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The Thirty “Unknown” Laws Of The United States Debunked – Article Series By Harmon L. Taylor, JD. Part One – (TCP)CHICAGO

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Subtitle: Say It Ain’t So

Chief Editor’s Note: Those who follow our articles printed or our You Tube broadcast submissions know that this publication and broadcast platform, doesn’t print or broadcast news reports or editorial narrative for the sake of rapid content delivery for lots of good reasons. There’s nothing happening other than history repeating itself. It’s senseless to get lost in pop culture propaganda narrative posing as news information of importance to your lives which directly relates to the money you can earn or retain for your pocketbooks. That is to say, it only makes it onto our pages or into our broadcast submissions as a means of recording data, to hold those accountable for that data, or if it’s momentous and important.

For well over a couple of years now, this publication has been delving into many Internet feedback loops regarding the bad information being posited by unknown authors of unknown origins, whose assertions are some of the wildest conspiracies purporting to be “facts”.

Apparently, the conspiracy seeker freaks aka truthers aka freedom/liberty/patriot movement sympathizer’s are not paying attention to facts as much as they’re paying attention to a self absorbed “fear fix”.

One of the most successful “fear fix” websites at the forefront of “alternative news media” is Infowars, operated by Alex Jones. Fear sells. Not only does it sell, it creates commerce for a particular set of “solutions” posited to “cure” the fear. Mr. Jones does very well in selling it.

Here’s another example of “fear fix” websites: Assertions being made about an act congress, now known as (tongue in cheek) “the infamous act of 1871”. One of the more popular sites that chronicles this assertion is called The AntiCorruption [sic] Society. This link to that article decries a conspiracy.

In relation to the above link by the quote unquote, AntiCorruption Society’s article (a name unsuitable because the information they put forward is in fact highly uninformed and corrupted), when this publication sought clarification and source documentation regarding the assertions being presented and after an email had been sent, we received nothing. Crickets.

However, an attorney in Alabama, one Mr. Larry Becraft has already debunked any notion of certainty that the Anti Corruption Society has any merit or certifiable veracity of sound research or position, for having made the assertion to begin with. You can see his response to that assertion at this link:!topic/lawmen/E56yTpJ67fw

In short don’t take anything The AntiCorruption [sic] Society website has to say seriously. It is garbage information.


Federalism, that concept of legal “agreement” by which this country operates as a consortium of government corporations, is lost on the minds of those who would presume to know a different set of facts citing the theory that it’s an act of nefarious measure meant to defraud rather than what it is, namely, a means of conducting the business of the people within any particular locale, whose corporate product is “deemed as” “public service” product activity. They are government corporations. They are codified in Title 31 of The United States Code.

Are government corporations legal? Yes, they are. Do government corporations rely on accounting practices which cloud their activity? Yes, they do. Are folks paying attention to the right set of facts or even paying attention at all? No, they’re not. For the record, stay tuned to this channel as we unravel these accounting practices in our report about Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.

All of the above aside…

In this context we turn to the present work of Harmon L. Taylor, JD.

Mr. Taylor, as a friend to The Critical Post – Chicago has taken upon himself the task of supplementing the debunking efforts of several who precede him in this monumental effort regarding an offending list of assertions being purported as facts. This particular Internet feedback loop has propagated dozens, if not hundreds, of websites repeating information, which we regard as dangerous to the minds of folks who take things in vicariously, without checking the facts relating to these dangerous assertions. In many cases, it gets folks into a lot of trouble in the circuit courts of America. It causes loss of property and in some cases direct incarceration.

Harmon L. Taylor, among many other things, is a former member of the State Bar of Texas, who renounced his membership in that organization after a case judgment was handed down to him regarding his litigation in Terre Haute, Indiana. The objective of that effort on behalf of survivors to that tragedy was to preserve evidence, which meant stopping the execution of Timothy McVeigh, who was charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for crimes associated with the Murrah Building Bombing in Oklahoma City, OK circa 1995. The case for the preservation of evidence, cited aspects, quite correctly, of The United States Constitution. The particulars of that litigation, too numerous to mention in print here, which included the confirmation that the Constitution was “of no authority,” caused Mr. Taylor, a Juris Doctorate from Southern Methodist University, to rethink his life’s work and to come at his legal work from a more correctly formatted approach.

For those interested we include our interview of Mr. Taylor. His qualifications to make these facts known are well respected by the staff here. To that end, we certify the audience can rely heavily upon Harmon’s citing of facts regarding what is our “legal reality” here in America.

The work cited by this publication is a public service and we are plesased to have been given permission by Mr. Taylor to reprint his findings in the matter of this Internet feedback loop which has taken its toll on too many.

At the bottom of this article are the offending assertions and pleased be advised up front, none of it is to be taken seriously.

This then, is the series of works by Harmon L. Taylor JD, which supplement the debunking effort already extant by several who have been skilled, scholarly debunkers for years, so as to help end, once and for all, any notion that anything cited by these unknown authors are to be regarded as certifiable or reliable citations and that is to say, dismiss them completely and never pay attention to them ever again.

– Pollack


Part One

By Harmon L. Taylor, JD – Contributor To The Critical Post – Chicago

(TCP)Chicago – 12 OCTOBER 2015 – In this First Study, the basic question is this: Where is this (type of) list presently showing up?

What list? Here is the URL for this list of focus, this list of allegedly “unknown ‘laws.'”

The answer to this question provides something in the way of a measurable standard by which to evaluate the progress and success of this debunking effort.

As for the content of that list, this author has been assured that there’s a tremendous research effort behind the making of that list.

There is always a tremendous research effort behind all sources of mis-information and distraction. That fact that the end result is mis-information and distraction doesn’t mean that the authors/researchers set out to mis-inform or distract. However, the fact one invests time and intends to benefit the effort of busting governmentally-sponsored scams in no way means that the work-product is helpful, or even competent.

This author has shied away from head-on debunking quite intentionally. What is the ultimate result of debunking? Debunking gets us only to that stage of learning of one more idea or angle that, at best, just doesn’t/won’t “work” and, at worst, helps the party relying on it “break INTO jail.” In general, debunking leaves the mind “that wants to know” still wanting to know. Debunking doesn’t get to “what is” or “what works.” It stops at “what isn’t” and “what doesn’t work.”

The value in debunking, though, is that it derails that momentum that truly is causing more damage than benefit. There simply comes a time where the emotional momentum carries away the desire to think logically, and at such times, a good swift kick to the ass is just what the doctor ordered as far as curing the desire to continue with such “unproductive” efforts.

As for getting to what may seem to be sought after, far more effective is simply learning the reality. From the position of knowing, concretely, “what is,” everything that isn’t reality readily self-identifies, and the mind is simply uninterested in the very popularly circulated non-sense.

The concept that it seems that the intent is to get to the bottom of things is based on this. This author is satisfied, through the decades of his experience down these paths, that a great many activists are far more interested in getting attention and in working publicly through the shock that accompanies this rather wicked paradigm shift that happens when one comes to accept that we’ve been lied to all our lives about law and government, than in even finding, much less applying, solutions. In that shock/anger phase, a whole lot of things get said, and “studied,” and “researched,” and kicked around. That shock/anger phase is not the best one to bring to a matter that requires substantial logic, not emotional fervor, to analyze.

There is a silver lining. As far as practicality is concerned, this is actually better. That there are only a handful of actual Path-blazers makes is possible to focus on their commitment to this task. Key, it takes only one to Path-blaze.

However, as for the appearance of making a meaningful contribution to this effort of exposing the reality that the “government” is not for us or liberty or America or God but rather very committed against all of those, well-meaning intent isn’t what cuts the mustard. Competence is greatly preferred.

As for why there are so many activists and so few truly engaged in the study of our present legal reality, i.e., why so many don’t want to learn the reality, it may be that some simply want to figure out the puzzle on their own, and there’s a measure of value in that. A great many, however, are no more interested in solutions than they are in living on the moon. They’re angry about the mismatch between the ideas on which we’ve all been raised and what ideas actually matter. They simply want to complain about that difference, remaining victims to that difference all the while, and the consequences to others of these “ideas” are not even in mind. They want the system to change, which is just to say that they just aren’t yet up to realizing that God’s objective in subjecting us to this “Beast” system is to motivate us, greatly, to be the ones who do the changing.

(As for yet another group, the agents provocateur, they deliberately mislead, intending to continue the stream of “canon fodder for the system.” But for various nutsoid concepts, certain agencies would have a lot less work to do, and they wouldn’t be able to justify their budgets. So, they actively promote nutsoid concepts so that they’ll continue to justify their budgets, thus continue to have work to do.)

Engaging this rather marked change in time investment, this author will debunk this list, at full throttle, for purposes of intending to get that list removed from all current postings, never to be active or accessible again. Yes. It’s that bad. Even if the reality were not fully in mind, i.e., even if there were a need to “test” an idea, the value from such test comes by its being something “new” and something materially relevant. So, even if there were still more reality to determine, this author would engage in debunking this list, because it’s so bad that there’s very little to gain from it and a rather significant downside to those who think that there’s anything meaningful in that collection of statements. We see by its present labeling, alone, that there’s far more damage than benefit. (As a peek ahead, “laws?” Really?? These are all statements of “law?” On what planet?) If an uncertainty in the understanding of the reality remained in this or that area, then circulating a new concept or angle, so that it be run up the flag pole to see who salutes, might have practical value. But, aside from the fact that there is very, very little uncertainty remaining to address, this author’s debunking, which is but an adjunct to that valiant work which already exists for this (type of) list, exists because those who should know better are still taken in by that collection of “ideas.”

It is this author’s objective to cover every single item in that list. It may be that a particular item will be addressed in more than one Study. Not all items will be addressed in each Study. In fact, as this is shaping up, it seems best to take one statement at a time. There may be various groupings made, as is the relation between the Second Study, which identifies a grouping within that list (of statements that may actually qualify as statements of “law”) and the next nine Studies that follow.

Clearly, this debunking effort will take several Studies. In addition to the conceptual Studies, grouping various statements together to see a/the theme, and this “administrative” First Study, there’ll be at least one Study per statement. Some of the lists are of 20 items; some, of 40. As we complete the debunking of this particular listing of 30+, which listing labels the items as statements of “law,” this author’s Studies will move into any remaining notions raised in those related listings. Thus, to suggest that there may be upwards of 50 Studies is a good initial estimate. The objective is to keep these Studies short enough that the point is made and made so clearly that we might not even get to the end of the Studies before these various lists are removed from those websites.

Since the goal is to get that list (self-)removed from sites presently posting it (or some modification or adaptation of it), what seems a suitable place to start is with listing sites that (still) promote that list. The Second Study will use this listing in that study of the labeling/titling of the list.

This collection of websites is not likely an exhaustive list. While it intends to be thorough, it may be simply illustrative. This author’s initial search string and search engine are included. It’s an exact quote, which means that postings that vary the wording aren’t necessarily found by this particular search. That’s not a critical part of this effort. It’s simply a suitable starting place. Since such listing of sites still posting this (type of) list serves the purpose of introducing the Second Study, we’ll consider it “close enough” for our present purposes. As one comes across yet another site with this or a similar list that’s not yet included in this collection of websites, that’d be good information to have, so that we can have something quantifiable by which to measure this effort.

Since what was searched for was the first item on the list, exactly phrased as such, what may be of benefit, on a per statement basis, is some type of numerical study of at least the number of sites that seem still to be promoting that particular concept. Thus, as we get to the Study that focuses on that first item, for example, another possible way to determine the spread of that perspective is to determine the number of sites that cite to that particular case. That should be representative of the concept that case cite is circulated to promote, and that case-cite text would be independent from any phrasing changes in the wording of that statement. Thus, rather than on a per-list basis, we can develop a per-statement basis for some type of quantifiable measure for this debunking effort.

What if the number goes up or down? How do we correlate that with this study? No real way to do any such direct correlation. The only way we’d know that a site added the list or discontinued the list as a result of these Studies is by some direct mention. This author expects that as the debunking moves forward, those who start to see the reality on these points will simply move away from such list by removing it from their websites. It’s possible that there’d be value in posting the debunking with the debunked statements, but the expectation is that once the light of reality shines forth, the lists will simply disappear. Thus, “the world may never know” why this or that site started or stopped promoting these concepts. All we’ll know is that on a certain date, there were approximately such and such number of sites thinking this (type of) list (or concept) is terrific, i.e., even worth posting, and then on such and such a date in the future, there were either more of such sites or fewer.

The First and Second Studies are directly related in concept. In looking through the sources to try to find something in the way of an origin of such list, one can see instantly what this author found in the way of variation in number of statements included as well as the collective labeling of them.

Again, here is the URL for this list of focus.

It refers back to this URL:

Title: Who Owns You?
Call to Decision

Last Updated: Saturday, July 22, 2006 02:00:51 PM

There are 40 items in that list. There are additional postings with 40-item lists, and a few of the 40 are not necessarily the same as found in this list.

That one, in turns, refers us to here:

Source: ,

which URL produced a 404 error as this note was being drafted (and again during editing, and one more time before circulating this note).

Thus, it may be that the “original” site is no longer providing this information. It’s interesting that an “original” is gone but that the “echoes” are still reverberating through the ethernet.

There are a number of sites with some form or other of such list of statements.

Here’s the search string this author used (and the search engine used) as the starting place:

Per this author’s preferred formatting of the return set of such searches, this search produced six pages of links. Thus, it’s a finite list to start with. Of the links in that return set, the following have some form or another of the list of concepts. For each, where it appears to clarify what’s at that page, additional information is mentioned. For some of these, the points about quantity and labeling are already identified in the link text, itself. Thus, as unaccustomed as we are in actually reading the text that comprises the link, a key part of the point here is found in that link text in the following links:

Chief Editor’s Note: In the list below, you will see some links refer to FREE HOSTED WEBSITES under things like Immediately, what should tip the reader off as to the veracity of anything claimed by websites such as those enumerated, in the aforementioned configuration, is that it costs nothing for the author to host and put onto the web. This should immediately raise a red flag in the readers perception of the information.

(Title: Factoids?*) ( * Caveat redemptor – Verify for yourself ) (40-item list) ;

(gets one to the “gotta sign up” splash page rather than to the list of concepts) ;

(not another copy of the list, but an expansion on the first item in the list, which is an interesting expansion, and it’s just as completely irrelevant as the list in trying to come to terms with the legal mechanism of the “income tax” system) ;

Here’s One From Alex Jones’ Prison Planet

(a somewhat similar list, 20 items, with references that follow the list) ;

(partial list, 7 items, in comments under this youtube link) ;

(Title: 40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don’t Know) ;

(Title: How The World Really Works: UN, IMF, Vatican, et al) (40-item list) ;

(Title: Who Owns You?) (40-item list) ;

(Title: 30 Little Known Facts about America ) ;

(Title: The Incredible Con Game) (40-item list) (source attribution: ; i.e., where this First Study started) ;

(Taking the list of focus as the starting place, this one addresses the first two items only) ;

(40-item list) (source: , i.e., where this First Study started) ; ;

(comments after article, Title: Thirty Little Known Facts About America) ; (40-item list) ; ; ;

(Title:40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don’t Know) ;

(Title: TRUE SCOOP ON OUR GOV/ IRS. TAX Factoids that will blow your mind. ) (40-item list) ;

(40-item list) ; ;

(Title: 40 Outrageous things you never knew! ) ;


(20-item list followed by some citations to authority) ;

(source: )

(Title: law facts in America today) (40-item list) [“law facts” ??] ;

(Title: Who Owns You?) (40-item list) (scroll down a ways to get to this article); ;

(source: )

(discussing ” Here are a few other facts about the United States …”) (40-item list); [“facts of law” ?? — How about, as a better concept, “admissible evidence of law.” They aren’t, but some don’t even have in mind how to describe the concepts they’re trying to discuss.]

The labeling/titling found in this listing introduces the Second Study, which looks at the problem this author has with the collective labeling of these items as “laws.”

This First Study, then, sets a quasi-measurable place to start on the effort. We have a representative number of sites that have some version or other of this (type of) list of statements.

In the Second Study, this author asks how anyone can label this collection of statements as “laws.” A few of the statements actually qualify as such, and those will be the focus of the next following Studies that debunk each. But, even before we get there, one of the great motivators for this effort is the confirmation that people who should know better, i.e., people who should, by now, know the difference between a statement of “law” and of something else, whether “fact” or “opinion,” or “argument,” are still circulating that list, at all, and that under the collective labeling of such statements as “law.”

We never have permission to shut off our thinking cap. We never have permission to give ourselves a pass for promoting that which is facially self-inconsistent. Ideas have consequences, and if we don’t have enough sense to stop ourselves from promoting non-sense, then all that happens is that we help one another “break INTO jail.” Who benefits from that? Really. Where’s the benefit??

So, where we can “stop the madness” on our own, then there’s a tremendous benefit, generally.

Onward toward stopping this particular source and form of madness.


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