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A Synopsis Of The Investigation Into International Wire Fraud Perpetrated By Neil Keenan, David Wilcock, Ben Fulford and Drake Bailey – (TCP)CHICAGO

Subtitle: There’s No There – There


Chief Editor’s Note: Recently, a man who poses as a news source on You Tube, one Mr.Pete Santilli, started to re-market the Keenan-Wilcock fraud stating he vetted this by inspecting Keenan’s original frivolous lawsuit filed back when this all began. Stating also, he’d been watching this fraud for three years, initially not believing it but for some reason unknown to us, he believes it now. It’s our opinion of Mr. Santilli’s ability to inspect something for news delivery, that he”s lacking any critical skills necessary to proclaim anything with such vigor. Not that we watch the man because we don’t. However, nothing comes to mind regarding a story he’s actually broken, rather, he makes his trade following the latest garbage and trend propaganda coming over the wires. Be that as it may…

Below is a brief synopsis of the Keenan-Wilcock-Bailey-Fulford information and international wire fraud, as brief as we could make it. At this point, given the work we’ve done in the past regarding the garbage launched onto the Internet sometime back towards the end of 2011, we’ve become ad-hoc experts in how this works and who’s targeted in such schemes.

As a writer Julia May, has been witness to this from the beginnings of its ascendency on the web. So she knows most if not all the sordid details regarding this unfortunate cyber virus which find people defrauded of donations and in one case, Ms. Jean Haines, her entire retirement savings, reported and witnessed by myself, extended as a loan to Keenan over a period of about 20 months, from mid 2012 to around the first quarter of 2014.

This is what happens when people put their faith in cyber messiah’s like David Wilcock and Neil Keenan but that’s all they are, another part of the latest crop of false “cyber messiah’s”.

As a witness to this saga for a while, I had no idea of what was actually afoot, other than I knew instinctually it wasn’t true and had it not been for Paul Collin of Unwanted Publicity Intelligence coming to the aid of our publication’s broadcast submissions on You Tube and the publishing of our phone number, we would have never known the actual workings of how deceptions like this are designed by the CIA and other complimentary intelligence organizations.

Another man who came to our aid was the point-man for The White Hats Report.

The Internet is rife with conspiracy theories and blogger content that purports facts without proper source material corroboration. One of these sites is indeed the blog run by Jean Haines. Freedom of speech on the Internet can be a dangerous and irresponsible activity if not handled correctly and there are many who are not using their responsibility towards any audience they may garner in a manner consistent with “good and best practices”. In other words, there’s too many, in their zeal for attention that use their freedom of speech (in print and You Tube video blog) that do not exercise professional reporting discpline. So the ability to print something has become a hindrance to information delivery in many cases that we’ve seen.

Everyone who’s aware instinctually knows there’s something wrong in the news delivery systems on radio, TV and the Internet. Propaganda whether by design, like that which we’re witnessing from America’s corporate news structure, along with many outside of the country, or the folly of bloggers like Ms. Haines and others, seem to be more in supply than anything else so people have nowhere to turn for properly formatted and correctly sourced content. Journalism is the problem. More correctly stated, “yellow journalism” is the problem. Where are the news reporters who do the correct work?

So, when a thing like this fraud comes to our attention, given the magnitude of Ms. Haines’ loss, we feel obliged to exemplify how a correctly formatted news organization handles the evidence.

During my onscreen appearances, because of my outrage at the men involved, after receiving a not-so-veiled threat from Bailey openly on the air of his “UPDATE” joke-of-a-show at Blogtalk radio’s platform, I abandoned professional reserve, however, the facts are correctly sourced and put forward.

We’ve included the entire You Tube broadcast series in this article. To some degree our broadcast news delivery platform is still in rehearsal to see what works and what doesn’t. The last thing we want it to be is entertainment. You can get that everywhere else. Also, we’ve included all of the titles of articles we have written since the inception of this not-so-carefully crafted yarn put in motion by the intelligence community working for the American government corporation. To be sure, it’s masquerading as a public service, which at this point in time is becoming more apparent than ever in our recent past, is being run for a college of American founded corporations most prominently led by “big oil,” “big defense,” “big banking” and “big tech” firms.

More than ever it is becoming apparent there is a break-away civilization forming. Exactly for what is a matter of constant speculation and intrigue.

We’ll continue to dedicate our efforts here at The Critical Post to get to the bottom of it. We think it’s the only thing relevant in world news reporting. We are honing our direction and thrust for exposure of the facts contributing to the development of what we think, by analysis, that we’re all witnessing.

In the meantime, we’re pretty much satisfied we’ve covered the bases regarding the subject matter contained here-under. Though Keenan, as a matter of shear narcissism will continue to try and market himself as something he is not. We highly doubt he will succeed too much going forward.

– Pollack

The Entire You Tube Broadcast Series

The Entire Article Series








By Julia May – Staff Writer

Most of us with computers and who are active on social networks have, by now, been hit at one time or another with viruses, spams and scams. Spotting con artists isn’t always easy, as they too have graduated into new methods to put a spin on the old story of, “Send us your money, (or banking information) and we’ll make you a millionaire. But one look or listen to Neil Keenan should have had red flags waving everywhere.

Almost needless to say, a man such as Keenan (seen below) does not have the executive manicure to be a globetrotting financier of the trendy jet set crowd, in his person or his use of the English language. It’s not known by many but folks who are going to travel in the circle of influence where large money congregates, in many instances, go to executive training school to learn how to act. In short, a finishing school for executives seeking further upward mobility. You can see that behavior on display quite publicly in the person of Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP Computers whose also speculating, at this point, to make a run for the Presidency of the United States. Fiorina’s demeanor and body language is typical of executive manicure for the top level management corporate sphere.




Keenan Kuala Lampur


Considering the above…is this a person with executive manicure?

Our history of the numerous TV game shows we were flooded with that go back to, “The Price Is Right” in the 60’s, up to, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” in the 90’s, were in the realms of conditioning us to the hyper-adrenaline of excitement over the idea of living a life of luxury by striking it rich playing casino games. But once the method of cheating is exposed and the game gets boring, cons have to find new ways of duping the public in order to utilize decades worth of conditioning to convince people to give away their money.

Neil Keenan is one such story, at least on the surface. Investigating him and his team, proved a fraud that went much deeper. I’ll try to simplify it.

Drake Bailey and David Wilcock (after being interviewed on Premiere Network’s Coast to Coast AM hosted by George Noory) opened the stage of these ongoing and complicated performances. Fulford entered a little later. Drake’s tools are patriotism, freedom and liberty while David Wilcock uses, the magic of dreaming big money, hidden behind spirituality, while claiming to be the reincarnation of famed late 19th-early 20th century Edgar Cayce. Benjamin Fulford plays into the mix with his “connections” to the Dragon Family and making up his own faction called The White Dragon Family consisting of himself, Wilcock and Keenan, of which we now know, there are “many” factions and many families under this same title.

As Bailey’s popularity rose, so did his ego to what he proclaimed was, “god level” ET status. He was able, to some degree, pull multiple groups that desired big changes to heal the world, in a unified play of the same song to a larger audience.

On the financing of one poor widow, barely surviving on a pension, Denise Rednour, was enthralled enough to want to help Bailey in his quest of liberty and big money to heal the world. She set up a Blogtalk radio program for him to reach the masses. Jean Haines, another widow and friend of Denise, had her own blog and successful following. She made her willingness known that she too wanted to help save the planet.

With Bailey’s followers on his, “American National Militia” website and the priming of two widows to pay the bills, one with a lot of money, Neil Keenan appeared to woo Jean Haines and moved onto center stage of the show now known as, “Cosmic Voice.” For the next four years, Bailey’s weekly line became, “two more weeks” for the green light on freedom via a militia coup d’etat and riches for all and once, he actually did call a “green light,” of which was reported. The real militia was in a state of confusion and the military labeled him a nut.

On researching Keenan’s records, his history brought up, a plethora of wheeling and dealing anything that could make him a buck from brokering junk tires to junk junk. He made his living and still does, from lying. Later, he tested his own ability at control and tried to take custody of a child that was not his own, from a woman he never lived with. He worked his way up, (or down) from cocaine user to cocaine dealer. He claims to be Irish with an upper east coast accent, lived in Canada and moved to Bulgaria, where he left his wife to set up shop in Jakarta, Indonesia, to stake a claim in the controversial fortune of the Asian Royals.

Somewhere between all of this he had a list of arrests for possession and was jailed for trafficking.

One would think he was just a bug to be flicked off and ignored but not if the intelligence agencies of the USA decided he’d make a good puppet to be assigned. He was released from prison and later on subsequently, schooled by Keith Scott, (a Non Official Cover (NOC)) on how to move counterfeit bonds for profit. Scott’s final act was staged as the fall guy for Keenan. Blamed for framing Nelu up, (more on that later) Keith Scott has since disappeared without a trace to be questioned.

As Keenan’s newly freshened career progressed into the lime light of the Facebook group, Cosmic Voice, his own “Group K” moved to the top of the popular list for would-be activists seeking to oust the world controllers and he was their new hero, pushing even David Wilcock and Ben Fulford down to second and third place on the people to watch list of movers and shakers. He attempted a Cease and Desist order against government officials, (withdrawn because the court declared it did not have the authority and he was losing – ill prepared to take on the big dogs) and Power of Attorney to Global Accounts but in a main stream news broadcast in Indonesia, he was shown in the light of what he is, a con. Unfortunately, most in the Western world didn’t understand the language and saw it as Keenan making headway in making them all rich.

There are many more players in this game of fraud, as the CIA also saw an opportunity to extort the mindset to an even more tangled level of deception in the information war being fought on the battlegrounds of the world wide web. David Wilcock was drawn in to write his fluff piece called Financial Tyranny.

Gene Valentine came into the picture, soliciting different people with money, gifts and favors (including free living quarters on the grounds of an old estate), to encourage the performance of a well disguised extortion ring in the “info to confuse war”. In uncovering the multiple plots going on in the social networks, also found, Lyndon LaRouche of LaRouche PAC, being infused with donations from Valentine and the plan of Valentine’s Team 10, at the time, was to eliminate many high level military leaders.

The $1,000 check Valentine sent to Denise Rednour, however, was returned. As much as she needed it to stay afloat, her integrity did not allow her to accept it under the shadow of doubt of its intent.

It wasn’t until Jean Haines loaned approximately $330,000 for Neil Keenan’s plan to free the non-existent Global Collateral Accounts that Keenan himself proclaimed, Power of Attorney of and forged government documents passed off as legitimate with misspellings and wrong or missing seals; that the validity of the maze of characters’ stories began to unravel.

Denise Rednour, who was now convinced that they were frauds, warned Jean Haines not to send Keenan any more money. This was a difficult task as Ms Haines did not want to admit she was duped or that she would never see her investment realized, never mind her money returned. Keenan flaunted his power over her and degraded her publicly as a crazed woman.

Keenan’s gig seemed almost up and his charm was falling away to open threats and insults to bully Ms Haines into silence. In an attempt to dis-credit both Jean Haines and Denise Rednour, he called for the creation of a group page called, The J & D Bikini Girls (for Jean & Denise) where people could post scantily dressed, (if at all) women and in his own update videos on You Tube and his website, taunted the aging women he termed,”the old girls” even going as far as insinuating that the group that rallied around Denise and Jean were from a very old and evil club that dated back hundreds of years.

Another key player in this sordid affair has been Martha Wibawa, aka, Nelu, a running dog for Neil Keenan. Nelu was caught holding counterfeit bonds and sentenced to 3 1/2 years in jail. Keenan made a valiant Kabuki Theater show of working towards his release on what he called, “false charges” and took the credit when Nelu was released after 2 years of time served on good behavior. As most are aware, everyone whoever went to jail claims, they were innocent. In this instance, Keenan followers ate it up and applauded him and it was at this time that Keith Scott’s real role came into play. Now an ex-team member, he was offered up as the man to blame that framed Nelu.

Keenan built the story of how they fought the court for Nelu’s release. Having a picture in front of the prison or court is not proof that Keenan did anything at all. His affidavit looked ridiculous without any proof and his waiting to be called as witness since Jan 2013, was ludicrous at best. It was not signed in front of a licensed Commissioner of Oaths but by two common criminals.

Peter Eyre continued the story when he wrote in March, 2014, that Nelu had been in jail more than 2 yrs. He couldn’t have been, since Nelu was the witness on 17 April, 2012 in the Keith Scott Affidavit. Aug 26, 2012 was more like it. If Nelu had already served 2 years, that meant he entered prison before Mar 03, 2012. So he couldn’t have signed the affidavit dated Apr 17, 2012. Another detail that didn’t line up with Keenan’s story. Keith Scott, the alleged culprit who framed Nelu was the fall guy in the back pedaling. Would Nelu sign an affidavit for someone who had just framed him for arrest?

To add more drama and distraction in the mix, a fake news media report in 2013, that Keenan created called, “The Irish Republic Report” and presented as main stream news, posted that Keenan was alive and well, after being poisoned by the bad guys.

These were only a few of the almost countless stories Keenan and his team created to cover up that he was unable to open the entity called, for lack of a better term, “The Global Collateral Accounts” that he maintains to this day, he has the Power of Attorney with final say on who will be helped in global humanitarian efforts and who will not.

Paul Collin’s verbal expose’ featured in The Goldwater Report’s Series on Keenan’s fraud, along with the point man for The White Hat’s Report, who testify as expert witnesses of fraud investigation’s past…that the “humanitarian” meme is a common gambit used to convince folks that a Medium Term Note funding platform (used privately by banking in bringing “funded” bonds to market for interest accrual and rated investment grade) is a sure way to quick riches. In reality, it’s a way for favored contractors to make a living while the banks cash the bonds after selling them into the market, deferring the actual matured value out to a ten to fifteen year time frame. It is also fact, according to Collin, that “The Sukarno Gold Trust Gambit” has been used at least a dozen times in sting operations over the last thirty years or so.

At this point, you may be thinking, this is insane that people would buy into this obvious circus. I would have to agree but there are thousands of victims who believe it and are willing to fight to keep this fantasy going, rather than admit they’ve been had and Keenan and his ilk are willing to continue to milk it for all they can get.

The cherry on the cake, was the release of pictures and hair brained story of being in the bunkers where all the gold was stored, (somewhere near Benjamin Fulford’s location, which was/is in Japan). Keenan told us that in a gesture of goodwill, he was gifted a security box with no key, brought it back to Jakarta, fighting the elements of nature and cabal, hiding in the jungle and in a pair of pink shorts, pale sunless skin and no sign of bug bites, had Nelu take a hammer to open the box on camera for all to see. What appeared were grayish looking bars. Nelu rushed off camera with one in hand, to wash it up and show us. He held up a suspiciously stamped bar of a different size and color than is standard. One would wonder that if Keenan had free access to the bunkers, it might have been easier to film the adventure and do a count? How did they get it out of Japan? How did they not attract attention carrying a large, heavy bank box past the front desk of the hotel? On main stream news in Indonesia, the royals had already exposed his kind, (the same broadcast he was interviewed and questioned for staking a claim on the money) and calling for the arrest of these cons that had already managed to swindle a few million out of their coffers. But this particular box he pushed in his updates wasn’t real. There were a host of mistakes made in their staged show.

Meanwhile back on Cosmic Voice, a few people were beginning to doubt Keenan’s stories and Drake’s cover stories were just becoming more absurd. Now the gold came from King Solomon’s mines. In an attempt at damage control, they began censoring callers to the show and would only answer approved questions that were easier to handle like, what to buy for emergency supplies, asking for donations, what would happen in their perpetual “two weeks” or if ET’s would help save the world, which was a particular favorite subject of Drake’s, being a self-proclaimed, god level ET himself.

In one of his rants broadcasted, Drake let it slip how he enjoyed torturing a POW during the Vietnam war. This prompted one of their allies, “alleged” War Criminals Judge, Alfred Webre, to distance himself in order to keep his own act in this maze of crazy soap operas, clean. Webre continues his mind bending role, ushering in the New World Order and has since, “forgiven” Drake for his crimes.

Then, one day, after The Critical Post – Chicago (asked to aid in the investigation) did a story to expose them, a whistle blower named Charlie stepped forward to connect some of the missing dots. Charlie, we later found out, was Paul Collin, a forensic investigator of “legacy high value banking instruments” known in some circles for his website Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, featured from time to time at Kerry Cassidy’s, Project Camelot, was attempted to be recruited by Keenan as part of their money making operation. Collin was in desperate need of money at the time but not so desperate that he wanted to be counted among thugs. He had enough when Keenan “hit an elderly woman over the head for her social security check,” as he puts it in his first appearance in the Goldwater Report, to give him some quick money for food and a hotel. During his email contact with Keenan for a couple years, he made himself as unappealing for their team as he could. He brought Keenan to the attention of his own handler, working at DHS ICE OSI, as a person of interest. He was later told that Keenan was no longer a person of interest and to forget about him. We learn from Collin that Keenan as a Non Official Cover (NOC) has implied, semantical operation intelligence immunity and will not be arrested, as blatant as his crimes have become.

But God willing, time is running out on these shysters, as people become more educated with the ever evolving con artists’ new twists to old games that plague our society. Snowballs rolling downhill have a way of gaining momentum and growth and it has become increasingly difficult for these criminals to cover their tracks. Unable to get their stories straight, they are constantly tripping over each other and getting bolder in their attacks to discredit any who speak against them. As time wears on with the ever evasive, “it will happen in two weeks” the fictitious goodwill of “Dragon Families Global Collateral Accounts” are fading ever further away on the horizon, as people are presented with the proof. To date, his latest update was another repeat of threats for those who try to expose him. But trust the wannabe Godfather, Keenan, to come up with a new plan, excuse or threat. The Bailey, Keenan, Fulford and Wilcock show will shout loudly, long after jail doors slam, (if justice is ever served on them) or to their last breath…that they did nothing wrong, making a career in lying to the public. Never has, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” been more fitting.

Perhaps the latest scams are a last ditch effort to extort as much as possible before people actually say, “Hey, wait a minute”. The more recent pursuits are to push their would-be fans they claim as “thousands of followers” to help with their noble cause, shaming them into action to “tow the line” for the sake of humanity by, signing over their properties to an unnamed aboriginal entity and/or donate $250 to gain a million in return. Forfeit your birth certificates and get back a million bucks. But wait, there’s more; help solicit 20,000 people do do the same. After all, “it’s for humanity” as they would swear to.

Birth Cert Scam

The above screen captured Facebook “Like Page” has been seen frequently popping up in the fraud Facebook group called “Cosmic Voice” an alteration from the original Facebook group known as “Global Voice 2012” started by Denise Rednour, which she later renounced after having come to terms with her own self deception.

Believe it or Not…their scam to date, is still working for them.

To conclude, I want to add the reason CIA would be interested in dealing with 2-bit cons in the first place. Most of these scams are over after two years but with immunity, Keenan, (using an immunity of international distance rather than actually written) Wilcock, Bailey, Fulford and others, are still going strong after many more years. We’re in an info war and as a famous female politician once pointed out, almost hysterically, they’re losing. They’ve cast a wide net with planted agents and cons for every subject in every group on the internet to lead the rebellious masses over the cliffs. When they cue the ailing main stream media to go in to pull the net closed, it will be to discredit every alternative news media site on the internet as nut cases and crazy conspiracy theorists. These players in the Keenan, Wilcock and Bailey saga are a good example to show you how they’re working to accomplish this. Keeping the masses distracted by these cons, space cadets and nut jobs will keep you from finding out that things are not as they seem or as reported.

It’s a tangled mess of lies and extortion and what I’ve given you in this general overview, is only the tip of the iceberg. I have had no pleasure in sorting out who is who for the sake of warning people, who may or may not care, that people like this are why the world is in the state it’s in. The world’s intelligence/spy v. spy community has many tentacles and these are just a few. We need to break the cycle or be consumed by the predators.

Heads up and be careful out there. Not everyone who says they care about your well being, actually mean it.


Neil Keenan Retaliates on the Pete Santilli Show…But Wait… Not Another Oopsie?!

Courtesy of one of our investigators: In retaliation, Pete Santilli did an interview with Neil Keenan on the heels of The Critical Post – Chicago’s last video report on their fraud. If you watched Keenan, you may remember this posted December 7th, 2014?

Keena Fraud Documentation

“The original incredulous story of Chiang Kai Shek sending 125,000 tons of gold to the US in 1934 to escape confiscation by the Japanese was first reported by Independent,UK on Oct 28, 2003, covering the trial of Halksworth. had a copy of the newspaper report. Fulford and/or Wilcock had to modify details of the fiction as there were too many holes. Why do they still need to use the story? Example, the year was changed from 1934 to 1938. Investors’ confidence were seriously undermined by the Halksworth’s trial. There were not enough officially recorded gold in history to account for the trillions of quality (fake 1934) bonds being used in sting operations, as collateral for lines of bank credit. The FED and US govt controlled by bankers were caught in a bind. In the trial, their FBI and British agents all testified that there are no genuine Fed Reserve notes from 1934. If trillions of loans & lines of credit (backed by these multi-billion 1934 fake bonds) were recalled, the world would have been thrown into an irreversible financial turmoil. While the FED, Alan Greenspan and bankers could pacify and assured key major investors & foreign governments in closed doors meetings, public confidence in the US dollars would be more difficult to instill unless stories of “black gold (not on official records)” in enormous (read insane) quantities can be spread around the globe, convincingly. That was the job for super-con-men, aka WMDz (whores of mass deception) like Fulford, Wilcock, Bailey, Keenan & Co.(abstract from the article (in prep, coming soon): David Wilcock- another WMDz.

— in Jakarta, Indonesia

Oh dear! Keenan forgot that David Wilcock and Ben Fulford changed the lie from 1934 to 1938.

The original fiction: “125,000 tons of gold left China in 1934”. Ben Fulford and David Wilcock twisted it to 1938 for many reasons, one of which, there was no historical record of such vast amounts of gold imported to the US. Now Keenan, in the Pete Santilli interview forgot to change the original lie and said it was 1934, from the mark of 49:20 to 49:45.


And Finally

One final note on these men of distasteful enterprises. I had a few email exchanges with Neil Keenan and offered to include a statement from him that might soften the glaring evidence, possibly give him a redemptive opportunity to come clean or tell his side of the story but was met with cryptic dallying replies and threats towards The Critical Post – Chicago’s team for going forward in reporting the evidence. Whatever I personally feel towards the stupidity of those who got involved in their schemes and the back-biting cyber bullying that resulted, a thief, is a thief, is a thief. Perhaps these women got what they deserved but the facts remain the same. Con artists are out in full force on the internet and people seem to be getting more gullible in their desperation to make an easy buck. Bottom line, some things will never change. If you lie, cheat, steal, idolize etc., your deeds will come back to bite you where the sun don’t shine…without fail. Be known for your fruits that don’t have to be hidden.

I’m Julia May and I write for The Critical Post – Chicago


Below are just some of the many photo blunders and just one of the many forged documents Neil Keenan used to dupe potential investors in fake bonds and money laundering.

The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement with fake signatures. Note the seals used and compare to the official required (see below). Soekarno’s daughter is on record (video interview by Realitas) asserting the signature on this document is not her father’s.

The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement with fake signatures, note the seals used

The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement with fake signatures, note the seals used

The day before JFK’s death.
Both Soekarno and JFK were not in Geneva on Nov 21st, 1963. Stamps in the wrong places, missing Presidential seal of Indonesia

The day before JFK's death. Both Soekarno and JFK were not in Geneva on Nov 21st, 1963

The day before JFK’s death.
Both Soekarno and JFK were not in Geneva on Nov 21st, 1963


This is the Department of State Shield

This is the seal of the Department of State

This is the seal of the Department of State


This is the official seal of the President, not the State Shield.




In the first part of the fake document, the bank stated was, “Union Bank of Switzerland.” Obviously the forger was not grounded in proper English. See the “Swiss Stated and Bank” error.

In the first part of the fake document, the bank stated was, "Union Bank of Switzerland." Obviously the forger was not grounded in proper English. See the "Swiss Stated and Bank" error.

In the first part of the fake document, the bank stated was, “Union Bank of Switzerland.” Obviously the forger was not grounded in proper English. See the “Swiss Stated and Bank” error.


Misspelled document. Can you see the mistake? Hint: First word in the title.

Misspelled document. Can you see the mistake? Hint: First word in the title.

Misspelled document. Can you see the mistake? Hint: First word in the title.


Keenan’s more recent attempt to keep his audience believing he was making them rich with fake gold. Wrong color, wrong stamp, wrong size.

Keenan's more recent gold scam

Keenan’s more recent gold scam


Nelu’s confusing dates of incarceration.

Nelu's confusing dates of incarceration.

Nelu’s confusing dates of incarceration.


Keenan’s mysterious release from prison.

Keenan's mysterious release from prison.

Keenan’s mysterious release from prison.




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    WORCESTER, Mass., Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Access Fixtures has added new high bay LED luminaires to its No UV - No Light Below 450nm product lineup. Until now, it was a challenge for facilities that required no UV high bay lighting to meet corporate and OSHA footcandle requirements....
  • RYU Apparel Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement January 23, 2019
    VANCOUVER, Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - RYU Apparel Inc. (TSXV: RYU, OTCQB: RYPPF) ("RYU" or the "Company"), creator of urban athletic apparel, is pleased to announce that it proposes a non-brokered private placement offering (the "Offering") to raise up to $6,000,000 by the issuance of...

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  • Bill passes allowing electric cooperatives to offer internet January 23, 2019
    JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Mississippi lawmakers are passing a measure to allow the state's electric cooperatives to offer high-speed internet service. The Senate voted unanimously Wednesday for House Bill 366 , sending it to Gov. Phil Bryant for his signature or veto. The measure would let Mississippi's 25 electric cooperatives ...
  • Union at Audi plant in Hungary to hold week-long strike January 23, 2019
    BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) - A union of autoworkers at a plant in Hungary of German carmaker Audi says it will launch a week-long strike after unsuccessful negotiations over wages and benefits with the company. The strike to begin Thursday morning follows a two-hour warning strike last week by around 30 ...
  • NASA replaces astronaut on Boeing's 1st crew launch January 23, 2019
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - NASA has replaced an astronaut assigned to Boeing's first launch with a crew. Astronaut Eric Boe was pulled Tuesday from the upcoming test flight for unspecified medical reasons, after more than three years of training. Taking his seat will be Mike Fincke, a former space ...
  • New building for Pacific Northwest National Lab campus January 23, 2019
    RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) - The federal government's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will build a new $90 million energy sciences research building on its Richland campus. A contract to design and construct the building has been awarded to a Houston-based team of Harvey Cleary Builders and Kirksey Architecture. The Tri-City Herald ...
  • Little taking applications for Idaho oil and gas commission January 23, 2019
    BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Idaho Gov. Brad Little is accepting applications for a spot on the five-member Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Little made the announcement on Tuesday to fill the fifth spot on the commission that oversees oil and natural gas production in the state. The commission is ...
  • State: Nearly $24M in legal pot sales in first 2 months January 23, 2019
    BOSTON (AP) - Pot shops in Massachusetts have racked up nearly $24 million in sales since the first ones opened two months ago. That's according to the Cannabis Control Commission, the state's marijuana regulatory agency. The first retail stores in Massachusetts - and anywhere on the U.S. East Coast - ...
  • Employee? Independent contractor? How to keep it legal January 23, 2019
    NEW YORK (AP) - Small business owners who want to use independent contractors need to be sure these workers really aren't employees. Federal and state government agencies are on the lookout for businesses that use independent contractors, or freelancers, to evade Social Security, Medicare and unemployment taxes and workers compensation ...
  • The Latest: EU: Irish border still issue in no-deal Brexit January 23, 2019
    LONDON (AP) - The Latest on Britain's exit from the European Union (all times local): 3:30 p.m. The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator says if Britain withdraws without a deal with the EU, he still wants to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Michel Barnier said at ...
  • Fire officials: Man fatally run over by own vehicle January 23, 2019
    MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) - Fire officials say a 75-year-old Connecticut man was killed when his own car slid down his icy driveway and rolled onto him. Middletown South Fire District Chief Michael Howley says 75-year-old Rodley Russo died as a result of his injuries Monday afternoon. The Connecticut Post reports ...
  • Forgoing staffers, many businesses turn to freelancers January 23, 2019
    NEW YORK (AP) - It hasn't been lost on small business owners that Uber and other ride-sharing services are enormously successful without having employees doing the work. It's one of the reasons why small companies are forgoing employees in favor of independent contractors. Todd Miller transformed his small business a ...
  • Montana lawmakers take up bills on straws, plastic bags January 23, 2019
    HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Two bills sponsored by a Missoula senator wending their way through the Legislature could change life as some Montanans know it by limiting plastic straws in retail food establishments and charging for plastic bags in stores. And there is a bill by another lawmaker that would ...
  • Bill would make it tougher to pass tax hikes in Montana January 23, 2019
    HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Montana may join 15 other states in making it more difficult to pass new or increased taxes. A simple majority of the state Legislature can currently approve new taxes or fees. But House Bill 148 introduced Tuesday would raise that threshold to a two-thirds supermajority, Montana ...
  • Idaho Geological Survey seeks budget increase January 23, 2019
    BOISE, Idaho (AP) - The agency that provides information about Idaho's geology and minerals and makes natural gas and oil production records available is asking state lawmakers to approve a $1.25 million budget. University of Idaho President Chuck Staben made the request for fiscal year 2020 for the Idaho Geological ...
  • Nets minority owner buys WNBA's Liberty January 23, 2019
    NEW YORK (AP) - The New York Liberty have a new owner and get to keep their NBA ties. An investment group led by Brooklyn Nets minority owner Joseph Tsai has bought the Liberty, the WNBA announced Wednesday. Terms were not disclosed. Tsai, co-founder of the e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, ...
  • Federal employees missing work during shutdown could be marked as AWOL January 23, 2019
    Federal workers who are required to work during the partial government shutdown but are failing to do so risk being classified as absent without leave. A memo sent from the director of the Office of Personnel Management to heads of department and agencies on Friday explained that employees ...
    Gabriella Muñoz
  • Owners of former furniture store get manufacturing permit January 23, 2019
    BENNINGTON, Vt. (AP) - The new owners of a former furniture store in Bennington, Vermont, have received zoning for light manufacturing. The new permit will allow Polar Composite Corp., LLC to continue to utilize the 17,000-square foot building, which has gone unused since last January. The Bennington Banner reports the ...
  • Blue Origin shoots NASA experiments into space in test January 23, 2019
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - Jeff Bezos' rocket company, Blue Origin, has launched NASA experiments into space on a brief test flight. The New Shepard rocket blasted off Wednesday from West Texas, hoisting a capsule containing the experiments. The eight experiments were exposed to a few minutes of weightlessness, before ...
  • Muriel Bowser, D.C. mayor, offers zero-interest loans to workers affected by shutdown January 23, 2019
    D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said Wednesday her city will offer zero-interest loans of up to $5,000 to people who might not be able to make their next mortgage payment because of the partial government shutdown. Ms. Bowser, a Democrat, said the $9 million program will be managed by the city's ...
    Tom Howell Jr.
  • Georgia SOS seeks to replace criticized voting machines January 23, 2019
    ATLANTA (AP) - Georgia's new elections chief is asking lawmakers for $150 million to replace the state's aging electronic voting machines, which experts have warned are vulnerable to hacking. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told Georgia legislators holding budget hearings Wednesday that a new voting system is his top priority. ...
  • The Latest: Senator argues fertility fraud law isn't needed January 23, 2019
    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The Latest on Indiana Legislature's action on fertility fraud bill (all times local): 11:30 a.m. A state senator says he believes Indiana law already allows criminal charges against the fertility doctor who authorities say used his own sperm to impregnate perhaps dozens of women. A Senate committee ...