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We want to welcome you to The Critical Post – Chicago TV.

With this inaugural season, we’re establishing Chicago’s place in the constellation of important NEWS centers and the entertainment mediums. Chicago culture reaches every country in the world. The other major centers of media had been successful at marginalizing Chicago’s role and, we would add erroneously, labeling this great city – its people, artists, and movers, as something to pay short shrift to with labels like The Windy City, The Second City, or the city of Al Capone or its thug mayors. None of this captures Chicago’s contribution to the world stage. Not one bit of it.

Folks don’t know but should, the film industry started in Chicago. Rock and roll partially started in Chicago. Chicago’s role in politics is a major factor in America’s political culture. The world’s commodity exchanges are located in Chicago, thereby establishing the prices for all sorts of important resources used in every population worldwide and influences food prices for the entire planet.

Chicago is The Capitol of the Midwest Coast.