylvania man admits taking bribes for military base work October 23, 2018
    NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A Pennsylvania man has admitted taking bribes in a scheme involving construction projects at two New Jersey military bases. Kevin Leondi pleaded guilty Monday to two conspiracy counts. The 57-year-old Stroudsburg man now faces up to 10 years in prison when he's sentenced Jan. 30. Federal ...
  • Fire engulfs Oakland apartment complex under construction October 23, 2018
    OAKLAND, California (AP) - A five-alarm fire has engulfed an apartment complex under construction, the latest in a series of blazes at large residential buildings in Oakland. There were no reported injuries, but officials were concerned about embers igniting other fires. The large blaze at the multi-story complex at West ...
  • Harley-Davidson: 3Q Earnings Snapshot October 23, 2018
    MILWAUKEE (AP) - Harley-Davidson Inc. (HOG) on Tuesday reported third-quarter net income of $113.9 million. The Milwaukee-based company said it had profit of 68 cents per share. The results exceeded Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of five analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was for earnings of 47 cents ...
  • PulteGroup: 3Q Earnings Snapshot October 23, 2018
    ATLANTA (AP) - PulteGroup Inc. (PHM) on Tuesday reported third-quarter earnings of $289.5 million. The Atlanta-based company said it had net income of $1.01 per share. The results surpassed Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of eight analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was for earnings of 95 cents per ...
  • Honey Smacks returns to shelves with new recipe after recall October 23, 2018
    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) - Kellogg's Honey Smacks is returning to shelves following a voluntarily recall after salmonella infected 100 people in 33 states. The company announced on Monday the cereal will return next month in limited quantities with "a simpler, updated recipe." The company says production was moved to ...