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By Julia May – Staff Writer


Subtitle: Nihilism’s March Is No Laughing Matter



TCP Chicago Opinion: First we must ask, what are we teaching our children in sex education?. Hollywood has glamorized the mask over the sex trade industry and society is buying the con. From a very early age, the child is taught she is an object and sex is monopolized as the only power a woman has. We are normalizing sexual criminal conduct. They do what they learn.

Most prostitution is viewed as a victimless crime, a cold view for sadistic abuse that is carefully thought out and subjects children to beatings, chokings, bags over their heads and often, death. There is no other form of child abuse like this, in it’s worse form. Pimps do not let girls just walk away. They go after them and beat them until they learn that the pimp is in control.

We intervene when someone threatens suicide but we don’t see that a child being held or fed drugs and then sold to pay their debt, is not someone that needs authority to step in and keep them safe? By law, a parent cannot pull their child out of these situations as they could be charged for confinement, so a child who is afraid to leave their situation or doesn’t want to leave, is left to the hands of their captor.

We need to focus on curtailing the demand. It should be troubling to us all that there are so many willing to exploit a child.

“The only way not to find this in any community is simply not to look for it. The good news today is that America’s begun to look. The bad news is, we’ve barely scratched the surface.”


(TCP)CHICAGO – 9 OCTOBER 2015   – Terry Smith, an American national in Cambodia, opened an establishment for the purpose of prostituting children. He married a Vietnamese woman and began training 5 girls, ranging in age from 9 to 13, in how to pleasure men. He was arrested and paid $25,000 US dollars for his release. He has never faced prosecution for his crimes. He even bragged about the 20 to 25 girls he abused, every single month, in the Philipines, before coming to Cambodia. This culminated into thousands of young girls over the course of his career as a child sex offender. The American authorities as well as the Cambodian discovered he was wanted for sex crimes in his home state of Oregon that dated back nearly 15 years.

Foreigners in other countries that abuse children show, that in 99% of the cases, they have already abused them in their own country.

U.S. citizens account for 25% of child sex tourists worldwide and as much as 80% in Latin America.

A touist thinks nothing of giving a few dollars to a child for sexual favors. It is seen and argued as a right of sexual freedom and not exploitation. They do not see themselves as being part of the sex industry. They think they are helping the child by giving him or her money. They believe they are helping the economy.

“The whole economy has integrated, in one way or another with the sex industry… There is no economy that needs to be built on the suffering of children.” – Jim Gamble, CEO, Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre, UK

The number one destination for Americans seeking sex with a child is not in a foreign country but in the USA

300,000 American children are at risk of being forced into the sex trade – ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes)

Ernie Allan, President, National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children tells us that in 1981, missing children were not taken seriously. “You could call the police but it was assumed they ran away and you had to wait 24 to 48 hours. Now we know, in child abduction 74% are dead within the first 3 hours.”

In the late 70’s and early 80’s there were a series of child abductions which changed the landscape for finding children because it created a national response to the problem. Today, by law, police have to take the report and put it in their nation wide data base. Unfortunately though, it is the chronic runaway kids that have become coined as our “throw away kids”.

Alesia Adams – Coordinator Against Sexual Trafficking, The Salvation Army, Atlanta, Georgia states,
“We have had kids show up here from Nebraska. How the child got there was some guy brought her here.” She went on to explain that a flight from anywhere in America can reach Georgia within a couple of hours and the child flown back in time for dinner.

There are not many American cities where you can’t go out on the streets and find young kids engaged in the sex trade and virtually none of that is voluntary. It is organized crime and the profile of the child is changing and crossing the spectrum. They are not all runaways or homeless but include any opportunity presented to abduct a child from their own back yards.

Statistically, Portland Oregon has more child sex crimes taking place than San Fransisco. Some places are like walking into MacDonalds with a menu on the wall. Sometimes a rash of prostitution shows up where pimps have brought in girls from Spokane or Vegas for a week or two and then they dissapear, loaded up and moved to the next place and often across the border to Vancouver Canada. These neighborhoods where the ‘kids for sex’ are found are called, “the baby stroll”.

1 in 5 girls and 1 in 10 boys are sexually victimized before they are 18 – National Center For Missing and Exploited Children

If they are juveniles, the law states that they lack the judgement or capacity to consent to sex and therefore they are victims. Pimps often don’t have sex with the child, it’s all about business.

Know who the sex offenders are in your area, there is a database online that is accessible. Be responsible. Killing sex offenders is against the law. If someone is the type that feels the need to play God and take another life, they are as guilty in the eyes of the law.

If you have a sex offender in your neighborhood, you would know through a data base search. Once someone is charged as a sex offender, they go into the Federal and then the State registration data base. There are over 600,00 registered now and and they are going on global positioning for the rest of their lives.

The law is set up to punish all sex offenders the same. This could be a problem since we are seeing more and more sex offenders that are children. 21 states have registration for sex offenders that are children, some as young as 6. They will be punished for a lifetime.

Ask the computer

With the anger between government, security and the people, the decision to be made by citizens will boil down to, how much is too much transparency? What is private and what belongs in the control of a global, main framed computer.

“We’re losing the war on child porn…” – Robert S. Meuller, FBI Director.

It’s easy to look up child pornography anonymously. These sites validate and encourage graphic abuse of children. Craig’s list is an open database used by the sex trade business. These sites are where many of the missing children can be found.

Law enforcement around the world have learned that the majority of perpetrators are in America and the majority of the victims are American children.
466,949 children in America went missing in 2014. Is it an addiction or contagion that people search for the more extreme?

Snapshot bb sex offenders

Do we put aside privacy concerns and figure out a way to protect children’s identity as best we can or show their picture, get them found and get them out of there as quickly as possible?

Of the 5,930,615 pornographic pictures of children online that have been reported, only 874 children have been identified – National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

There are drugs and psychological brainwashing used in the process of keeping the child committed to the offender and the Stockholm Syndrom is not difficult to set up.The child is not willing to testify against her abuser because her abuser has been there for her. Fed, clothed and supported her and also beat and raped her. Prior to 2001, pimping, in the state of Georgia was a $50 misdemeanor yet we are prosecuting children for commercial prostitution.

There is help for children being trafficked from outside the country by the UN and State Department and other organizations that facilitate relocation, education, legal representation and more but those same resources are not even close to available for the children in the U.S.

Who are the sex offenders?

Snapshot modelSnapshot viagra

Who are these men who purchase a child for sex? Usually the ones looking for a perfect experience, a Hollywood version of a moth to the flame. But it begins with the most sly way possible, in our advertising.   As appalling as it sounds, these kids and their rights, are ignored. People have become immune to seeing them on the street. Absolutely no one stops to pull them out of danger and no one thinks to look at these sites to find the missing children.

What Happens When You Go To These Sites To Find Missing Children?

Have a look at this article’s advertising, as an example.  Chances are, Google has plastered it with pornography based on it’s scan of key words to monetize on the biggest money making industry on the net, sex and even bigger still, child sex, not by volume but discreetly and slyly, monetary gain. This quickness of depth, by clicks, into the black market may vary in different parts of the world but are accesible, globally.  From these ads you visit, you’ll reach deeper into the search enginges to further offers, tailor made to tag what their algorythms, (arificial intelligence reasoning of what you may like) to what makes the most money.

Where would you like to go today?” is always tagged to where the most money can be made.

It’s hard exposing criminals and finding missing children because it means you have to see what they’re doing and it’s just not something you can Un-see. How can this not affect or change how a human being’s sexual gratification is viewed? What armor can possibly protect the viewer?

A reader who’s bravery led her to these sites to help parents find their missing child, wrote to me about what happened to her.

About 10 years ago, I attempted to help some parents find their missing daughter (8 years old). She was kidnapped, so I began searching out the scummiest porn sites, which eventually led to bondage, S&M and torture sites. Took everything in me to stomach that. Eventually, though, I actually found child porn websites. I reported most of them, but couldn’t stomach a lot. I finally decided I’d seen enough and couldn’t look anymore. Problem, though, is that for the next year I was mercilessly spammed from every porn site imaginable! I eventually had to close down my email account, because I couldn’t escape them. Thankfully no one came knocking at my door wanting to know why I was looking at the sites; but that’s probably because as soon as I found one, I reported it.

A predator, can walk down the street and know which child can be victimized, just by looking at them and they are too often, the ones that are starved of affection or caregiving. Others, simply because of their age, a bad day or a phase they’re experiencing. Children gravitate to those who seem kind and caring, to later find themselves trapped in a debt and the cycle of fear and abuse perpetuates. As many of these kids are from foster homes, (not all foster homes are like this) when they run away, nobody’s looking for them. They are lost in the system.

Children are exploited in film, advertising and inevitably, in life. It’s a growing problem that nobody’s talking about yet desperately needs to. Are those who are bringing criminals to light and finding our missing children through these sites, unwittingly damning themselves in psychological and physiological changes in order to stay one step ahead in staving off global corruption? Has artificial intelligence covered all the bases by its human fed input and self learning or will it destroy itself in its overuse of power, as humans sruggle in our quest to avoid?

I’m Julia May and I write for The Critical Post – Chicago



Many thanks to the ground breaking documentary, “Playground” written and directed by Libby Spears where most of the content and summary for this article, came from and compelled us at The Critical Post, to get their message out as far and wide as possible.


Sex Offender Registry Websites (List and Links)


Unruly School boys or Sex Offenders -The Sunday Oregonian


Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO
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