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The Thirty “Unknown” Laws Of The United States Debunked – Article Series By Harmon L. Taylor, JD. Part Two – (TCP)CHICAGO

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Subtitle: Say It Ain’t So

Chief Editor’s Note: Those who follow our articles printed or our You Tube broadcast submissions know that this publication and broadcast platform, doesn’t print or broadcast news reports or editorial narrative for the sake of rapid content delivery for lots of good reasons. There’s nothing happening other than history repeating itself. It’s senseless to get lost in pop culture propaganda narrative posing as news information of importance to your lives which directly relates to the money you can earn or retain for your pocketbooks. That is to say, it only makes it onto our pages or into our broadcast submissions as a means of recording data, to hold those accountable for that data, or if it’s momentous and important.

For well over a couple of years now, this publication has been delving into many Internet feedback loops regarding the bad information being posited by unknown authors of unknown origins, whose assertions are some of the wildest conspiracies purporting to be “facts”.

Apparently, the conspiracy seeker freaks aka truthers aka freedom/liberty/patriot movement sympathizer’s are not paying attention to facts as much as they’re paying attention to a self absorbed “fear fix”.

One of the most successful “fear fix” websites at the forefront of “alternative news media” is Infowars, operated by Alex Jones. Fear sells. Not only does it sell, it creates commerce for a particular set of “solutions” posited to “cure” the fear. Mr. Jones does very well in selling it.

Here’s another example of “fear fix” websites: Assertions being made about an act congress, now known as (tongue in cheek) “the infamous act of 1871”. One of the more popular sites that chronicles this assertion is called The AntiCorruption [sic] Society. This link to that article decries a conspiracy.

In relation to the above link by the quote unquote, AntiCorruption Society’s article (a name unsuitable because the information they put forward is in fact highly uninformed and corrupted), when this publication sought clarification and source documentation regarding the assertions being presented and after an email had been sent, we received nothing. Crickets.

However, an attorney in Alabama, one Mr. Larry Becraft has already debunked any notion of certainty that the Anti Corruption Society has any merit or certifiable veracity of sound research or position, for having made the assertion to begin with. You can see his response to that assertion at this link:!topic/lawmen/E56yTpJ67fw

In short don’t take anything The AntiCorruption [sic] Society website has to say seriously. It is garbage information.


Federalism, that concept of legal “agreement” by which this country operates as a consortium of government corporations, is lost on the minds of those who would presume to know a different set of facts citing the theory that it’s an act of nefarious measure meant to defraud rather than what it is, namely, a means of conducting the business of the people within any particular locale, whose corporate product is “deemed as” “public service” product activity. They are government corporations. They are codified in Title 31 of The United States Code.

Are government corporations legal? Yes, they are. Do government corporations rely on accounting practices which cloud their activity? Yes, they do. Are folks paying attention to the right set of facts or even paying attention at all? No, they’re not. For the record, stay tuned to this channel as we unravel these accounting practices in our report about Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.

All of the above aside…

In this context we turn to the present work of Harmon L. Taylor, JD.

Mr. Taylor, as a friend to The Critical Post – Chicago has taken upon himself the task of supplementing the debunking efforts of several who precede him in this monumental effort regarding an offending list of assertions being purported as facts. This particular Internet feedback loop has propagated dozens, if not hundreds, of websites repeating information, which we regard as dangerous to the minds of folks who take things in vicariously, without checking the facts relating to these dangerous assertions. In many cases, it gets folks into a lot of trouble in the circuit courts of America. It causes loss of property and in some cases direct incarceration.

Harmon L. Taylor, among many other things, is a former member of the State Bar of Texas, who renounced his membership in that organization after a case judgment was handed down to him regarding his litigation in Terre Haute, Indiana. The objective of that effort on behalf of survivors to that tragedy was to preserve evidence, which meant stopping the execution of Timothy McVeigh, who was charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for crimes associated with the Murrah Building Bombing in Oklahoma City, OK circa 1995. The case for the preservation of evidence, cited aspects, quite correctly, of The United States Constitution. The particulars of that litigation, too numerous to mention in print here, which included the confirmation that the Constitution was “of no authority,” caused Mr. Taylor, a Juris Doctorate from Southern Methodist University, to rethink his life’s work and to come at his legal work from a more correctly formatted approach.

For those interested we include our interview of Mr. Taylor. His qualifications to make these facts known are well respected by the staff here. To that end, we certify the audience can rely heavily upon Harmon’s citing of facts regarding what is our “legal reality” here in America.

The work cited by this publication is a public service and we are plesased to have been given permission by Mr. Taylor to reprint his findings in the matter of this Internet feedback loop which has taken its toll on too many.

At the bottom of this article are the offending assertions and pleased be advised up front, none of it is to be taken seriously.

This then, is the series of works by Harmon L. Taylor JD, which supplement the debunking effort already extant by several who have been skilled, scholarly debunkers for years, so as to help end, once and for all, any notion that anything cited by these unknown authors are to be regarded as certifiable or reliable citations and that is to say, dismiss them completely and never pay attention to them ever again.

– Pollack


If you missed Part One of this study it can be found by clinking on this link

Part Two

By Harmon L. Taylor, JD – Contributor To The Critical Post – Chicago

(TCP)Chicago – 24 OCTOBER 2015 – Attached is the essence of this Second Study of that list of 30+ statements.

What list? Here is the URL for this list of focus, this list of allegedly “unknown ‘laws.'”

This Second Study focuses on the list’s title, in particular the term “Law.”

The general point of this Second Study is that of the 30+ items collectively labeled as “laws,” there may be nine that qualify under such labeling.

This one takes longer to describe than it does to understand.

A concept is not an assertion of “law” just because that concept is found included or associated with something that we’d call a “citation” to law (or other authority or publication). Judicial rulings, for example, are typically meaningless without a discussion of the facts, because it’s the determination of the facts that renders relevant the applicable legal doctrines and theories. We learn only a little about the law where the recitation of facts is not included. Because the facts “have” to be there, a reference to those facts is just as possible to “cite” as a reference to the legal theories involved, the legal standard applied, or the holding of that ruling. So, whether it’s a judicial ruling, an administrative decision, legislative history, a treatise, a law review article, a legal encyclopedia, a dictionary, a newspaper, or whatever else is referred to by a formal “citation,” it’s just as possible to “cite” to assertion of fact as it is to “cite” to assertion of legal standards and holdings as it is to “cite” this party’s or that party’s argument, objection, claim, defense, or position. The existence of a “citation” to authority in no way means that the text or concept so cited is a statement of “law.”

That took longer to explain than it does to understand.

Hopefully, to the great majority of the Members of this List, this concept is a statement of the obvious, a simple confirmation of an idea already well in mind.

Clearly, however, because that list of statements still circulates under that labeling, namely “law,” it’s not obvious enough, yet, generally. And, where that’s the level of “thought” that finds the list attractive, doesn’t that bring with it its own “message?”

Per this Second Study, we are reminded that facts and law are (typically) different (sometimes “laws” are the “facts”) and that it matters that we know the difference. Are we of any remote benefit even to ourselves, much less to someone else, where we can’t distinguish “fact” (or “argument”) from “law?”

As mentioned in the First Study, the text of those links fairly well asserted the point in this Second Study, already. In general, as far as the numbered statements are concerned, this author can find at most nine statements that might actually qualify as statements of law. Seven of the nine are set in lavender background shading. Two of those nine are arguable; hence, the gray background shading. We gain very little by making that determination (at this time, perhaps at any time) as to lavender or gray. If it were one, maybe even two, out of the list, and the labeling were debatable, this point wouldn’t be raised. Because it’s less than 1/3 that qualify under such labeling, what is made manifest is our inability to distinguish “fact” (“argument,” etc.) from “law.”

The colorization of the list items makes the point. There’s a lot of non-colored content, there. Supporting this point, namely that we’re not looking at a list of “laws,” is a highlighted statement at the bottom of the list of focus. See attached .pdf file. That title is highlighted in light blue. That title uses the term “facts.” This author is far more inclined to see that list as a list of “facts,” or “observations,” or analysis points, or arguments, than he is inclined to label these items as “laws.”

It’s important to note that this point about (gross, obvious) mis-labeling doesn’t directly reflect on the original authors / researchers. Part of the motivation that produced the list of links in that First Study was to determine how that the original list was labeled / titled. If it had a labeling or collective titling, such original was a bit more suitable (if titled at all). That said, if that list started circa 2006, the morphed version of focus here is of 2008. That’s still seven years that such list has been “out there” under that mis-labeling, and it’s still circulating with that mis-labeling. Therefore, it’s clear that as a community “called” to study into such matters we’ve lost our ability to determine “fact” (and “argument,” etc.) from “law.” That observation of our present condition is so tragic that this author is greatly motivated to engage this discussion.

To be sure, the fact that we’re looking at the whole of the list and deciding that there’s only a few of them that qualify as statements of “law” in no way means that such statements that actually match the labeling are correct or even competent. All that this author is saying by this Second Study is that the collective labeling is manifestly errant, and, as such, such mis-labeling should have been corrected years ago. And, seven years later, we still don’t know the difference well enough to decline to circulate such matters under such plain mis-labeling.

As for the correctness or even competence of these particular (nine) statements, that’s the substance of the next following Studies. In the next nine Studies, this author will examine each of these nine numbered items as “dead wrong” or “true, but so what?”

Thus, the list, seven years later, is still grossly mis-labeled, and we ought to be able to recognize that manifest mismatch by even a casual perusal of the content (and, recognizing such mismatch, decide not to continue to circulate it).

Toward those nine numbered statements that may qualify under the labeling of “law,” we now turn our attention.


Author’s Note: Some of these Studies and points within these Studies are very likely to carry some energy and some very straight talk and evaluation. Some of it may curl even Kojak’s hair.

Everyone has a contribution to make. To be given “sight” enough to see that there’s a problem regarding “law” and “government” is to be “called” into that community that exists to “do something about it.” Different people make different contributions, and a rather select few make the tremendous contribution of “taking the field of competition” and actually risking property and liberty by running various ideas and theories up the flag pole to see who salutes.

At whatever position we may find ourselves, we’re (A) in the supply line if we’re not (B) on the front line (of administrative/judicial, “Let my people and myself go!” activity). No effort of this magnitude can function without a competent and dependable supply line. Just can’t work without such. So, the supply line is a very important part of the effort. Thus, where the supply line is passing around intellectual poison, those on the front line or who are enticed to take a front line position are dead where they stand. In other words, we’re not helping the ones on the “front line” of application by filling their minds with rubbish.

The early “front line” folks were 100% absolutely, totally convinced not only that we had a “constitution” but also that such source of “authority” was directly relevant to the issues at hand, in particular in the “tax” area. If they had known that there was no “constitution,” would they have been “front liners?” If they had known that even if there were a “constitution,” the “constitution” had nothing, whatsoever, to do with either the problem or the solution, would they have been “front liners?”

The point is that in a very real sense, the information, itself, selects the advocates of it, i.e., the “front liners” of that information, position, perspective. Those who are learning and applying the reality are simply a different group of Americans than those who are generating and circulating the non-sense. Eagles don’t flock, but they do support one another, and they do reproduce more eagles. Where this or that information is recognized and/or exposed as “bad,” then a whole group of would-be “front liners” of that perspective are motivated and encouraged to do something else with their time, “money,” Money, and energy. Drastic down-side consequences are avoided.

As should be self-apparent, we’re not helping ourselves by continuing to circulate non-sense. This, “Let’s break INTO jail together” mentality has got to stop.

Time, “money,” and energy are limited resources. As a community, we have a limited number of minds and hearts willing to apply this or that theory on the “front line” and then take it far enough to see if it “works.” (Why that’s still a priority to some is unknown, given that the fundamentals of the reality are, and have been, available.) Especially on the paths that have already been trod, to no beneficial result, where we “waste” those people and their energy, we may as well have just thrown a ton of gold to the bottom of the ocean.

Some “front liners,” such as Larry Becraft, have seen and experienced more than anyone’s fair share of misery that follows from doing everything legally possible to defend against and to prevent the downside, only to realize that there was simply no way to cure the problem once it got started that way. So, why does Becraft debunk? Why has he invested a significant percentage of his career debunking these various “theories?” For the very self-obvious reason that he cares a great deal about the people who voluntarily (and ignorantly, no matter how well-meaningly) position themselves to get bulldozed by this system. He’s one of several who have seen more than anyone should have to experience the total waste of life that develops in the pursuit of obvious canon-fodder bait concepts. So, where he can reach a mind in time to avoid that level of disaster, then his investment of himself, and his time, is worth it.

Why does anyone debunk? Why would there be a news source such as The Critical Post – Chicago, that focuses for a large part of its effort on the quest to debunk the non-sense? Because there are known experiences, some quite close to home, where “bad” information produced an unaffordable loss of property, liberty, or both. Those paths produced absolutely nothing of gain and totally of loss. We can’t protect people from themselves, but where the obviously incompetent concepts are not exactly obviously incompetent to all who encounter such concepts, there may be some benefit, some decrease of the down side, by providing information that points out another side, or the other side, of the perspective that’s popularly circulating but which should never have gotten started in the first place.

This author’s debunking is merely adjunct to the long-time efforts of those who have made it their career to debunk these various nutsoid theories, whether from the legal side or the news side or the economics side or the accounting side, etc.

Those in the supply line who haven’t experienced, whether vicariously, i.e., as counsel, or directly the devastation of a life and/or a family as a consequence of someone’s having acted “under the influence” of bad swill don’t have quite the energy to put an end to this sort of thing as those who have so experienced that sort of consequence. Those in the supply line who haven’t tasted the sting of losing a position which loss results in incarceration of self or of another don’t yet have an internal motivation to filter what they generate or pass along. Since many in the supply line have no intention of ever applying anything, they simply don’t have the same level of concern regarding the credibility of what is (re-)circulated. They feel that they’re making a contribution by keeping the “information” flowing, and they don’t stop to consider the fact that the best contribution possible might be the cessation of circulation of this or that concept or set of concepts.

As it would happen, during the drafting of this P.S., a note came in addressing this very study. What the content of that note confirms is personal knowledge of reliance by others on the very information of focus in these Studies and that those others have been sent to jail. That note is from someone who has been on the “front line” for many, many years.

The point is that the ideas of that list are not only of no benefit but also are confirmed as having contributed to the end result of jail. That’s exactly where this sort of “information” puts people who don’t yet have quite enough analytical exposure to these matters to know not to touch them with a 10-foot pole.

It’s unknown how many people might have jail, or litigation altogether, if they had had something in the way of debunking to review, or, better, no exposure to such list, at all. It’s been the trait among the “patriot community” from the start to help one another “break INTO jail.” First time through on an idea, there may (or may not) be value in running the new perspective / idea / theory up the flagpole. Let’s say that happens, i.e., it’s new and it’s run up the flagpole. Given the possibilities of evidentiary problems or procedural problems, should that the same idea get several different applications isn’t necessarily bad. Those coming up short pay a high price, but it’s not inherently bad that new perspectives be put into the crucible of the lab known as “life.”

However, that said, even if we didn’t know our present reality, i.e., even if there were a new idea sound enough to treat in that manner, once a few materially different runs produce the same bad result, it’s time to move on to something else. Trying the same unworkable concept year after year after year, on essentially the same fact patterns, is the classic definition of nuts. Running the same unworkable perspective or theory over and over and over is trying the same thing the same way and yet expecting, somehow, a different result, which is the classic definition of being nuts.

This particular list under this grossly errant labeling has been available for seven years; nine years (perhaps longer) under more generic labeling. While we’re looking at what is there, let’s look at something that’s not there. Where’s any confirmation, at all, from anyone who actually depended on any of this, that anything beneficial developed. Where’s any confirmation of that, at all? The “information” circulates, here, for seven years, now, with this labeling, nine years under prior labeling, but without any confirmation of benefit, at any time, to or for anyone. That should be it’s own message. “Information” of that “vintage,” let’s call it, “information” that’s been “out there” for this length of time, will surely have a history of application to accompany it. (P.T. Barnum knew us all too well.) So, where’s that history, and what does that history teach? This “information,” of this duration of “fermentation,” as accompanied by absolutely nothing positive in the way of application results, shouldn’t even have to be thought about twice before opting not to continue its perpetuation.

Ideas have consequences, and what we (re-)circulate may be just the ticket by which some poor sap out here manages to “break INTO jail.” Where there’s an increase in the sense of responsibility by the re-circulators for what’s (re-)circulated, especially in the area of “tax,” then such lists and related “information” will find a refreshingly lower (re-)circulation volume; hence, a (greatly) decreased coverage. The supply line members who are (far) more interested in sending out emails than in taking a “front line” position based on what they’re circulating simply don’t have that level of personal concern that would motivate them to stop circulating the intellectual poison.

To them, a “take home” message from this series of Studies is this: Have a heart; don’t ignorantly poison your neighbor’s mind. To the supply line participants, who have a very important role to play, if the information is of such doubtful content that you’re not going to act on it, why would you want to circulate it to anyone else? Do some self-filtering. It’s Ok to stop circulating the non-sense.

The debunking effort can’t reach everyone. Debunking can’t prevent all problems where someone finds tasty the flavor of cannon-fodder-bait flavored swill and who consumes such swill by the gallons. But, for every mind reached by debunking that is dissuaded from doing anything (further) based on those ideas, this effort is worth the time investment.

Toward what this author can do with/about this one, we move forward, full throttle, with full deliberation.


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