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Op Ed: Screw You! – (TCP)CHICAGO

Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO

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By Scott PollackChief Editor

(TCP)CHICAGO Opinion – 23 JANUARY 2018 – Does anyone see something unnatural about all this politically correct crap or is it just me who sees the whole thing as hypocritical and moronic as it really is?

Hey watch me piss a whole mess of people off! Just goes to show ya that somehow all this media crap trying to socially engineer us is screwing the whole world up because no one can take a joke or a rib anymore. Ya know, like them car jockey’s coming into our country from the Middle East. It sucks! Screw the psychiatrists. Screw the fucking teacher’s unions and their bullshit. Screw the social workers. Fucking get another profession because y’all are turning everyone into a bunch of damn mushballs. Time to get a G-ddamn spine people.

Oh boo hoo, I’m a person and I have feelings and you’re not allowed to hurt MY feelings you big poopy. Eh’ stuff a sock in it! Shut up and go to your corner of the world and leave the rest of us alone about your poor self ya big bunch of cry babies. Fucking idiots.

That goes for all the sexual LGBT people too. I’m sick of your parades and if I don’t want to accept you, that’s my business. Too damn bad. You guys have the same prejudices that any of us have and you’re hypocrites for not admitting it. What are we all suppose to do, start acting like you? Are you kidding? Oh, let’s all have a big straight peoples parade now. How ’bout that one, eh?

What ever happened to; sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me? (Then you give ’em the old raspberry.) Fuck the Europeans and their hate speech police state bullshit. You too Facebook & Twitter staff. I’m sick of it! Ya’ll are plain out of your minds and you’re a bunch of way too sensitive imbeciles!

Everyone on the web’s social platforms like this piece of crap (facebook) are so concerned about their particular victim status, they’ve taken all the fun out of pointing a finger at something and saying holy crap look at THAT!

Can you imagine a world where any of your judgmental musings can’t be heard by anyone except yourself? What are ya going to do, scream at the G-ddamn walls? Get a padded cell? Are you kidding? Better yet, what if everyone wasn’t judgmental, where the hell will you be able to get a good laugh? Comedy will die! If comedy dies, then where will you be? I’ll tell you where y’all will be, you’ll be forced into the underground like the old speakeasies just to let your feelings get a break from being frustrated and pent-up because some low life can’t hear about how much of a low life you think they are! Get out of your politically correct closets and be honest. Hey, not everyone can ever like everyone else, it’s fucking impossible! That’s the natural state of the human condition. Admit it already.

In the days when you could play games as kids like cowboys and indians and use your finger as a gun, there wasn’t any of this mass killing stuff going on. When you take away peoples ability to poke fun at another, except for the idea of having good manners by not doing it in their face, you create a situation like we have today and do you think that things are more civil now then back in the days when you could let your prejudice hang out a bit? You’re never going to get rid of this stuff. Kids will always be kids. That’s why we call them kids! They’re doing more bullying now then when it was just left to sort itself out during childhood. Fucking teachers! Yeah, right.

Did you hear about that game kids are playing with soap packets?

How ’bout the folks in this country of every creed, race and nationality who work for tips in the service industries? What about all them? Do you think for one minute when they see a Mexican, a Chinese, or a Black, an Irishmen or Scot, or an Eastern European, or a Puerto Rican, Haitian, Ghanain, Nigerian, Somalian, Indian, Pakistani or you name it, that they relish the idea that those folks either don’t tip or are cheap assholes, whom are actually racist without being honest that they are; do you think for one minute, that after these folks just mentioned whom haven’t assimilated to what’s expected of them in that situation, here in America, don’t receive a racial slur in the back of the minds of their waitress, doorman, bellhop, concierge, limo or cab driver? Well think again. Believe me, you got another thing coming to ya! If you’re one of ’em, let me say it up front for them…take a walk down a long plank and let me be the first to shove you into a pit of fire with a long pole! Learn how to fucking tip. You’re in America. It’s expected, asswipe! Get used to it, or stay home and serve yourselves. Stay out of our cabs, our limos, our hotels, our restaurants, because the folks who are serving you don’t need customers like you wasting their time. Got it? Tell ya what, learn how to be white and act like you have some fucking manners. It’s called breeding. Jerks.

How ’bout that women’s march last weekend? Eh? Wasn’t THAT something special? Can you believe we’re living in an age where the chicks are walking around wearing their genitals on their heads? I mean really, wasn’t that ridiculous? What would happen if guys did that at the same time as a counter-protest movement on the same day? Would we see a bunch of people knocking themselves out because they were banging their heads together? Aw, c’mon that’s a pun. That’s great stuff!

How ’bout them women, eh? They want the taxpayer’s to pay for their abortions and feminine hygiene and they’re the same folks screaming for animals rights? I guess them babies don’t have any, eh?

Betcha they don’t understand that having unprotected sex may be a right, it’s just the natural consequence for that orgasm is somehow an “inconvenient truth,” right, Al baby? You too Streisand, Winfrey, Degeneres, Goldberg (Ain’t even your real name. You’re culturally appropriating my people’s culture, asshole. Ooops, not aloud (‘nother pun) to say that. Sorry…), Behar, Steinem and Fonda, go fuck yourselves! Morons. What ever happened to the idea of using a rubber and if you didn’t have one, no sex? Do you women actually think, that a thug like Harvey Weinstein will ever not exist just because you don’t want them to exist? Carry a blackjack in your purse and give ’em a real hard crack. They’ll get the picture. Better yet, get a gun and shoot ’em in the foot, or their knees, or their, dare I say it?; their balls!

I remember when a woman from my generation and the previous generation of my parents knew how to put a jerk like Harvey Weinstein in his place. They knee’d him in the balls if it was necessary. They’d crack ’em in the head with a plate or a pot and then run like hell. Do you actually think you’re going to get rid of assholes and stop them from being assholes? Fat chance babes. It’ll never happen, EVER! Hell, women like Mae West or Lauren Bacall could just look at a jerk and make them wither like a shrinking violet and if they couldn’t, then they’d knee ’em in the balls and run.

Fucking women’s lib! Are you fucking kidding me? Now it’s all us white guys! We’re the problem, eh? You’re sitting there ridiculing us now, right? You’re doing the same thing to us that you accuse us of doing to you! Somehow I think it’s pretty damn hypocritical, if you ask me.

Maybe you don’t like being a woman. Maybe all the ugly chicks are sick of being ugly and hate men because they don’t pay attention to them because they’re ugly. It’s called natural selection G-ddammit. What about ugly guys? Don’t they have a right to beef? They don’t get much attention either! How ’bout we all go talk to G-d and say, hey you asshole why don’t you just make everyone beautiful so we don’t have to put up with this shit?! Or say, G-d you’re just one big fuckup and you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, ya big jerk! Don’t we all have a right to be beautiful like the people in Paris fashion shows and Hollywood? What about that? Where’s my right to be beautiful if I ain’t? Imbeciles.

The social justice moron idiot who invented this platform has a bunch of social justice warriors sitting at their screens looking for politically incorrect content and banning the post so other people won’t see it. Let that sink in. You can’t say nothin’. G-d forbid you might be right!

I liked the world much better when you could walk into a restaurant or a bar and smoke a cigarette or a cigar after dinner. People were way less uptight. So what if a whole mess of people die of cancer, who needs all these jerks hangin’ around for too long anyway? What’s wrong with self induced planned obsolescence? Don’t I have a right to live as I want and die as I want? Is death ever an easy proposition? No! So what is the gubment trying to protect us from, the pain in the ass it is getting out of this insane asylum? I say, start up the cigarette smoking culture again, believe me, all you uptight idiots, you’ll feel a whole lot better in the long run. It works. Maybe you’ll remember what civility is, again, because right now, things as they are…you’re all a bunch of uptight, overwrought jerks and you’re driving the rest of us fucking nuts! Have a cigarette and shut the fuck up!

The human condition will never improve socially by shaming people who are assholes from being assholes. Look at the EEOC regulations. We’ve had them for a long time now. Did that stop assholes from being assholes? NO and it won’t ever work as intended in all cases. Some jerk who has unrestrained tendencies will always be that kind of jerk. They never grow up and that’s just the way things are. It ain’t going to change and you can’t socially engineer the population to such extent that someone who never grew up after being taught what good manners are, to have good manners.

I talk to folks all the time in my current job and I can tell you one thing right now and it applies to all ages, creeds and races…people are more pissed off then I’ve ever seen them on a daily basis. They’re pissed off because they’re sick and tired of being told how to act and what to do! Fuck the women’s libbers. Fuck the LGBT community with their crap. Fuck the NAACP, the ADL, and those jerks at the ACLU. Fuck the gubment, Jack! And you guys at the ADL, I’m a Jewish white guy, man. If someone wants to call me a kike, I don’t need you to do my work for me, ok? Got it?!

AND NO, I don’t give a damn if you “share” this, though if you’re honest and you think we need a little more honesty on the “social” platforms maybe you will.

It’s time for the younger generations and all the special interest morons out there with their identity politics to get some spine, suck it up and join the rat race just like the rest of us have long ago.

If you don’t like me and what I say, then tell me to go fuck off. Guess what, I can take it. If you can’t that’s your problem and fuck you too.

HA! I feel better now, don’t you?

Take that you “social media engineer people” and blow it out your asses. Tell that to your politicians too! Tell that to the Europeans too. Fuck them!

And no, I’m not about to blow myself up in a mall, so you over at the FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, and all the rest of you assholes, you take a fucking hike too, Jack!

I’m not anitsocial. I’m a fucking reality freak and guess what…this is reality.


Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO
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