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Woman’s Family Being Victimized In Richmond, IN – Part Two – An Investigative Series Exclusive – (TCP)CHICAGO

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Chief Editors Note: In Wayne County (Indiana Superior) Court (II) under Judge Gregory Alton Horn, a women’s daughter was wrongfully foreclosed upon, even though the Foreclosee was being protected under a Federal mortgage reorganization program and making payments, as agreed, on time.

The mother of that woman, Ms. Carol Keihn, did an investigation of the paperwork which contracted the original agreement and found severally, numerous discrepancies. Ms. Keihn’s YouTube account has an extensive list of videos describing the detail of the discrepancies found.

When she gave notice that these discrepancies existed to the officers of the court, her family coincidentally and after said notice, began experiencing direct persecution by the local authorities.

Richmond’s Police Department began targeting her grandson and arrested the young man on a couple of occasions and the second time he’d been arrested on a trumped up drug offense. The prosecutors office actually prosecuted the young man as a minor, when at the time of the arrest he was over the age of 18. On this particular count, what this arrest allowed, concerned monies known by the prosecutor’s office to be redeemed to the county through redemption programs. In short, the young man’s arrest was a cash register receipt for the county seat’s treasury. Upon further inspection of her grandson’s file with the state/county warrant’s database, she’d found nine other trumped up straw warrants. As result of being targeted, had she not looked into the matter, the straw warrants would have gone unnoticed.

On two other occasions, her daughter’s residence was targeted as a drill rehearsal point for the local SWAT team, helicopters and all.

The processes at work behind the paper trail noticed by Ms. Keihn, became apparent in detecting the breadcrumb trail, using an alphanumeric tagging system in the county seat’s records online.

The system was later revealed to Ms. Keihn, and recognized by the administrative assistant in the land records clerks office, as activity called, REDOCKETING.

REDOCKETING uses former cause numbers already settled to create a cash register for new revenues under former settled cause numbers/matters.

REDOCKETING is an official court and county clerk term. It is the way “straw foreclosures” are used to create new revenues by defrauding two entities. A land trust held by a bank (in this case Deutsche Bank) and MERS who represents revenues from HUD because they are tied together by using HUD riders.

Here’s a rough sketch of how this REDOCKETING occurs.

A check is requested for the straw foreclosure through MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) after the straw action has been ordered by the court and its official, the presiding judge. They request the check from the presiding attorney for HUD who has the power of the pen to issue the check, through official check request forms. The attorney for HUD cuts the check and sends it back to the clerk of the court in the amount of approximately ten percent of the foreclosed house. This is an insurance value guaranteed by HUD.

Straw liens, in this case something called “Weed Liens” are then paid to the county seat’s treasury. Also, any back dated “Tax Warrants” are also satisfied. The Tax Warrants are actually being re-used, though they’ve already been satisfied in previous matters.

Also in line for payment is the presiding judge through other redemption programs under the state local branch as a Federal affiliate under HUD to the judge personally, being paid by HUD through a back-door system and into the judge’s retirement account.

After the funds are deducted for whatever liens or fees deemed actionable, in order for the propriety of that action to be seen as legit, the remainder is sent back to HUD. At that point, no entity is the wiser.

Once the REDOCKETING breadcrumb tracking system for a remuneration succeeds in the remuneration of funds regarding a cause number, what occurs, in a very sly way, is that the cause numbers are “slid” into other cause numbers, newly opened and the whole process of fraud repeats. This chain of events occurs thousands of times per year, causing a cash register effect to the county treasury, which defrauds the Federal HUD system through it’s local state affiliate.

Three beneficiaries receive funds for either the county seat and/or personal remuneration. The presiding judge of a cause number, the prosecuting attorney of same cause number and the clerk of the court.

Below in the report by Julia May, is the actual diary account of how, in this case, the activity occurred, after the straw foreclosure action in court began to occur. All of the documents so noted by Ms. Keihn, are on file with this office.

Of further note, it’s interesting to see a PR item show up in a local news publication, stating that the judge in question here, Judge Gregory Alton Horn, has recused himself from a case, in which he states he has a conflict of interest. In fact, he had the same conflict in the matter of US Bank v Ditty, the wrongful foreclosure that Ms. Keihn investigated.

Clearly, what’s needed in this circuit court and probably most circuit courts across the country, is an audit by a federal task force, specifically tasked to see exactly how many straw foreclosures are occurring using the REDOCKETING system of fraud and abuse.

No doubt, it would probably take years of forensics work, although, Ms. Keihn could show the investigators how this back office system works because she has documented the forensic methods for investigating this type of fraud.

There was a program developed by Catherine Austin Fitts, as a director at HUD during her tenure under George H. W. Bush’s administration. She developed a software program called, The Community Wizard. The forensics this program performed matched all HUD mortgage documents with actual active mortgages accruing to HUD. What that program uncovered was, it discovered there were approximately 10 fake mortgages for every real mortgage on file, according to Fitts’ testimony in interviews she’s given since leaving HUD and defending herself in court actions brought against her.

Of further note, in the case of Ms. Fitts, the software program “Community Wizard” had been confiscated by federal authorities during the actions against her. After the matters against her were dismissed, the program had been stripped of all its vital elements before it was returned, which indicates that quite clearly, federal officials for HUD do not want it known by the general public how pervasive the mortgage fraud they administrate, actually is.

Apparently, Ms. Fitts, was onto something the feds didn’t want known. She spent $6 million of her personal funds to show the feds officials were lying about everything leveraged against her.

Ms. Fitts prevailed.

The question remains, how competent are the Office of the Inspector General – Office of the United States Treasury, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

Apparently, not effective or competent to the degree Ms. Keihn would hope. Her family is still at some kind of good ole boy, surreptitious peril as this report is being published.

We think it should stop, IMMEDIATELY and we are calling upon these offices to do their jobs. WITH ALL DUE DISPATCH.

The following then, is the diary as dictated to our reporter, which describes Carol Keihn’s path for discovery on behalf of her daughter.

– Pollack



Ms. Carol Keihn’s Diary Of A Wrongful Foreclosure Upon Her Daughter

By Julia May – Staff Writer

(TCP)CHICAGO – 17 NOVEMBER 2015 – Rachelle Ditty, single mother of two sons, bought a home in Richmond, IN, reportedly on March 14, 2008 through Lingle Real Estate and its agent, one Mr. Tim Orr. The reported owner and seller was Paul Stickel of Stickel Properties LLC. Stickel, it was later found out, was responsible for approximately 9,000 transactions in Indiana. He had a partner named Kathy Puckett that ran Richmond Mortgage. Puckett now in prison for bank fraud. (Kathy Puckett Paul Stickel West End Bank Fraud). Paul Stickel’s name was kept quiet,as well as a local bank, West End Savings and Loan Bank and some key officers of said bank.

One Mrs. Krista Rader, wife of Josh Rader, was the agent for the seller, Paul Stickel, although both Krista and Josh Rader of Lingle Real Estate showed up on the real estate transactions. Rachelle was told by the real estate agent for the property through Lingle Real Estate, Mr. Orr, that the first “offer” which was actually a purchase agreement she had signed, was not accepted by the seller, Paul Stickel, and was instructed by Mr. Orr to make a second “offer” (purchase agreement). This second “offer” was the one reportedly accepted and Ms. Ditty closed on March 14th, 2008. Although, the real estate agent, Mr. Orr had her make out a certified check back-dated for the date of March 13, 2008.

Rachelle Ditty became unemployed and was participating in a federally protected mortgage repayment program and made her mortgage payments, on time, under the federal protection program but on August 15th, 2012, she was notified of foreclosure.

On September 28th, 2012, a wrongful foreclosure action was filed in Wayne County (Indiana Superior) Court (II) under Judge Gregory Alton Horn, Indiana. The official action and court records show as – US Bank NA, VS Rachelle Ditty (cause Number 89D02-1209-MF-000343)

It was then that Rachelle went to her mother, Carol Keihn, who looked through all of her daughter Rachelle’s original paperwork and in a folder, the agent, Tim Orr had sent to her with his thank you card upon purchase. However, she began to make a few startling discoveries.

Here is the circuitous route of this fraud.

Later towards the end of 2008, the agent, Tim Orr, sent a letter with 2 pages titled HUD 1, along with a “Thank You” card, in which Rachelle was instructed to use a the copy of the HUD1 settlement statement he had sent in the letter and not to bother getting into her house papers folder, so she could file her taxes correctly for a proper tax deduction on her income taxes. Apparently, Mr. Orr had known at that time that his original master file was missing, though he may not have known where it was that it had been misplaced.

As Ms. Keihn sifted through all the papers, she realized, Tim Orr had sent Rachelle the wrong folder. Inside it were 3 purchase agreements/offers that were actual binding master mortgages, with international promissory notes, attached in various colors payable to the bank, insurance commitments, addendums and a bug inspection report. The report’s were double sided and (page 2 of 2) had a contingency statement on one side and a fraudulent mortgage affidavit on the other, with 3 sets of pictures of the home at 422 Randolph Street.

She noticed Rachelle’s initial check had been dated March 13, 2008, the day before the reported close of the sale. Ms. Ditty explained to her mom, it was dated for that day because she was told something came up on that day, she was subsequently told to come in the following day instead. This is relevant as we’ll show later on.

So in summation of the contents in the folder in Ms. Ditty’s possession, there was 1) the original Purchase Agreement/Offer dated January 21, 2008, 2) A COPY of the January 21,2008 Purchase Agreement/Offer and 3) a third Purchase Agreement/Offer dated February 5, 2008.

Further, there was a document from “Abstracts Title Of Richmond Inc. Commitment”, which was a Title Insurance Commitment order, put in by Lingle Real Estate, which had 2 properties in 11 pages of a 13 page fax, in which Rachelle Ditty was made a premature owner/seller of 422 Randolph, though, ostensibly, Ms. Ditty, in reality was a buyer. That is what the original documents show.

The reality of this kind of fraudulent transaction has been discovered (with carols helpful advice ) by others around America, which shows this is happening to many unsuspecting home buyers in other parts of America and shown by other citizens in other unrelated cases doing their own forensic investigations, into their own fraudulent foreclosure actions.

After digging deeper and doing a lot of leg work, Ms. Keihn would eventually discover 9 false loans in her daughter’s name. The document copies cited throughout this report here are held in confidence and are on file with this news organization.

It was at this point, Ms. Keihn then called the agent, Mr. Tim Orr. He offered his condolences saying, “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that your daughter is losing her house.”, but when she told him of the folder she had in her possession of 3 properties and multiple loans falsely made in her daughter’s name, he quickly ended the call in a voice riddled with panic, “Oh my f-king God! This is a nightmare! Can I call you back?” Needless to say, that call did not occur. Perhaps to this day, if Mr. Orr had not tendered the master fraud folder to Rachelle Ditty, Ms. Keihn would have had a much harder time figuring out this riddled mess of deceit.

Ms. Keihn’s next call went to Title Abstracts Of Richmond Incorporated to inform them that there was a schema of back-dating and fraud taking place by one of their employees using TIF, an abbreviation for Tax Increment Financing. She then physically paid a visit to Title Abstracts Of Richmond.

The President of Title Abstracts of Richmond is one Mr. Ron Cross, who is also a partner at Boston, Bever, Klinge, Cross & Chidester, and also Boston, Cross, Chidester Attorney’s At Law. Mr. Cross is a Wayne County attorney and an elected school board attorney for the City of Richmond Community Schools.

Cross’ partner, Mr. Boston, an attorney, is the supervisor/attorney for Title Abstracts of Richmond, the very same person whom signed off on the back-dated Title Commitment Forms and he is also the private Chapter 7 Trustee bankruptcy official for Wayne County (Indiana Superior) Court (II). The DOJ (Department of Justice) appointed him as the public.

A Mr. Boston is also on record as a private Trustee Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee of Wayne County, IN.

Mr. Chidester, of Boston, Cross, Chidester Attorney’s At Law, is the City of Richmond, Indiana’s attorney and he has recently moved with a wrongful foreclosure against Carol Keihn’s son, who resides out of country and was not an owner but a renter, when the law firm Boston, Bever, Klinge, Cross & Chidester, this man; Mr. Chidester along with the finance Clerk for the City of Richmond, one Mrs. Young, filed a wrongful foreclosure against her (Ms. Keihn’s) son who was for all effective purposes nothing but a renter, when he had been residing in Indiana and had been gone out of the country for more than two years. He is presently still offshore and residing out of the country.

Robin Moore,  the Administrative Assistant at Abstracts Title of Richmond Inc., assured Ms. Keihn that all of this was normal but Ms. Keihn argued that it was not normal to show her daughter Rachelle, as married (or any contingencies for contract) on the back of [a] the bug inspection report‘s in this file, when in fact, she was never married, and the contingencies took Rachelle’s indemnity back in tax years to the year 2005, when Rachelle was to have paid taxes for 2007 due payable in 2008 according to what she was told and the actual documents show this, but they also show, back taxes for years 2005, 2006, 2007 respectively. Ms. Keihn declared that these were the real estate agencies own trumped up reports. The documents show a Notary Public, one Ms. Shawn Sorrel who worked with Abstract Title of Richmond Inc., a Loan Officer Jessica McGuire, and Tim Orr, the real Estate Agent.

Rachelle’s deadline to answer for the wrongful foreclosure was Oct 20, 2012. Ms. Keihn wrote and filed the response for her daughter, within it’s set time constraint but the filing at Court House shows that, in fact,  it wasn’t stamped as received until Oct 28th, 2012. A full 8 days later! Question: Was this part of the scheme’s systematic fraud within the court or some other related system, which for the sake of putting a name to the fraud, as part of a “Judicial Mill” that is operating in the circuits court, in Richmond, IN and the county of Wayne? Is it a re-docket system that is actually running the Judicial Officers and employees?

Well apparently from the evidence we have on file it appears that the State of Indiana is actually a Judicial Foreclosure State, yet the court under Judge Gregory A Horn is actually running foreclosures that are not being disclosed in the public and in unison with other foreclosures that are used in the Anchor Date system for redemption’s of various kinds which the judge, as it can be shown is pocketing, along with other redemption’s payable from HUD.

In conversations that Ms. Keihn has had with an FBI official, a Mr. Neil Freeman, revealed and/or admitted the judge is committing a crime.


We have to take a break at this point to explain, that a systematic scrubbing had started occurring in a statewide public court document system known in Indiana and for the purposes of its court documentations, as DOXPOP, when Ms. Keihn had begun declaring her discoveries to officials. However, not to be undone Ms. Keihn, had performed a meticulous job of documentation videos which has preserved evidence before it could be scrubbed by those officials charged with updating the system.

Another factor in Ms. Keihn’s work as she has testified to us is, there is a surreptitious numbering system, which is alpha numeric as it is practiced, which those in the know and whom are either wittingly or unwittingly, in some cases, using to keep track of the back-dating system. The clerk at the county’s land title records office made a verbal disclosure to Ms. Keihn in conversations, while she (Keihn) was performing the forensic investigation on her daughter’s file, and when after repeated visits to the office, Ms. Keihn was told to perform (or was helped to perform) something called an “Anchor Date” search of the database. It was this “ANCHOR DATE SEARCH” that led Ms. Keihn to reveal exactly how this fraud scheme worked for all involved.

Also, as the photocopy evidence we have on file will show in any competent forensic act of discovery, one can clearly see on the corners of the pages of all or most of these documents on file, that there are multiple stapled, punch-holes, further denoting that these documents, in this particular case, had been systematically shuffled, or copied to other places in the court filing system while prosecuting the case, ostensibly used (as in multiple causes of actions) for other kinds of remunerative redemption’s programs on behalf of the court, the presiding judge, and attorney’s causing the action.


Now…and here is where it gets really convoluted but very interesting: Rachelle was unaware that her property was sitting under bogus names in another part of the “system” schema, of one, Mr.Charles and Mrs. Annette Scott. Who are they?( The former owners of record who have spoken to Carol Keihn and indeed they moved to Georgia and all matters concerning the property were to have been resolved and the Seller Paul Stickel who owned the 422 Randolph never disclosed he owned the property and he avoided taxes he owed and actually passed them off to Rachelle Ditty all the while not being required by the Wayne County Assessor to disclose he was the actually the Owner and in part aiding and abetting this system to run the subsequent illegal undisclosed foreclosures in this Re-Docket system)


Carol’s next visit was to the Wayne County Indiana land records office. Connected to Rachelle’s home purchase of 422 Randolph Street in Richmond, IN was other property also, under Leslie K, aka Karen Leslie Mehafee, aka Leslie K Lane, and Leslie K Lane-Mehaffey, also a Michael Mehaffey, owner of record for property located at 10007 38 Greens Fork,IN, a county property. The county connection that will be explained later, and one Mr. Tony S. Bond, owner of record for a property located at 4393 U.S. Highway 35 N. Richmond, IN — and all them under a string of transaction/s which show to a trained inspector’s eyes, that Rachelle Ditty was unwittingly made a party to, and as a member of Stickel Properties LLC., connected to Rachelle’s first payment on her house located at 422 Randolph Street.

She was instructed to send payments “according to the false mortgage” to a P.O Box (809 Memphis Tennessee) that belonged to Brandon Allan DTZ Barnake, in the UK.

Incidental to the above…

When Ms. Keihn, noticed the back dating of the ALTA policies, again, which stands for (American Land and Title Association) she was reminded of Metropolitan Life Insurance’s Companies de-mutualization, that actually occurred in 1999 (officially in early 2000), when money was lost under stocks in what was a sell/buy, buy/sell program, or in 1999 referred, to as a purchaser/seller, seller/purchaser program.

When they de-mutualized, they set a trust up in Rhode Island and ended up with a lot of stock holder loss that affected pension funds. To de-mutualize, they testified that they were going to do a “takings” by committing the “ACT” of “Conversion”. This makes the buyer, the owner, prematurely on an ALTA, policy that has a pre-designed form that is to go inline with T.I.F. Tax Increment Financing, which is a municipality system, whose proceeds went into the CAFR’s or Comprehensive Accounting and Finance Reports of various government corporations throughout America.

This Backdating commonly occurs within parentheses () on the documents of record, as well as, crossed out and re-stamped dates filings for documents in the scheme of a particular fraudulent transaction.

Part of the Backdating occurred, in Ms. Ditty’s, case when she made her first offer, wherein the Real Estate, Bank, and Title Company, back-dated the Title Policy in Ms. Ditty’s name to the date, Feb 5, 2006! Remember, the home was bought in 2008!

Ms. Ditty’s name was used in the 2006 documents and the 422 Randolph Street property was back-dated (in her name) on a completed invoice for a date in 2006!

On March 12, 2008, the land was vested to Paul Stickel who was reportedly the owner, and if he was, then why would he be vested with the land, reportedly, two days before the closing date of 3/12/2008 at the Wayne County Indiana Administration Building where the land records, plat room, treasurer, assessor, and the tax records office where files were missing for tax and property card records, for year‘s 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010. The records are missing or not on file in hard copy. These are official records that must be recorded properly!

There was a woman in the land and plat room office named Debbie Lawson who turned out to be a veteran employee of Freedom Title Company who stated, when Carol stated she thought Mr. Stickel stole her grandsons and daughters identity, Ms. Lawson stated: “I’m sick of these bastards, I’m going to help this lady.”

She did an Anchor Date Search. While Debra did the search she said to Carol Keihn; “Remember Anchor Dates?”, and pulled up 4 pages showing Rachelles’ property at 422 Randolph Street, and another Anchor Date Search being tied to an undisclosed land contract on 938 South 17th Street, Richmond Indiana, and an undisclosed sheriff’s deed sale.

At the time, it, the property located at 938 South 17th Street, Richmond Indiana, showed up under the name, Charles and Annette Scott for March 13, 2003. This denotes, quite decisively, a systematic fraud has been ongoing for quite some time.

Mr. Paul Stickel, again, it will be noted here for the record, as mentioned above in this report, had performed about 9,000 transactions in the STATE OF INDIANA. It will also be noted here for the record, that Mr. Paul Stickel is also a member of the infamous organization known as The Knights of Malta, which allegedly, in some circles for some unknown reason off record, makes the man an untouchable. So noted in another conversation that Ms, Keihn had with one Mr. Neil Freeman, of Indiana’s FBI branch offices in Indianapolis and Muncie Indiana, when she first reported to that office and that officer, of the fraud being committed in her daughter’s name. Ms. Keihn testified to us, initially, that FBI Agent, Freeman, was told to back off the case because nothing could be done, by a superior, whose name for the meantime is not available to us for the dates in question when Ms. Keihn had made the disclosure to Indiana’s FBI branch in Indianapolis and Muncie, IN.

Further, Ms. Keihn, through exhaustive forensic investigative effort on the part of her daughter, was able to prove that Annette and Charles Scott were also victims of identity fraud, and Charles Scott who was to have been included on the previous foreclosure and the Bankruptcy action filed by the Scott’s, that a clerk of court entry showed that Charles Scott’s identity was assumed by an Attorney, one Mr. Charles Hyde, now a former attorney, charged on 29 counts of bankruptcy fraud for not filing for his former clients, and one count of corrupt practices.

Rather than being dis-barred he resigned as an attorney, and he will be eligible for re-instatement in 5 years. Most of the counts were recently dropped according to certain records. He was also a partner with Judge Gregory Alton Horn in the firm, Horn and Hyde Attorneys, who took fees for which he didn’t file or show up in court. It can be shown Mr. Hyde assumed the identity of Charles Scott and back-dated whatever necessary to commit the fraud.

Acquiescence (SILENCE is admission and consent), under current legal doctrine, is a prima facia case for the showing of facts in a court of law. If not challenged, it stands as fact until otherwise shown as being, not a fact.

In a shadow re-docket in the alphanumeric online court system document records filing system, again noted here as DOXPOP, Annette Scott’s attorney was Charles Scott, who filed for her! Charles Hyde’s name was also there in those documents.


Weed liens as practiced in Richmond, IN is where a property, abandoned or otherwise, has liens filed in the system of the courts for the trimming or removal of unsightly property maintenance of the lawn where a property is listed.

“Charles Scott was to have been in some property foreclosures though he was not in reality, he was taken out unbeknownst to him. THE SCOTT’S have resided in GEORGIA for awhile is my understanding and the weed lien that was used in what I call a SHADOW DOCKET were in fact assigned to 422 Randolph Street when the weed lien belonged to 938 south 17th and the timelines will show the fact the weed lien have been shifted in a secret RE-DOCKETING system the COUNTY COURT specifically Circuit Court 2 – Judge Horn “

From an anchor date ( search result ) a, 4th property, was discovered; 938 South 17th Street, Lot 14

Paul Stickel’s face was so well known by the clerk in plat land record room, she said, she just let him fill out his own paper work and fill in the recording book out of chronological order in the front of the record book in the plat room at the county administration office where land records are. In other words, negligent and bad practices by this clerk at the aforementioned office.

In around Oct 2012 up to Jan 2013, Carol attempted to report stolen identities to the Richmond police dept. The clerk Linda, stated and showed Ms. Keihn a memo that was reportedly, from on Ms. Becky Skillman, Former Lieutenant Governor of Indiana that directed the City of Richmond Police Department to no longer take Identity Theft Reports. Finally, after Ms. Keihn called the Deputy Sheriff, Lora Roberts, in late December 2012, Ms. Roberts called Ms. Keihn back and told her to call Captain Profidio back at his personal cell phone but not sooner than January 8th, 2013 because the captain was on vacation. That he would take the report after that date. She among others always wondered why Stickel always managed to stay clean, yet his girlfriend went to jail.

Mortgage and contracts in the US started in 1980’s “compensation clauses”. The methods use anything in brackets (“quotations”) or parenthesis is sent or made part of another document or case, to other entities non-related. This is part of what Ms. Keihn has been able to prove and document.

I’m Julia May and I write for the Critical Post – Chicago


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  • State: Nearly $24M in legal pot sales in first 2 months January 23, 2019
    BOSTON (AP) - Pot shops in Massachusetts have racked up nearly $24 million in sales since the first ones opened two months ago. That's according to the Cannabis Control Commission, the state's marijuana regulatory agency. The first retail stores in Massachusetts - and anywhere on the U.S. East Coast - ...
  • Employee? Independent contractor? How to keep it legal January 23, 2019
    NEW YORK (AP) - Small business owners who want to use independent contractors need to be sure these workers really aren't employees. Federal and state government agencies are on the lookout for businesses that use independent contractors, or freelancers, to evade Social Security, Medicare and unemployment taxes and workers compensation ...
  • The Latest: EU: Irish border still issue in no-deal Brexit January 23, 2019
    LONDON (AP) - The Latest on Britain's exit from the European Union (all times local): 3:30 p.m. The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator says if Britain withdraws without a deal with the EU, he still wants to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Michel Barnier said at ...
  • Fire officials: Man fatally run over by own vehicle January 23, 2019
    MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) - Fire officials say a 75-year-old Connecticut man was killed when his own car slid down his icy driveway and rolled onto him. Middletown South Fire District Chief Michael Howley says 75-year-old Rodley Russo died as a result of his injuries Monday afternoon. The Connecticut Post reports ...
  • Forgoing staffers, many businesses turn to freelancers January 23, 2019
    NEW YORK (AP) - It hasn't been lost on small business owners that Uber and other ride-sharing services are enormously successful without having employees doing the work. It's one of the reasons why small companies are forgoing employees in favor of independent contractors. Todd Miller transformed his small business a ...
  • Montana lawmakers take up bills on straws, plastic bags January 23, 2019
    HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Two bills sponsored by a Missoula senator wending their way through the Legislature could change life as some Montanans know it by limiting plastic straws in retail food establishments and charging for plastic bags in stores. And there is a bill by another lawmaker that would ...
  • Bill would make it tougher to pass tax hikes in Montana January 23, 2019
    HELENA, Mont. (AP) - Montana may join 15 other states in making it more difficult to pass new or increased taxes. A simple majority of the state Legislature can currently approve new taxes or fees. But House Bill 148 introduced Tuesday would raise that threshold to a two-thirds supermajority, Montana ...
  • Idaho Geological Survey seeks budget increase January 23, 2019
    BOISE, Idaho (AP) - The agency that provides information about Idaho's geology and minerals and makes natural gas and oil production records available is asking state lawmakers to approve a $1.25 million budget. University of Idaho President Chuck Staben made the request for fiscal year 2020 for the Idaho Geological ...
  • Nets minority owner buys WNBA's Liberty January 23, 2019
    NEW YORK (AP) - The New York Liberty have a new owner and get to keep their NBA ties. An investment group led by Brooklyn Nets minority owner Joseph Tsai has bought the Liberty, the WNBA announced Wednesday. Terms were not disclosed. Tsai, co-founder of the e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, ...
  • Federal employees missing work during shutdown could be marked as AWOL January 23, 2019
    Federal workers who are required to work during the partial government shutdown but are failing to do so risk being classified as absent without leave. A memo sent from the director of the Office of Personnel Management to heads of department and agencies on Friday explained that employees ...
    Gabriella Muñoz
  • Owners of former furniture store get manufacturing permit January 23, 2019
    BENNINGTON, Vt. (AP) - The new owners of a former furniture store in Bennington, Vermont, have received zoning for light manufacturing. The new permit will allow Polar Composite Corp., LLC to continue to utilize the 17,000-square foot building, which has gone unused since last January. The Bennington Banner reports the ...
  • Blue Origin shoots NASA experiments into space in test January 23, 2019
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - Jeff Bezos' rocket company, Blue Origin, has launched NASA experiments into space on a brief test flight. The New Shepard rocket blasted off Wednesday from West Texas, hoisting a capsule containing the experiments. The eight experiments were exposed to a few minutes of weightlessness, before ...
  • Muriel Bowser, D.C. mayor, offers zero-interest loans to workers affected by shutdown January 23, 2019
    D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said Wednesday her city will offer zero-interest loans of up to $5,000 to people who might not be able to make their next mortgage payment because of the partial government shutdown. Ms. Bowser, a Democrat, said the $9 million program will be managed by the city's ...
    Tom Howell Jr.
  • Georgia SOS seeks to replace criticized voting machines January 23, 2019
    ATLANTA (AP) - Georgia's new elections chief is asking lawmakers for $150 million to replace the state's aging electronic voting machines, which experts have warned are vulnerable to hacking. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told Georgia legislators holding budget hearings Wednesday that a new voting system is his top priority. ...
  • The Latest: Senator argues fertility fraud law isn't needed January 23, 2019
    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The Latest on Indiana Legislature's action on fertility fraud bill (all times local): 11:30 a.m. A state senator says he believes Indiana law already allows criminal charges against the fertility doctor who authorities say used his own sperm to impregnate perhaps dozens of women. A Senate committee ...