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The Bittersweet Player – Clear your cache to hear the latest vibes from Bittersweet Records Co

Dr. 8 Dodge Avenger Modeling by Jan Mathiesen

Dr. 8’s Dodge Avenger Stocker

The Daily MySpacian & MySpace Radio’s Inaugural Article – Where It’s At – Part 1

This paper started as The Daily MySpacian & MySpace Radio on 31 August 2006 and changed the current trend in music – to the vibes today.


definition from the Oxford Universal Dictionary


1 an act of moving.
2 the process of moving or the state of being moved.
3 a group of people working to advance a shared cause.
4 a series of organized actions to advance a shared cause.
5 a trend or development.
6 (movements) a persons activities during a particular period of time.
7 Music a principal division of a musical work.
8 the moving parts of a mechanism, especially a clock or watch.

What’s happening here friends is a pop cultural shift! The vibes presently in our world, quite frankly, sucks the big Nahente’! How could you NOT agree? And that crap that’s happening in the Middle East?…we gotta reach those people my friends and we can only do it through their friends. Can you dig it? Uh huh, right!

This is the most powerful blog in the world. – – And word of mouth is the next most powerful thing and it’s bigger than the media could ever hope to be! After all if, when we listen to the newscasters who are reciting a script fed to them from AP, UPI, or Reuters and being rebroadcast or reprinted in our various countries major newspapers for our consumption, and if we think they’re full of it…that’s what we tell each other in polite conversation or over a drink at our local watering holes. DON’T WE?! And sometimes we’re not so polite, huh? These press organizations are disconnected from all of us! Their swelled sense of self-importance to all of US should change, shouldn’t it? Because, it’s not always the real truth is it? And who do you think controls them? Hmmmmm…it’s a provocative question. Well…we folks in the free speaking world CAN do something about it…we can change the way it works and tell the press to take a hike. Then, we can move the vote! You know we can. Anytime we want!

Didn’t Don Henley capture them best with his tune Dirty Laundry back in the late 80’s? Remember it? “We’ve got the bubble-headed bleach blonde that comes on at five…She can tell you ’bout a plane crash, with a gleam in her eye…It’s interesting when people die. Give us Dirty Laundry.” You bet and we remember, Don. Thanks for that one!

When this blog reaches 1,000,000 users…that’s when you’ll personally feel the movement in your lives. Because after that…nothing will stop it!

So hello people and welcome to the vibe…there’s lots of work to do and in your case it’s just tellin’ them (your friends) where they can find us. We’ll take the heat…and you can just hang out in the kitchen with us.

You’ve got the stuff for that.

We know you do!

These are the artists of Bittersweet Records Co. and others we like listening to…they’re our spearhead. You’ve got some favorite artists and want them to be heard?  Bring them here and tell them to sign on…we’ll play ’em if they can make the grade.

Brian Sidler/Publicist Bittersweet Records Co.
Former music writer for Chicago Music Magazine

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