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By Scott Pollack

(TCP)CHICAGO Opinion 16 April 2016 –  There are a lot of people who will view this chart and not “get it”. Their attention span won’t permit them to get it, in many cases. There are change agents at every level of “news” services these days. They appear as, or are portrayed as credible people just “doing their jobs”. The clandestine services of every government, especially our own, have been playing games with the minds of their nation’s population by using these change agents to form opinions about their political environment reality which serve to cause folks to formulate conclusions and act in predictable manners. Real world results filter down to consumer behavior patterns.

The technology is one of linguistic phrasing and verbal modeling. Changing the meaning of important words and phrases with those “words” in them. Playing with the verbal modeling using tweaks after first being tested and deployed. Taking polls of voters, seeing the results and then re-deploying the themes again.

The point is simple. The purveyors of journalistic product (and their handlers) in today’s world of radio, TV and the internet, know in advance how certain themes will play out in the minds of people and they know in many cases how much, in terms of percentages, people will tend to form an agreement with a theme by virtue of the subliminal multiple choice options put forward in that controlled medium environment.

People will not understand why for instance, the Bank of International Settlements is at the top of the chart. The answer is simple. The world conforms to a business model. Everything in business, relates to money and how our currency markets work and where the flows of currencies move. Currency flow velocity is also of prime importance. That is how equities markets create volatility to make those in the know, manipulate the market to their advantage. Since banking has devolved to where folks whom have deposited funds in any particular institution, once those funds are deposited, are no longer the primary owners of the denominations thus deposited; they’re handed a virtual IOU from their bank of choice. It follows then that banks are the prime manipulators of the markets. In short, it’s rigged and everyone whom works at the highest levels of these markets knows it.

Follow the chart down and you’ll see there’s a profit and a loss. That’s the end result. In most cases for the banks, there’s never too many losses. Those losses occur for the retail consumers and those folks fortunate enough to enjoy some kind of retirement fund.

You will notice an entire box section in the chart labeled, Entire PR (Public Relations) Spectrum. What is represented there is, in part, the multiple choice environment in all forms of media foisted onto the world stage through, radio, TV and the internet. The large boxes are the various themes and/or narratives. Underneath those boxes are the multiple choices put out into the field by the “change agents” seen largely in the long and short form interview formats, all very prevalent in today’s commentary shows on the cable networks. This works well with the Outcomes Based Education systems at large in the “education institutions” today. Many if not all of our “testing environments” used to assess the level of curriculum effectiveness is done in a multiple choice environment, with “E” the choice for “None of the above”. Those “choices” are positioned underneath the large letter narrative boxes in the Entire PR Spectrum boxed section.

Below is a proposed flow chart of how all this market and consumer manipulation works.

For those folks who would like a free copy, click this link for the download rendered in PDF format.



Today's Headlines - (TCP)CHICAGO
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