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Former App On MySpace That Went Viral For Years 2006-2010

Thanks for stopping by our blog for – ezine. The e-zine is a genesis from what came to be known as The Daily MySpacian and MySpace Radio started on MySpace 31 AUG 2006. It all started with this article, Where It’s At — Part 1, and continued for a few years up to article 7. We lambasted the industry at large for poor taste and bad vibes all the way around.

The Daily MySpacian & MySpace Radio’s Inaugural Article – Where It’s At – Part 1

After we had published the article referenced above, by the end of October 2006, within two months, rap had fallen off the bookings of late night TV magazine shows, and every major corporate label’s servers were drawing major bandwidth from The Bittersweet Player’s music program on a daily basis (known and verified to us by reverse IP search) to see what lineup we’d play next…and still to this day. Our programming of that vibe played the greatest popular music recordings of all time, mixed in with unknown great recordings by hitherto, unknown acts who had recorded something of great merit. A 10 to 15 tune lineup which played like a pioneer FM station vibe. Again, to make a long story short, the market is now sounding exactly like our programming vibe…and thank G-d for that, they listened. Unfortunately they’re still throwing pablum out for little girls to become enamored by, and insipid, lewd dance tracks are still king of the pop airwaves, as well as, the Billboard Hot 100. Oh well…but we’re still trying to figure out how to wake up the radio community to their blunders. We’ll let you all know how that’s progressing, once we know what we’re doing. Too bad we can’t afford to outbid Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

Be that as it may and however…

Our mission with the initiative was to change the trends of the music coming out over the wires from wherever, and its business.  We did. Bittersweet Records Co. (A Capitalism To End Starvation Corporation) was the face of that change and it’s viral music app, “The Bittersweet Player” is what, in the end, marched out the beat. That transition has taken place and now, it’s in full bloom. We didn’t care how much money we made; we wanted the idiots controlling the major media channels to wake up and start producing something worth listening to and as an afterthought, watching again. Our initial programming vibe used open format programming, encompassing all the main genres of popular music culture, one genre stacked right next to the other in the same playlist. This gives the music listener a break from monotony. We also lambasted the advertising, film and television community, as well as the politicians of the world for their hand in things.

However, it was also to print and publish opinions that worked toward demystifying the BS that was put forward by the throngs of music writers and the rest of the entertainment business, in general, who all worked diligently at making something ridiculous out of nothing and most of it straight “pap”. All this, after the best age of rock and soul music, and everything else had waned. It was also intended to demystify the media biz in general. So, to that end, Bittersweet came out as a label with an attitude.  It’s the prevailing attitudes of the major part of our commercial entertainment audiences worldwide, more than anything else, that drives popular music and its trends. Something most often associated to these common trends or social themes, is the predominant attitude of teenage audiences subscribing to various sounds or scenes by music performers successful enough at getting a broader message penetration into the market, either with the aid of major labels or independent releases driven by the social media phenomenon.

In today’s entertainment and especially the music market, there’s too many hobbyists trying to make music and portray themselves as the next big thing or at very least, seasoned pro’s worth listening to.  The overall effect is that it waters down the market and the impact of the recordings from band units that actually have gravitas and the worthwhile epic works being put forward by them. Our attitude about that is simple; if you have something important musically or visually to say, it’s worth a good deal of considered effort to put the highest level of craft forward in terms of the overall sound and look of the message, whether in film or video, as well as, the instrumentation and lyric/melody of recordings, the albums or singles which go up for sale. If the only thing you’ll ever be is a good hobbyist, be honest with yourself, “why don’tcha”, – and stay home or play your locals bars, just spare us all with posturing yourselves as something other than what you are…quite frankly…a hobbyist.

So many bands out there are just too tired to get out of the gate, and really, most of them have no business playing at all. Too many sound like boys with toys who make noise imitating their favorite performers, rather than embellishing upon them and innovating a new groove, especially that which surrounds the mix of processors and chord formulas used to create any particular (“me too”) sound and feel. In our opinion there’s been three and half generations of teenagers, now many adults, who’ve been taught bad taste by what was coming over the airwaves on radio and TV. That bad taste was propagated by the BS artists of the biz and magazines that publish content about it.

UPDATE: 8 JAN 2011

Our further mission is to keep the pressure up on the NEWS (capitalized because it’s actually an acronym for N. orth E. ast W. est and S. outh) Organizations for the content they provide which is mere punditry and not NEWS at this point in time. We will continue to criticize their writers for providing slurs rather than facts, punditry rather than truth. By our definition; a slur is content with punditry as the main body of the message rather than the straight unadulterated facts. When NEWS is actually reported as mere fact – it appears concisely as who, what, when, where, how – only sometimes is the “WHY” content mentioned as relates to NEWS and only when “why” content adds to fact rather than punditry.

Doubtless to us, that if you’re a younger part of our reading public demographic, you’ll take exception to many of the comments we make about music. Were that to be the case, we’d like to impress upon you, if you’ll be open minded, to take a listen to what we like as our main listening diet. You may actually like it.

You can find that here:

So, in the spirit of all that – I’ll sign off as I usually do:

I’m Brian Sidler and I write about music, et al.

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